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  1. Ahh, there may have been a book of regulations somewhere in the cockpit!
  2. 1/9 to go with Pocher cars? (and some motor bikes)
  3. In Air cadet livery rego upper wing surface only. VH-DIN on starboard upper wing, read from aft.
  4. There's a picture of one in Burma in this thread where the interior colour looks lighter than black. There's only a tiny bit visible though. https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/hyperscale/questions-about-the-soe-lysanders-t525240-s10.html
  5. Never realised they made it to Australia but that one clearly is - they were even called Scats I see. Although this seller is keen to note it has Deluxe written on it, not Scat. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/heywood/cars-vans-utes/1982-daihatsu-f50-manual-suv/1282661135
  6. I was being sarcastic but there is nothing "sporty" or "sportscar-like" about this generation of lumbering four-wheel drive trucks. Check out a picture of the Scat if you disagree!!!!! (nicely placed in a thread about inappropriate names)
  7. Japanese manufacturers seem to have excremental taste in naming things. Two Japanese tip-trucks are the Isuzu GIGA Light Dump and the Mazda Titan Dump. An early Japanese “SUV” (whatever that stands for) was the Daihatsu Scat.
  8. All of the above but in 1/18 and 1/288 scale to cover all tastes.
  9. Killing Hope by William Blum documents the activities of the CIA (and the US military and State Department) since WW2. The CIA seems to have morphed from an intelligence agency to an active quasi-military arm of the US Governemt with the remit of unseating foreign governments whch were inimical to US business interests. Generally governments who espoused land reform were equated to Communism and had to be removed by any means. There are about 50 instances where the CIA meddled in national politics from China, Italy, Greece. The Philippines, Albania and Germany in the 1940s and 1950s through dozens of countries in the 1970s and 80s to Afghanistan, El Salvador and Haiti in the 90s. Being handed two colossal military defeats in Vietnam and Afghanistan does not seem to have deterred them much. Blum was often dismissed as a paranoid CIA-hater but to dismiss him you have to not accept the thousands of references he quotes - newspaper articles, letters, statements by government figures etc. One of the most depressing books I have ever read.
  10. In the absence of a photograph, this is probably the most definitive answer we will get to the original query. it comes from Sqn Ldr Rana Chhina, author of the history of the Indian Air Force in WW2 and beyond - The Eagle Strikes - http://www.bharat-rakshak.com/IAF/books/reviews/806-eagle-strikes.html#gsc.tab=0 He says in an email - I'm afraid that there is no record of such an aircraft or any known photograph of it. I checked with a friend who is an air marshal and himself a keen modeller. He is aware of the query but has not seen any proof of such an aircraft. It seems the query has come up in India too with similar lack of positive outcome.
  11. Priceless - it should keep 5G and Covid away anyway!
  12. That's the one and I don't see any differences either. The air and oil coolant radiators are in the leading edge of the wing, the carburettor intake is below the nacelle and the intake for the two-stage intercooler radiator is the one referred to - the chin intake just at the front of the nacelle. Building the Airfix kit @72nd SQN opened up his intakes a little (and also modified the carb intakes). https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235099596-airfix-172-mosquito-modified-to-prxvi/ It's obviously a tricky shape but I think it's light reflections (and maybe paint colour) that make it look subtly different in many pictures.
  13. I am sure if one of them joined as an ordinary BM member they would soon see it. It's no great bother to me as a page refresh always fixes it but I reckon I get it about once per day on average - it is always the 500 error with the silly AR message. Maybe you need to do a poll of BM members to find out just how common it is and that would maybe let you know the likelihood of a Support guy getting it in an average session.
  14. Model built recently by a model club colleague. More pictures on the ModelArt facebook site https://www.facebook.com/groups/420186691329185
  15. I have found the Modelmaster and Colourcoats paints match the colour samples in the MAP book and are easy to use. https://www.amazon.com.au/British-Aviation-Colours-World-War/dp/0853682712 For acrylics, see posts above as I hardly ever use them.
  16. Maybe searching for Thach rather than Thatch might work? And........... starting thread drift is becoming frowned upon. Perhaps put your findings in a new thread?
  17. There's no record I can find of Thach ever being in Australia and no Australian based squadron appears to have had 7 out of 12 Spifires shot down. Possibly conflated with (inflated from?) an incident over northern Australia where multiple Spitfires were lost with engine and constant speed propeller drives failing or perhaps an incident in some other country.
  18. Having read the Scale Aircraft Modelling review (and the author's Fakebook posts quoted above) and looked at the comments here, I was a bit worried about how mine would build up. It's on the schedule for later this year but I did a test fit. To my surprise the fuselage halves are an exact fit and the wings are the same length when fitted with the landing light recesses all square. I taped it together and found the right weight to simulate the dihedral. Of course this is a dry fit with tape but I did it several times and it fitted well each time. I hope I can repeat this when I cement it together. It seems that setting up the dihedral properly is a crucial step in the build and maybe a small amount of adjustment to the upper wing halves may be necessary - adding or subtracting. I have to agree with the review that the cabin door is a poor fit and the windows may be also from my micrometer measurements. I wonder if the reviewer's kit was under-cooked - pulled from the mould too quickly or otherwise mis-handled? Once I build it I will post it on BM.
  19. Subjectively, I think you have improved everything in the picture apart from the Kingfisher! The yellow colour was standard RAF Yellow, close to FS33538. Note also the red tip to the float. The box illustration also misses the RDF loop.
  20. Yellow! The box has been changed. Note also the red and yellow prop tip stripes.
  21. Hmm... I should get that book. I have the really old 1962 Revell kit which might be a possibility for this conversion - instead of chucking it in the dumpster! https://www.scalemates.com/kits/revell-h-201-198-b-17-f-memphis-belle--1179531
  22. I don't have it but this might help. https://www.aviationmegastore.com/swedish-fortresses-the-boeing-b-17-fortress-in-civil-and-military-service-9788389450876-mushroom-model-publications-9788389450876-ww2/product/?action=prodinfo&art=96939
  23. FN709 was from 703 Sqn, embarked aboard HMS Cilicia at some time. Her sister is here.....
  24. Indeed that profile of XT-M is wrong in just about every way as far as the codes and roundels go. I hope this is taken as "constructive feedback" as requested. The X and T should go from the bottom of the yellow ring to the top of the white one. The top position is correct but they are too tall. The M should be quite stretched out and goes all the way to the serial - the photo is not good enough to say if it overlaps the serial. The roundel seems to be correct except the red dot is too large. Edit - The posts below may be correct in that the yellow cutting ring is drawn too wide on the profile. I would fix the red dot first, then consider whether the yellow was in proportion. If it's wrong, it's not very wrong!
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