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  1. It looks like you have done a very good job on what seems to be regarded as a difficult kit. A friend built one and said "it's not the best kit in 1/72 of a Lysander available". The figures referred to came with the 1968 Frog kit. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/frog-f193-westland-lysander-mk1-or-mk3-spy-plane--157359 One of mine has done duty as a background station passenger, the other is virgin plastic. Possibly a boxing of the Airfix kit had one but I have not seen it.
  2. The standard turret fitted to B-24 models before B-24H was the Martin A3. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/squadron-9571-convair-b-24j-liberator-main-canopyhigh-hat-turretnose-blisters--248120 In B-24H (some) and B-24J (most) a taller, sloping plexiglass dome was fitted. As well as being taller by a very small amount the shape is a little different. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/squadron-9571-convair-b-24j-liberator-main-canopyhigh-hat-turretnose-blisters--248120 I don't know which iteration (Cobra or Falcon) represents it best in 1/72 but there is also one in the overtrees of Eduards Riders in the Sky B-24.
  3. Green Stuff and a belt sander? Ol'Blunderbuss is a great choice of markings. Note the reference to the different 'High Hat' turret. http://www.internetmodeler.com/2000/january/new-releases/whitedog_privateer.htm
  4. Looking good. There are so many more ugly planes you can build....~
  5. Looking good - I need to make a file of this thread for my own build......... eventually.
  6. Yes indeed - we have established a useful collaboration with that rarest of species; a man with modelling and 3D printing skills.
  7. Adding my thanks to David for all his great work. I imagine he will be back into modelling once he has recharged.
  8. Golly gosh - using attractive women to sell aircraft related stuff. Who would have thought of that? I wrote a scholarly article on reference material, where to find it and how to use it for our late lamented local model magazine, Modelart. I wanted to have a bet that my cover picture of a very attractive librarian in her modest uniform with a selection of reference books would lead to that issue having the best ever sales of the magazine but the Editor would not come to the party. I guess he didn't want to lose his wager!
  9. You are correct about the provenance of the kit. Your experience shows that sometimes it is better to settle for something pretty good rather than strive for almost perfection. Still, I do hope you finish your conversion and show us the results.
  10. If you mean one of Mk1 Hurricane (A68216), Mk1a Spitfire (A68206) I have built both with no fit issues. Basic kits are better for beginners but I note you said you have some previous experience.
  11. Probably not at this rate. As you are getting bogged down in minutiae here, I suggest you do an out-of-the-box 1/48 Tamiya or Airfix modern jet to give you an idea of how simple modelling can be and give up on looking at this thread until you have finished it.
  12. As an aircraft modeller (we have actually met) I salute you - great job!
  13. Here's a different one with a shark mouth. Out of stock here at the moment but you can buy one at Biggin Hill. I don't think you have to go in the real one to get the model! https://www.redroomodels.com/product/supermarine-spitfire-tr-9-1-72-scale/
  14. From concept to plastic in nine and a half years - it sounds a long time but it's not that unusual. I hope it's nice.
  15. The first few pages of the Kagero book on JG 5 have an account of the trek through the snow of Uffz Dietrich Weinitschke and notes that "Out of the compartment in the fuselage (of the Bf109E-7) he took a knapsack with survival equipment prepared in case of a forced landing." He is also described as opening a tin of meat and heating it on a gas stove he had to assemble himself. If you read the whole book you may find a mention of skis?
  16. There's a very similar, but not the same, picture here. Different Oxford. https://www.gettyimages.com.au/detail/news-photo/women-pilots-of-the-air-transport-auxiliary-standing-next-news-photo/76657885?adppopup=true Here's a couple of pictures with half a dozen ATAs with names - you need some Chinese facial recognition software! https://www.gettyimages.com.au/detail/news-photo/diane-farnell-joan-hughes-margot-gore-henrietta-archer-shee-news-photo/3325886?adppopup=true https://www.gettyimages.com.au/detail/news-photo/group-of-eight-female-ferry-pilots-from-the-air-transport-news-photo/1181398059?adppopup=true The original picture is variously captioned 1941, 1942, 1943 in various net iterations and appears to be a book cover. https://www.bloomsbury.com/uk/women-in-aviation-9781784423636/ Perhaps contact with the author will give the actual details.
  17. Exactly right - this 3D printer enthusiast guy has created a storm in a teacup. This printer has been around for a few years and a few manufacturers have taken advantage of it with a limited range of fairly expensive but (mostly) high quality items, limited by the quality of their research. According to predictions 10 years ago, the most common method of building a kit today would be downloading plans from the net, sending them to a 3D printing hub and assembling the bits after they were delivered (by a drone of course). It hasn't happened for me yet - maybe in 10 years time, maybe not!
  18. This "Blenheim" must be a Bolingbroke - hinge to starboard. http://www.grubbyfingersshop.com/walkaround_galleries/Bristol_Blenheim_MkIV_Walkaround_10083_RAF_Belgium_Military_Museum_2015/content/Bristol_Blenheim_MkIV_Walkaround_10083_RAF_Belgium_Museum_2015_11_GraemeMolineux_large.html
  19. Doing research for my triple build... https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235028317-venturas-at-night-459-sqn-1575-sd-flt-vmfn531/ I came across wheel wells in maybe Interior Grey Green, green tinted zinc chromate, white and untinted zinc chromate (so aluminium coloured). Bomb bays usually the last one. Let me know if you want even more photos. People who are wary of restorations are quite sensible. i doubt you are going to be proven wrong whatever colour you use.
  20. Well.......... snap! I have the Starfighter conversion so I will watch with interest. I made one not long after they came out - so late 60s. I'm not sure what was the source of the information for the home-made Philippines Air Force decals but I would not put much money on them being accurate! Edit - for those interested, this would seem to be a great place to start - https://shellwings.wordpress.com/2017/06/02/the-boeing-p-26a-peashooter-of-the-paac-part-1-a-color-analysis/
  21. One for @Derek_B to look at!
  22. They are finally finished in the last days of April 2021, just in time to take to the local model club May meeting. I'll post more pictures in RFI in due course. Quite an epic but I'm happy with the results. I don't think I will do any multi-engine triple builds for a a while!
  23. I have one of these somewhere - I will look up the differences. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/cmr-cmr153-havilland-sea-vampire-t22--122580
  24. Very nice - we must have had the same inspiration........... I even have the same header from the bag although the one I built came in a box. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234955293-gladiators-in-ww2-old-and-new-airfix/
  25. Looking at it more closely it seems to be connected to the exhaust so some sort of heating system. A bit odd to have a different sort of heating for Australia of all places. there is another tube exiting on the other side - heat exhaust? I would go along with Nivo as the top decking. It's often quoted as 34096 so any of the Xtracolor X20, Humbrol 75 or 224 or Model Master Dark Green I have would be okay. Yes, do post some more - it's a nice model.
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