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  1. Thanks a lot, that was a really handy link. Using that item title I searched around and found a listing on the US ebay so I could understand the text. I've taken a punt and ordered a set, hopefully the quality is ok. I'm still open to other ideas though, in case they turn out to be a waste of money! Cheers Tom
  2. Hi folks, I'm hoping someone on here might be able to help me. I'm trying to find a decal sheet that will let me build Maverick's F14 from the classic Top Gun film. I thought I had found exactly what I needed in Fightertown decals sheet 48077 Best of the Best, but after extensive searching it seems to be out of print and no-one has any left in stock. I've emailed Fightertown directly, got an initial reply saying they thought it was out of stock and would check, but nothing more despite a follow up email from me. So with that sheet appearing to no longer be an option (unless anyone has one they are prepared to sell?) , can anyone point me to another source of these decals? I've searched google extensively and the only option seems to be to try and track down the old Testors(?) F14 boxing on ebay and hope the decals are usable, I'm really hoping someone can point me towards an alternative! Cheers Tom
  3. Hi Mike, Many thanks for the reply, the new version is working fine for me now and really adds another dimension to an already very good piece of software. £4.99 very well spent I think Cheers Tom
  4. Has anyone installed this and used it successfully? I've got the PC version installed and working fine, but when I downloaded the app it refused to work for me. I am using android 4.1.2 on a Samsung Galaxy S3. I emailed the email address on the web site last Sunday but have yet to receive a reply. I'm interested if anyone else has had problems, or if it's just me. Cheers Tom
  5. Fandango

    Luftwaffe Books

    For specific reference on a particular aircraft type I have found the new airframe and miniture series from Valiant Wings to be very good, from the late war period at the moment they do books on the FW190D and ME262. For more general reading and background I don't think you can beat the Jagdwaffe series of books, but unfortunately they are out of print and whilst some can be picked up for under £10 the late war ones (Volumes 4 and 5) go for silly money now. Still if you can find them for sensible money they are well worth it. William Greens Warplanes of the third reich was, I believe republished two or three years ago and was going to a three book set. As far as i know only volume one was ever published, anyone know what happened to the other two volumes? Cheers Tom
  6. Many thanks Ronnie, I've dropped them an email. Cheers Tom
  7. Hi Folks, Can anyone point me towards a replacement canopy for my Italeri 1/48th scale A10 kit? A bad case of clumsyitis has seen me destroy the front section of the canopy and despite googling and going through the hannants site I can't find any after market suppliers of A10 canopies. If anyone could point me towards a supplier I would be very grateful. Cheers Tom
  8. Many thanks for the info chaps, looks like the Accurate minitures kit is going to be the best starting point. Cheers Tom
  9. Tim, Sorry to go slightly off topic, but does that decal sheet suggest a kit for the P51A option in dark earth / dark green? That scheme has really caught my imagination and I want to track down the decal sheet and the right kit to build it. I know Accurate Minitures and ICM both do P51A's but I'm not sure if the ICM kit which appears to have 4 x 20mm cannon would be suitable for an RAF bird? If the decal sheet offers any suggestions i would appreciate it. Cheers Tom
  10. Thanks guys, I'll get hold of some of that and give it a go. Cheers Tom
  11. Hi folks, I normally build 1/48th scale aircraft, but like to present these in some form of diorama setting, sometimes in flight, sometimes on the ground (and once at the bottom of the channel!). I am also becoming quite drawn to the Tamiya 1/48th armour range and would definitely want to build these in a diorama setting. The big problem I am having at the moment is getting grass that looks convincing. I have tried railway flock (too flat), static grass (too consistent for me) and have lately been experimenting with another railway technique of glueing dyed lint and peeling it off again (which showed promise, but half the time the lint peels the glue off the dio base). Would anyone be prepared to share their technique for getting ralistic looking grass please? Cheers Tom
  12. Hi folks, I have been using the eduard pre coloured "zoom" etch sets for a while now to dress up the cockpits of my British and German fighters, but I have noticed that whatever the cockpit colour should be (Interior green grey for Brits, RLM 02 or RLM 66 for the German planes) the colour of the etch doesn't match the paint I use (White Ensign or Xtracolor enamels). Does anyone know which range of paint the eduard etch is "matched" to? Cheers Tom
  13. I've found that mixing Xtracolour with cellulose helps a lot with the drying time and also seems to give me a better finish. I generally mix about 60 - 40 paint to cellulose and always spray a coat of Halfords grey primer first. However a good mask and extractor fan / ventilation are essential for spraying this mix! (If you have a local car body / paint shop you can normally get 5 litres of good quality cellulose from them for about £25, a lot cheaper in the long run than buying the little bottles) Cheers Tom
  14. Firstly I hope this is in the right forum, apologies if it's not. A friend of mine has just aquired the Nichimo 1/20th Cessna 172 kit and whilst it has all the motors, wiring etc still in the packaging, it is sadly lacking any instructions! Is any one able to help out with a set of instructions from a kit they have previously built, or a scan of the instructions please? Cheers Tom
  15. That's brilliant thanks! (Although that's going to need some very careful masking and painting...) Cheers Tom
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