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  1. Hi Ralph, that's really great. Very good paintjob! The yellow on the prop looks perfect! I have one of this kits in my stash but can't decide to built eduard or Airfix. The only thing which I have decided is that it should carry a Hagelkorn under the belly (provided by the Revell kit). But too many projects on the bench to finish first... Best wishes Boelki
  2. Hi Pete, the model is painted with Mr. Hobby black with a few drops white. For decaling it was gloss coated with Mr. Hobby clear, followed by a wash for black from AKinteractive Canopy was masked with eduard masking set. As usual I polished the canopy with TAMIYA wax (course/fine/finsh) - I dont like FUTURE...
  3. Hi all, here is my1/72 Airfix Defiant. The target for this model was to try out the stripped paint look. It was done with masking sol and a bit of silver paint after black. I could not produce satisfying results with the hair spray method. The kit was nice except of the turret. The frames were to thick and were sanded down, glass was polished and the frames were just painted on. The canopy in contrast was perfect... The appearance of the wing was improved by riveting. Best wishes
  4. Hi all, this is my Luchs from Flyhawk. Kit was impressive in detail except of the tracks. They were quite difficult to tame... The base is also from Flyhawk (French Streetsoape) If you want to see the full sized one - visit Bovington.
  5. Hi all, it was difficult to choose in which category this object will fit. Armour or vessel... The model was a present a few years ago and I was fascinated by the shark mouth and was also impressed by the size. Compare it with the MGB in 1/72... Pefect for smuggling wine from the EU to Britain.
  6. Hi all, here is my cute Matilda
  7. Hi John, this is great! I prefer rub on letters like letraset. So my question s: Habe you the letters in vector-datas? And if yes could you send me the datas? Greetings from the snowy Germany Bölki
  8. Hi, the FW 200 in civil is one of my favorite classics but I´m too affraid of starting the Revell kit. It is not so easy possible to convert the military version in a civil version. There are a some main differences in the wing and the undercarrige. The civil kit is not too bad - in my one has a fuselage which looks like a banana ... So what I have done is buying both the civil and the military version and some time I will build a civil version with both kits. Greetings Bölki
  9. Hi, does anybody know the angry bunnies from eduard? If not visit the eduard website and watch the newsletter. I think the bunnies are sitting beside my desk and are complaining about the failures in the kit. Actually I have to change the shape and wideness of the blades from the props. When you compare with the original pictures you will realize that difference. This is the way it should look: Here is the original and the changed prop: To fare for today – I am still busy with the fuselage/wing surfaces. Especially the fuselage needs some further improvements. Yours Boelki
  10. Hi Sid, yes there are Decal from Peddinghaus BUT this is 3C+BA (this is Schnaufers last aircraft) and I would like to built G9+EF because this is the plane which he had reached most of his successes. Additionally 3C+BA is equipped with FuG 218 Neptun and I prefer Fug 220 (a very nice brass model from Schatton is still on my desk). Yours Bölki
  11. Hi together, I could not resist to move the throttles back to idle and remove the outer levers (for priming) which where not installed in G-models. Yours Boelki
  12. Hello to Glasgow, yes they are on full throttle (like on pictures I have seen at Hendon....) But meanwhile I realized the yellow outer one should be removed because they are not installed on G-models. Will be a fidely job to remove.... By the way the fixing of levers is much easier when you drill a 0,3 mm hole in the slots of the console. Boelki
  13. Hi, I have started a new project the Bf 110 G-4 in 1/48 from eduard. I intend to built the aircraft from Heinz Schnaufer which is the succesfulliest nightfighter. Unfortunally I have no pictures of his trusty G9+EF. So if anybody could help out I would be very pleased. So far I finished the cockpit area. The front cockpit is built as proposed. There is the room for the crew. The special night vision instruments are still missing because they are above the cockpit level. The "schräge Musik" (jazz music) is also missing for the same reason. The seat for the second and third man on board need some improvements. First picture showes the kit version, second the real one and the third picture showes the improved seat. The front thing is etched brass from ABER and the rear is homemade woven tape from AIZU. Here is the complete thing Meanwhile the fuselage and the wings are glued together and I am fighting with the reconstruction of the panel lines and the rivets.
  14. Hi, one mistake with the last reply. The Ju was named after "Franz Büchner" not "Franz Buchner". Büchner was a WW1 Pour le Merite pilot as well and not a Nazi. He died during the great war. "Fritz Simon" was the origin name of the famous D-AQUI which is still in service with the Lufthansa. There were 196 pilots who gave there lifes for Lufthansa.
  15. The original plan of this built was a „quickbuilt“ during the vacation break on Christmas. I wanted to do the Heron with „Lufthansa“ markings because I live very close to the Stuttgart airport. And this airplane was scheduled on Stuttgart during the time of the runway extension. The Heron could manage the short runway and serve the route to Frankfurt. First of all the “quick” idea didn’t work – I needed two month to complete the model. There were a few problems to solve. The first thing was the very thick trailing edge. The wings have to be sanded down and all flaps needed new scribing. The second problem were the windows. They won’t fit and were not clear enough. So the windows were made completely new from clear plastic sheet. The last big problem was the finish. I bought a decal sheet from Hahen. This didn´t work. The decal is too thick, will not stick and shrinkles with any kind of softener. The only thing I used was the registration. The „Lufthansa“ is from the Revell Super Constellation kit in 1/144. This fits in size and colour perfectly! The bird is home made with self-printed decals and the rest is airbrushed. I used Alclad Duraluminum / Revell white 04/ Revell blue 52 / Revell yellow Lufthansa. This was the start 24.12.2009 This is the picture which inspired me The finished model
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