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  1. That's what Britmodeller is for...............
  2. No, the instructions say to cut it back.
  3. When this conversion appears - and I agree that it has had a long gestation so far - I will contact everyone who has contributed to this thread and ask them if they are still interested in a set. It may be of interest to note that this one is only about 3 years old and nowhere near the record for a Red Roo conversion..... we (ummm... me, that is) are still working on a Fairchild update https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234949653-fairchild-f24-in-australian-service-finished/ and even that one is not our record..... so do't be too hard on @Admiral Puff !!
  4. It does look like the US font - it's called Amarillo USAF and any of your modelling friends with an Alps or laser printer should be able to do it. http://legionfonts.com/fonts/amarillousaf
  5. According to the RAAF Museum only one Beaufighter was fitted with an autopilot (for trials) in WW2. it was a Jack and Heintz autopilot not a Sperry, although production models were intended to be fitted with the Sperry unit and all Mk.21 planes seemed to have had the bulge. Their guess is that the RAAFs position in the supply queue was such that they would not be available in WW2. https://clevelandhistorical.org/items/show/153 https://aeroantique.com/products/autopilot-directional-gyro-type-a-3a-jack-heintz?variant=7279346057246 Your assumption is probably correct about it being useful for long distance flying which fits with extra fuel tank capacity. I could go on about other changes but too often simple questions are answered with irrelevant guff.
  6. The ones I have came in a plastic bag with no instructions etc. I basically measure the interplane distance with an adapted pair of compasses and cut the strut to size. Edit - Ahhh - you mean you have the Aeroclub Gauntlet? If you get a length of strut material you can use the method I used and compare it to the template. John Adams (Aeroclub) usually knows what he is doing. The plans are from an electronic version of the Mushroom book
  7. Wot? An Airfix typo - now I know the kit is unbuildable. I'll send mine back without opening the boxes!
  8. Thanks guys - yes, it's a less than excellent kit but it's far better than the Tamiya or Eduard Gauntlet kits! It used to be made by Aeroclub and it has been unobtainable for many years. Sometimes it comes up on auction sites. I am thinking about blueing as a reasonable way of colouring the wire. I am not sure what sort of wire is in plastic bag tags! Edit - I looked at patents for the twist-tie starting in 1899. They don't seem to mention the wire material. if you need something to put you to sleep at night, try this - https://patents.justia.com/patent/10538372
  9. Yes indeeed - I have even edited this post to put the correct picture of the Gauntlet at the top. Some history here..... https://www.3squadron.org.au/subpages/gauntlet.htm
  10. In parallel with the 3 Sqn Airfix Gladiator, a 3 Sqn Gloster Gauntlet was also made. They are both for a club display of RAAF fighter aircraft. The one chosen was K7793 Sweet FA from the DK Decals 3 Sqn sheet - #72071. A few construction notes The AZ Models Gauntlet has been the subject of various builds on Britmodeller. It is an order of magnitude more difficult than the Gladiator, which, like most modern Airfix kit is accurate and easy to build. One particularly inspiring Gauntlet build was done by @Procopius and I incorporated much of his wisdom in this build. Unfortunately, like many, he discovered that the struts are a real problem. Maybe he will take heart from this and go back to his. This Gauntlet was in a desert scheme of Middle Stone and Dark Earth. I used Model master enamels and the Sky Blue undersides were Xtracolour X626 – the nearest match from my blue paint collection. Looking at the upper wing placement it was obvious that something was wrong with the struts. I used drawings from the excellent Mushroom book (front and side views) scaled to the model size to make an acetate sheet template and cut two blocks of thick plywood from it. Comparing this to the kit struts (left) one can see that they are undersize. I made new ones from plastic strut material (centre). The Airfix Gladiator ones are to the right for comparison to show that I was in the right ball-park. The wings were taped to the plane using the blocks as jigs and the outer, then inner, interplane struts fitted. I had to slightly shorten the cabane struts to fit them. The rigging was done with stretched and flattened steel wire secured with PVA glue. Most rigging seems to be an oily steel grey sort of colour although many museum biplanes have black or shiny silver finish! Because the paint came off with handling, I elected to paint the rigging afterwards – not a good idea. I need to find some sort of chemical darkening agent for next time. The actual wire is the core of plastic tie tags for freezer bags. The only additions to the kit beyond what Procopius did was to add light 20lb bombs under the wings - the Gauntlet was mainly used for dive-bombing by 3 Sqn and to add a resin cast tropical filter under the cowling. These all seem to have been left unpainted.
  11. That's quite correct, although we found when doing the decal sheet, there a few pictures of Seagulls with an extra strut and Walruses minus the strut. Don't know why. Alwys best to model from a photograph and research the airframe by serial number.
  12. No, I didn't think that was your intent. The decals in the RNZAF schene may be usable? Apart from the ANARE one, none of the schemes potrayed on either set of decals are accurate as is. Even the ANARE one requires the DH874 decal to be re-arranged and a DF loop to be added.
  13. And it's being suggested elsewhere on Britmodeller that it is vastly under scale. Gosh - are there any parts of it I won't have to change/modify/correct/replace with resin copies when i get mine?
  14. Those pictures of L2222 and NZ151 are very interesting but they don't verify the H-Model decals. It looks as though all of the visible markings are diferent between the two identities. It is tempting to suggest that the plane was overhauled, which may have included re-bagging, and the camouflage colours removed and replaced with Aluminium dope as a finish. It may be possible to verify this from the NZ equivalent of Status Cards.
  15. Gloster Gladiators were used by 3 Squadron RAAF in the advance against the Italian army between November 1940 and February 1941. There are a few pictures around - one commonly photographed Gladiator was N5752 but there are pictures of a few including L9044, my build here. I have built a few of the Airfix Gladiators and it is a nice easy kit for a biplane. The only additions to the kit was the tropical air filter and the repositioned radio aerial. The decals are from the DK Decals 3 Sqn sheet - 72071 - and the shadow shaded paint scheme is a combination of Coloucoats and Modelmaster enamels. I did the AZ Gloster Gauntlet at the same time and the difference in buildability between the two kits is remarkable.
  16. Plenty of options here, including 4 camouflaged ones ........ https://www.redroomodels.com/product/seagull-v-walrus-1-48/ The only downside is that you might end up having to buy a couple of Airfix kits to get full value out of the decals!
  17. Yes they did - Schemes 1 and 2 are fictitious. Scheme 3 is your only option for a yellow Walrus. If you paint Scheme 3 overall Aluminium dope, then the decals are usable, although the large 18 is a bit out of shape. I have sent you a mini-review of this two decal set. There are better WW2 Seagull/Walrus decal sheets about..... https://www.redroomodels.com/product/seagull-v-walrus-1-72/ and also available in 1/48 for the Airfix kit.
  18. Given that one of the simpler things you can do with Artificial Intelligence is translation, if anyone ever tells you that AI is going to rule the world, get them to look at the Yak video and they will soon realise there is a long way to go. The video is extremely interesting and i wish my Russian was a bit (a lot) better.
  19. It has been reissued twice and we will do a fourth run soon. Make sure you are on our mail list to see the announcement. They usually sell out fairly quickly.
  20. I'm happy to donate you some of my posts Like kits, I have more than I need.
  21. This photo appears to show overall PRU Blue. It's possible someone has artificially coloured the picture. https://www.worldwarphotos.info/gallery/uk/raf/mosquito/mosquito-pr-mk-xvi-ns645-p-684-at-alipore-india/ Edit - here's a better version with some provenance Although not visible here (maybe there is another picture) it is recorded as code "P". This profile artist would have it in white. http://www.cbi-history.com/part_xvi_a.html
  22. There are quite a few Hobbyboss MS.406 builds on BM - a Google search will find some, including how to fix its small deficiencies - i would not call it "challenging" but it depends on your reference frame. Your summary is about right. Even the Hase kit, probably the "worst" (apart from the old Frog kit) is quite a good rendition.
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