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  1. Good work tasty looking I shall do mine as the 2 tone mk4 merlin as soon as I see one of that colour
  2. Here it is! http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234943330-royal-navy-sea-king-mk4-zf121-hasegawaflightpathothers/
  3. Yes I did she's gawjus! My ZF121 build is on here somewhere. I did her ages ago now!
  4. Lovely work Mr G. Always nice to see your builds of the best (biased) aircraft in the world!
  5. Hi Markdipxv711 Sorry I didn't see your reply all that time ago. If it's not too late. You'll need a new scalpel blade and just keep scoring along the lines until you break through Sorry again And thank you all for the lovely comments, I did love doing this build - She sits nicely in my kit store whilst I plan my new man cave
  6. Looks extremely good! Seeing as I'm part way through my build with the same kit and going for the same scheme. I shall be using some of your techniques particularly with the saltire! Lovely work
  7. Love it! brings back memories not only for my build but actually working on 'Papa'! Nice work!
  8. Yep been there! Back in the day the TANS was next to useless, unless one of the aircrewies had spent laborious hours programming the bloody thing. Following roads and reading signs was lower risk! Even funnier trying to read snow covered signs in Norway! Or orbiting to clear fog to read a sign! Them's the Junglie Rules! haha
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