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  1. The salvage continues at pace, recalled and gloss ready for a subtle wash to show off some of the panels and break up the white! next post will be finished in the completed section. Thanks again!
  2. Defeated by time but hopefully this will be in a gallery soon and with an earlier and dustier (naturally weathered museum exhibit ) Thanks for running the GB and hopefully this’ll be done before KUTA starts
  3. Your wish is my command…Primer, paint and a coat of varnish ready for decals time is running out let’s see if we can get this into the gallery
  4. After what seems like a lifetime of filling and sanding I think it’s close to final priming and then some white paint. Hopefully more to follow soon!
  5. Yes please, I have a ship that needs building but never done one of those before
  6. Jockney, thank you, I’ve often been tempted by the 1/72 as I think Concorde is just a beautiful airliner but never took the plunge…it sounds like one for KUTA a few years on the trot to get it finished off….I’m sure it would look stunning!
  7. Progress is slow…but nearly back to how it started only with a better fit and much easier to fill gaps(I’ve built another of these and the leading edge of the wings to fuselage was a tricky joint there aswell) it’s such a beautiful profile for an aircraft, looking forward to getting some filler and then some primer on more progress soon hopefully all the best Graham
  8. Evening all, I picked up this Concorde for 5 pounds off Marketplace on the grounds it was already started and fitted together too bad for the seller to finish. In this state I think it’s 25%+ complete however the seller was correct, the fit is bad and I also want the undercarriage down so I attacked it with a scalpel or two and after 45 mins I now have this.. This is now ready to tidy up and then adapt so the fit is better and add it to my other Concorde to then have early and late colour schemes. I hope this is within the rules and look forward to getting this would be throw away onto the finished shelf! All the best for now.
  9. I’ll join the party if I may, either 737 or 777 depending on how the long list of kits on the go is looking and how much space there is on the bench!
  10. Possibly the final update before the build comes to an end.. First up the engine is now mounted and all the decals are now on (the slivering battle still continues) Below as it’ll hopefully be posed when complete I still need to fit the undercarriage doors but this will be easier after I have given it another gloss coat and done some panel line detailing and weathering before a final satin coat. Then there are the kids vehicles to go and I also have a card 1/72 Hangar to pose all of this outside..... If I’m lucky you may get a shot of the panel lines and weathering I’ll see what I get time to do see you all soon Graham and the team.
  11. The race is on with just a few days to go! I don’t think the diorama will be done but hopefully the Lancaster will. Very little added to the thread but plenty to the aircraft. First up the engine under maintenance has started construction. All the glazing is masked and ready for some painting as is the rest of the Lanc. First up a random splattering of black and then some dark earth Next up some blu tack worms and masking tape (other worms are available) and the the green and finally the black. Finally a few coats of gloss (not quite enough as the slivering shows) and the start of decalling. If I can get the rest of the decals and the engine mount built tonight this may have a chance of making the gallery Then we’ll get back to the rest of the bits. Thanks for looking Graham ps any top tips on sorting out slivering greatly appreciated, so far I’ve covered it in pin pricks and more micro sol which is helping. I sprayed Vallejo Airbrush paint and a few coats of Alclad gloss, I think it needed a few more or a slightly heavier final coat. This is my first proper go at spraying as opposed to brush painting after years of threatening to do it......gutted I didn’t swap sooner.
  12. We are back with some progress. Lots more paint has been applied by the little ones and I have started playing with an airbrush (after years of it sat idol in the garage as there wasn’t time to just have a play with it and learn how to use it) A few few more afternoons and we’ll have the tractor, bomb trolleys and some bombs ready. Then finish the bowser and a vehicle to pull it. my eldest has made a start with some help (and being allowed to watch Star Wars) At the end of the night Unusually he really enjoyed filing off all the flash on this old kit, next up here a dusting of primer so he can start painting the inside of the cabs before adding the bodywork! Finally the Lanc. It now has all 4 nacelles on and the resin backing plate for the Merlin. The engine itself is also slowly being put together and once I’ve masked all the glass it’ll be ready for a prime and some paint (fortunately most of the windows seem to be either blanks or painted over (phew......and after a little research also controversial) Hopefully the the next update will have some better pictures and some good progress...until then we are off to work out how to build the Titanic from Lego bricks. Hope all of you are well Best wishes from all of us!
  13. Congratulations! Do not under any circumstances waste either, time with your new arrival and family or time from sleeping (oh how I remember sleep well) the link to scalemates has done the trick! Airfix used to do birds etc surely there is a market for unicorns Vppelt68, I should have looked closer, I found that page but missed the instructions tab, you are a star...tomorrow we shall build some more!
  14. Ha ha, I think mine would like a unicorn in there aswell (and a dwarf and barbarian!). Mine are 10 (next week) and the early contributors are 5. It is a lot of fun although you have to just accept stuff will be broken and keep smiling (and repairing). now I have a request, I’ve mislaid the recovery vehicle instructions....anyone know where you can download or view electronic copies? I have turned the house upside down and can only think I’ve put them in a box with some other parts I was going to use them with...that involves visiting the attic which I’ll have to do later. Anyway by asking on here I half expect to find them now sitting on my desk. See you all soon Graham
  15. Started pairing them up with the aircraft and the weapon trolleys I’m pleasantly surprised, next up some varnish and wash then we are nearly finished. Thanks for looking.
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