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  1. Hi Daniel, I bought this kit a bit ago. I will start on it next year as I'm building the Accurate Armour CrARRV at the moment, (might look good on this?) Your work here will be a huge help to me when I start. Thanks for the very detailed pictures and commentary. Bill
  2. Hi, thanks to all for their input about these vehicles. The Perentie is certainly the closest to what I saw. These three vehicles had solid rear bodies and not canvas. They looked as if they were designed to carry personnel rather than anything else. Also I didn't see any markings. They also looked 'new' but that may have just been the paint job! Regards, Bill O'Brien
  3. Hi, while driving North on the M6 near Carlisle today, I saw three Landrovers on transporters, headed South. They were all probably twice the length of a long bodied Lrover and had twin rear axles. All had side, bar type standoff armour and were painted in sand/desert type colour. They looked very odd. I have never seen or heard of anything like this before. Can anyone help please? Bill O'Brien
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