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  1. The second Cat is one of the RAAF's first batch, photographed either on its way to Australia or after arrival at Rose Bay in Sydney. Because the US was not involved in the war at that time, the RAAF couldn't crew the aircraft, and the job was done by civilian pilots from Qantas. I have more information somewhere, but it's presently packed away for my house move next week. I can say that the glossy area on the lower hull was a coating of lanolin applied as an anti-corrosive.
  2. Yes please - and another vote for the firefighting bits. We have a few that come over here every bushfire season and do sterling work.
  3. You probably know this already, but I'd whack a good solid spar through the wing centre section - once assembled, the whole wing tends to droop without it.
  4. You've convinced me - I rang Gary at Red Roo this arvo and ordered a couple (well, you can't just build one - a short nose and a long nose, as a minimum ...) and I'll probably sign on for the Manchester and Lancastrian as well.
  5. My greatest regret has always been missing out on a trip to Lord Howe Island in a Sandringham. I had it almost organised to go on one of the last, but then work required me to be elsewhere and I couldn't reorganise things before the service ended. Now, of course, Lord Howe has an airstrip and Ansett Flying Boat Services is a thing of the past.
  6. I've just read this thread all the way through, in between making a batch of ciabatta. What can I say? I am lost for words ... Here in Australia we have the only suitable wine for you lot: http://ilikewine.com.au/red-wine/shiraz/barking-mad-shiraz. A very pleasant way to wash down a steak ...
  7. Thank you both. This is an extraordinarily useful thread, and is modelling at its very best. As my ancestors would have said, "Lang may your lumb reek"!
  8. Thanks for that - makes fascinating reading. As you say, S-R had a vested interest in pushing the flying boat - at the time they had a couple of Princesses to sell and no interested buyers, nor any prospect of seeing a return on the not inconsiderable investment they had already made in getting the aircraft to that stage.
  9. Thanks - that could be painfully costly, especially after lashing out on a pair of WNW Felixtowes! More so if they ever get around to doing a Blackburn Kangaroo ...
  10. AFAIK most, if not all, Sunderland 1s were in service before the white scheme was introduced, and would have had the overall camo scheme(s). I've not seen a picture of one in the later scheme. But never say never - it is possible that some may have survived long enough to be repainted. As always, the best way to approach the problem is to rely on your references - if you can find a picture of a Mk. 1 in a white scheme, you have your proof.
  11. One thing to watch with the Academy Cats is the engines. The cowls are distinctly undersized - the outside diameter is about what the inside should be - and the Quickboost resin substitutes simply replicate the problem. The kit engines which are closest to accurate are the ones in the old Revell nail (which, incidentally, comes with CC decals), and even they are slightly undersized. Hopefully when/if Mr Airfix gets around to an update the problem will be resolved. The Academy PBY-5/5A kits have some other issues, notably involving the observers' bubbles in the rear fuselage, but do build up into quite reasonable-looking replicas.
  12. Shack - Beaufighter - Whitley! Nurse, the screens! I'm suffering third degree burns because my credit card has already gone into meltdown!
  13. Has anyone heard / read in the tea leaves / otherwise come into possession of information about a radial-engine conversion for the Revell 1:72 Halifax? The recent release of Dutch Decals' "Dutchies in the RAF" sheet, which includes a couple of interesting Herc-engined Halifax schemes, has piqued my interest, but thus far I've not unearthed anything to suggest that such a conversion either exists or is pending. The Airfix kit is just too long in the tooth to be given serious consideration, although an alternative might be to use it to provide the radial bits for a conversion of the Revell offering.
  14. I have seen pictures of Lincoln MR.31As (the long-nosed ones) being flown by shirtless pilots; that would have been in the '50s and '60s. Understandable, as they were based in Townsville, North Queensland, and it would have got VERY hot inside a Lincoln's glasshouse at the sort of low altitudes at which they were operating. As to your time frame, I suspect that it would depend on the operation being undertaken, as you note above. Fighter pilots would normally have worn shirts (probably with short sleeves), given the relative shortness of their flights and the fact that they were likely to be operating at altitude. Ditto the bombers, if for no other reason than if they were shot down the shirt would have been useful once they hit the ground. MR ops could well have been different - long trips at low level in high temperatures would make comfort a serious consideration, so shirtless would be a real possibility.
  15. At least I should be over the house move by then ...
  16. Don't tell me, let me guess: "You STILL haven't built any of them, it's about time you got rid of them!" ...
  17. And if you need any F.27 props, PM me - I have one or two spare ...
  18. Don't know of any, but you should be able to make up most of your markings from generic sheets by Xtradecal/Modeldecal or others.
  19. To expand on my post above: because of the balance problems with the Aeroproducts prop, there was a tendency to change it to a Ham Standard where that was possible/practicable. Thus the same airframe could be either a Mk IV or a Mk IVA, depending on which prop it was wearing at the time. I know of no instances where the change went the other way, but that doesn't mean that it didn't happen.
  20. I think that Airfix outclevered themselves with the Lanc. I've got two on the go; one has just fallen together, the other has fought me every inch of the way. I think you've got to get everything exactly right or it will give you grief. I've built the Valiant, and it went together without any major glitches. The good General's build was very helpful in sorting out some of the errors and omissions in it.
  21. The prop in that first picture certainly looks like an Aeroproducts one. It's not sharp enough to see the logos clearly, though. Bear in mind that Aeroproducts and Ham Standards were interchangeable (the latter being the prop of choice, because Aeroproducts ones had balance issues), so an airframe could have carried either - it's as much a matter of checking your references and building to them as anything else.
  22. Has anyone mentioned a new Beaufighter yet?
  23. Ours are spread between Canberra and the several State capitals ...
  24. http://jakehassells.com/#!/series/fish
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