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  1. It's probably more important to get it to match the decal rather than try for an "exact" colour which may not be correct anyway.
  2. Nice model Simon but I concur with the others that a few pictures showing the whole thing would have been good. There are pictures of different Bulldog spinner configurations and the Airfix propeller just needs a bit of clean-up and the cap filled out to a cone to be correct for a RAAF machine. If you have an original reference for the green colour please share it with us. Every profile has a different colour, probably based on no evidence at all - so what's new? The only picture I can see with the bulldog badge is A12-3 but there may be others at different times. @Tom R The thing circled in black is one of the nav lights - @Slywolff seems to have knocked the other one off! The nav lights were a later fitting so a model without them is not incorrect. The thing circled in red looks like a starter handle. I think these are the Model Alliance decals, not Red Roo ones. The RR ones are OOP but fine to use if you have them.
  3. According to the RAF Heraldry Trust the gauntlet design was approved in October 1936, contemporaneous witheir new Gloster Gauntlet fighters so @BillF67 is quite correct. This would cast some doubt on the profile, which is hardly news! http://www.rafht.co.uk/index.php/2016/06/09/17-sqn/
  4. I'm reasonably sure my Cobra set is good. I will fish it out and have a look.
  5. This is actually where my investigation began..... My aim was to review the DK Decals set. One question that has come up in discussion with other modellers, and will only be answered by photos that may not exist, is whether MB763 should be in the High Altitude Fighter scheme. However, MB763 was an early Mk VII and may well have been in DFS as shown. RY is 313 Squadron's code.
  6. It would be a huge undertaking so I don't really - someone said their colour A.MG 0254 (supposedly being RLM 75) was very good for one of the US Compass Grays. Not many people have the time, resources or knowledge to do such comparisons but no doubt some of their colours must be useful for something!
  7. Someone should produce a leaflet called "What you can actually use Mig Jiménez colours for and have an accurate match".
  8. Never, but as long as they don't add to it, my great-great grandcildren should finish it off.
  9. I'm happy to report most of my colleague's missing magazines turned up - I gather the ones not appearing are out of print - so a vote of thanks to David and Mark.
  10. Photographic evidence would suggest that these serials were associated with the code DU. I haven't seen any pictures of them with just individual letters. The chronology of fighter squadrons on "R&R" at Skeabrae would suggest they were painted by 312 in June 1942 and these codes were retained by future users.
  11. Here's the answer - yes, to a degree. Depending on the photography and perhaps the run of diecasts, they look either..... About the same as my model or quite a bit cruder
  12. It's a good thought Jerry, and one that I had too but.... (1) there are no KS codes reported on the WW2 list of personal codes (2) there are several Spitfires listed. I will extract a list from the article.
  13. You just need a few of these https://www.amazon.com.au/SB225-Mr-Spare-Empty-Bottle/dp/B07NVJYVW9
  14. The squadron code KS is generally associated with the Station Flight at Tarrant Rushton and generally thought to have beeen allocated but not used. There are several mentions of this in literature and on the internet. Combat Codes is perhaps the most authoritative. However in the Czech publication Letectvi and Kosmonautika No.5/2021 there is an article on Spitfires in the defence of Scapa Flow and some evidence from ORBs and pilots' logbooks that KS codes may have been used there - in particular by 313 (Czech) Squadron. No KS photos were available. Tarrant Rushton and Skeabrae are about as far apart as you can get in the UK so it's unlikely that pilots may have just borrowed something for a flight and put the station codes in their logbook. Does anyone have a photo of anything at all with a KS code on it?
  15. I think you are correct but the few FOV die-casts I have seen do not have associated kits and I have not seen a Corsair die-cast. I would like to see one to see if it's better than my model!
  16. "Not worth a cracker" is perhaps a bit harsh but there are many anecdotal instances and two scholarly works, as yet unpublished, indicating that operators recollections of the colour of items is not good. A study at Dulux indicated recollections of colour swatches was good for 24h, not so good at 1 week and random after one month. The airline study showed pilots had almost no recollection of aircraft colours beyond the "house colour" - red for Qantas, blue for BA (at the time) and many cabin crew were unsure of the colour of passenger seats. I was an unwitting participant in the second study and performed dismally at remembering the colour of the inside of a 737.
  17. There was a company in Australia which produced a colour chip card based on that book. I was given a copy for review but unfortunately nearly all of the colours were wrong. I think he managed to retrieve the few he had sold but if you see such a card set, treat with great caution. I got my mint condition copy of the book from a bookshop in Norwich for a few pounds.
  18. As long as they are not doing anal probes they seem pretty harmless. https://www.reddit.com/r/AskHistorians/comments/4u3wqe/how_did_anal_probing_become_associated_with_alien/ https://www.jstor.org/stable/1449001?seq=1
  19. Excellent work. That kit is top class for Unicrap but there does not appear to be a Tamiya Fletcher FU-24 on the market so you have no choice. You have done a great job in turning it into a nice model. There is a 1/72 version which looks similar. I think it was @k5054nz who actually dreamed up the model.
  20. Nice work - the offspring of a Lysander and a Wildcat!
  21. In response to a request, here it is underneath. There is photo evidence that some tanks were left in their original Sky. NB- it's not off-centre - the photo is not directly above!
  22. Even more surprisingly, I have discovered my #1 Thunderbolt (in a pile of garage junk) which makes my total ten in 1/72. They are all in this thread. https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/72nd_aircraft/jugs-let-39-s-see-39-em-t8131-s50.html This is the oldest of all - I built it not long after it was re-released in these markings in 1968 but the plastic dates from 1959. I believe it may have an unbuilt twin lurking somewhere in my collection.
  23. That would make him a Queenslander......... nobody else drinks the stuff. The Beaufort is looking good Tony.
  24. The presence of yellow cowling bands on USN aircraft would be a compelling reason for the FAA to follow suit. There was a guy on another forum somewhere compiling a list for a book on "blue-on-blue" or "friendly fire" incidents. US forces are singled out as bad offenders but I imagine every air force shot down at least a wing/group/geschwader/hikodan of their own aircraft during WW2.
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