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  1. G'day Tony,


    I've got a pair of paddle-bladed C-47 props you can have. Email me (davebclark@bigpond.com) your snail mail address and I'll get them off to you.


    The Quickboost Cat ones aren't suitable - they're the narrow-bladed ones, and better kept for your Cat.





    1. TonyTiger66


      That's fantastic Dave :) , very kind indeed!


      I'll send you an email.

      With a little scratchbuilding of some missing interior parts, and the SAC undercarriage bits, that saves this one. :thumbsup: .


      All the best


  2. G'day Martin,


    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you - the seats were harder to find than I thought. I've moved house since the original posts, and finding where I'd put them in the new place involved a major search through the stash (always a daunting job!).


    Can you please confirm the number of sets you require, and a postal address, and I'll get back to you with the final cost. I can do Paypal, if that suits.





    1. MartinSK


      Good day Dave,

      As one DC-3 has already closed fuselage, it will be hard to add seats in.

      I am planning to build 2 more. So 2 sets will be fine for me.

      One set includes 7 single and 7 double seats?

      Could you please send me a picture of this seats. You could send it on mtkubis@gmail.com.

      Postal addres is.

      Martin Kubis

      Dolny Kalnik 50

      03802 Drazkovce


      Please send me final costs for 2 sets (28 pieces=14 single seats, 14 double seats) with postage.

      Yes Payal is OK.


      Best regards,





  3. G'day Martin,


    I haven't forgotten your request for the 1:48 DC-3 seats! My problem has been that I can't find them. I've moved house since the original post was made, and now the box with the seats in them isn't where I thought it was. I know that it made the move with me, so now I've just got to go through the stash until I find it. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.





    1. MartinSK


      Good evening Dave,

      It is OK. So when you will find the righ box with seats for DC-3 1:48 please let me know as I already bought two C-47 to convert them to DC-3.

      Thank you,




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