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  1. Evening all, I picked up this Concorde for 5 pounds off Marketplace on the grounds it was already started and fitted together too bad for the seller to finish. In this state I think it’s 25%+ complete however the seller was correct, the fit is bad and I also want the undercarriage down so I attacked it with a scalpel or two and after 45 mins I now have this.. This is now ready to tidy up and then adapt so the fit is better and add it to my other Concorde to then have early and late colour schemes. I hope this is within the rules and look forward to getting this would be throw a
  2. I’ll join the party if I may, either 737 or 777 depending on how the long list of kits on the go is looking and how much space there is on the bench!
  3. Possibly the final update before the build comes to an end.. First up the engine is now mounted and all the decals are now on (the slivering battle still continues) Below as it’ll hopefully be posed when complete I still need to fit the undercarriage doors but this will be easier after I have given it another gloss coat and done some panel line detailing and weathering before a final satin coat. Then there are the kids vehicles to go and I also have a card 1/72 Hangar to pose all of this outside..... If I’m lucky you may get a shot of the panel lines and wea
  4. The race is on with just a few days to go! I don’t think the diorama will be done but hopefully the Lancaster will. Very little added to the thread but plenty to the aircraft. First up the engine under maintenance has started construction. All the glazing is masked and ready for some painting as is the rest of the Lanc. First up a random splattering of black and then some dark earth Next up some blu tack worms and masking tape (other worms are available) and the the green and finally the black. Finally a few coats of gloss (not quite enough as the sliveri
  5. We are back with some progress. Lots more paint has been applied by the little ones and I have started playing with an airbrush (after years of it sat idol in the garage as there wasn’t time to just have a play with it and learn how to use it) A few few more afternoons and we’ll have the tractor, bomb trolleys and some bombs ready. Then finish the bowser and a vehicle to pull it. my eldest has made a start with some help (and being allowed to watch Star Wars) At the end of the night Unusually he really enjoyed filing off all
  6. Congratulations! Do not under any circumstances waste either, time with your new arrival and family or time from sleeping (oh how I remember sleep well) the link to scalemates has done the trick! Airfix used to do birds etc surely there is a market for unicorns Vppelt68, I should have looked closer, I found that page but missed the instructions tab, you are a star...tomorrow we shall build some more!
  7. Ha ha, I think mine would like a unicorn in there aswell (and a dwarf and barbarian!). Mine are 10 (next week) and the early contributors are 5. It is a lot of fun although you have to just accept stuff will be broken and keep smiling (and repairing). now I have a request, I’ve mislaid the recovery vehicle instructions....anyone know where you can download or view electronic copies? I have turned the house upside down and can only think I’ve put them in a box with some other parts I was going to use them with...that involves visiting the attic which I’ll have to do later. Anyway by
  8. Started pairing them up with the aircraft and the weapon trolleys I’m pleasantly surprised, next up some varnish and wash then we are nearly finished. Thanks for looking.
  9. Now Dad’s catching up with the Lancaster, tail, wings and 3 engine pods are attached. Clearly Red Dwarf and Red wine are my preference over Screwball Scramble! Now to sort out the final engine pod and the seams and any damage before working out what else to attach before painting and a night of masking to protect the windows and holes. (It is not my favourite job) More soon Graham and the Team
  10. Some more days have passed and I’ve had the team hard at work...briefly, but you have to take advantage of the enthusiasm when it occurs. I have three mini modellers and between them they are going to make most of the vehicles and bombs used in the build. For starters are our twins Eli and Ashton attacking an oil bowser and the tractor and bomb trailer. They have done awesome as it’s a lot fiddlier than I thought and they have listened really well and not yet broken anything...(we also successfully beat the carpet monster looking for a trolley wheel. Checking out the bits.
  11. The wheels are now on and the end is near! Next up, tidy up the paint, varnish, weather with some wear and tear and final varnish and add to the Harrier! Thanks for looking Graham
  12. Evening all here is our family entry for the Lancaster build. I was planning on doing it myself but seeing as we are now all in Lockdown seemed like a good idea to get the kids involved aswell and hopefully have a Lancaster Diorama on the shelf to show what we did together during these months. First up the kits The plan from here is that the children will help with the Lanc when they want to and they will also get a vehicle or two to do themselves. Once we have got them done we’ll then put them all together on a base to make a little scene. Worst case is they don’t like
  13. I’ve been working on these since the start of the build and finally got round to posting, building has been really slow so these kinda got the mojo going again just in time for the lockdown! They are to go with a Harrier Diorama I’ve been working on for years(slowly) and finally have the Harrier 95% done, but that’s another build) First up the kit and the parts. The kit comes with two tugs, bars and ladders and a selection of personnel. Next up the build up of the body. Body complete with the wheels Then the
  14. I’ll have a go, my little ones are getting into building aswell so we may do one each and start attacking the stash!
  15. Writing down jobs really works! After I posted I got the jet out and put it all together. And the other side. Now it just needs some more weathering and touch up painting and it’ll be ready to take its place in the middle of a little scene I’d like to make of it during the missile trials back in the summer of 99! With any luck I’ll get the painting finished in time for the end of this and maybe some of the tractors and trolleys to give you an idea of what the next 5 years hold for this project
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