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  1. Started on this last night and got all the lower hull done. The one thing I have to say is that it is ether my eyesight OR 1/72 are getting smaller. Upsettingly I think it is the first.
  2. Hi All Been away from the kits ever since Photobucket went and up its self but know got a flicker account so wonted to get back into building with something small. Top
  3. Got a start on the F16 over the weekend just got the main body together and the cockpit.
  4. Can I add this to all the fun? Sincerely
  5. Well over the week end I managed to bet a sum paint on it so it is getting there.
  6. Just a small update it is getting there slowly.
  7. Well over the bank holiday weekend a finely got to glue sum plastic together not a lot (as the late Paul Daniels would say). Sorry bad photos as from phone and the state of me build. At the moment I am in two minds as to paint it as my original idea of UN chopper or as I think it might end up as one of the Argentine birds in the Antarctica. Still white but with bright orange doors?
  8. Got to say l do like the rescue colour scheme never seen a marine’s colour version before. One question in the original Dragon kit are the miniguns provided as in the box art.
  9. Hi My plan at the moment it to build it as an Argentine Air Force H-84 when it was in service with the UN in Haiti (All white).
  10. Can I put myself down for this one with this that a picked up from the works for £2.99.
  11. The reason I am putting this up on the site is hopefully to give me a reason to finish the kit. I am great at starting a kit with all good intentions but getting round to finishing it well that is another matter. This is a hawk that has been sat on my shelf of doom for a long time. Do not expect anything other than a kit strait out of the box build made by a ham-fisted modeller but this is where I am starting as you can see most of the build is done as is the paint.
  12. First Bandai kit I have built and have to say it was a dream. All the best
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