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  1. Airfix 1/72 Hawker Typhoon Thanks for hosting and to everyone for the comments along the way!
  2. Check out www.hawkertyphoon.com the photo is the one on the main page. I have a Chinook for the matchbox, a SHAR for the falklands and one of 3 old airliners for the big and British. I’m going to pick the quickest and keep the finishing momentum going! atb Graham
  3. And now she is ready to launch and go find some tanks and trains!! I found a picture with a mixed load of bombs and rockets so opted for that layout for something different! Ill get some better pictures for the gallery but this one is now complete!! Thanks for the comments and for watching…onto the next Group Build
  4. Flickr seems to be working ok now, hopefully for you too!
  5. now with some weathering and getting ready for last cos of varnish Next one should be doors and rockets attached ready for the gallery!!
  6. I’m using Flickr and having exactly the same problem. Did you find a work around for it? good luck I’ll keep looking
  7. Most of the decals are on now. and the props Hopefully next time I’ll have the wheels on and some weathering done..nearly finishedJust the rockets to go after that!
  8. In the next picture I’ll put the two props next to each other, the sabre engine in the Typhoon drove a massive propeller!
  9. Another burst of modelling time and a couple of steps closer. The Typhoon now has a big sister in the same colours progressing in tandem for another project and they are finally out the spray booth and being glossed ready for decals!! Hopefully the next update will be a little sooner and have the Typhoon in all its “decalled” glory. Thanks for looking!
  10. As usual I’m late to the party does the Airfix HP 42 Heracles count as big enough…for it’s time it was enormous in passenger flying with Imperial Airways! https://uk.airfix.com/products/handley-page-hp42-heracles-a03172v
  11. Long time since I last posted so here is the progress and then it all got joined together and the wings added Once all the pegs had gone it was starting to take shape and then the canopy and some black primer was added Then I started building a 1/48 Spitfire with the identical colour scheme (may as well spray the colours at the same time) hence the delay in progress with this. Hopefully in the next update it’ll be in full colours and some gloss ready to start decalling(this appears to be a made up word but sure you’ll all know what I mean) with its partner in crime. Thanks for looking!
  12. It is a lovely kit for its size, I’ve built one already and this time I think I’m going to open the hatches up on the wing to show the armament off behind the cannons. It’s a nice little detail on a kit of this scale. I think I’m going with the red nose and invasion stripes with a full load of rockets…I know it carried the bombs but it looks the part with the rockets!
  13. Here are the sprue shots of the Airfix Typhoon with a little primer on. More to follow in the next few days as I get started on my first build of the year. Currently looking at doing the box art decals but still considering the others, watch this space.
  14. I have a Camel that I can join with or maybe a Harrier and it’s variants are included?
  15. Evening all, may I join with a 1/72 Spitfire T9, MJ627, currently operated by Biggin Hill Heritage Hangar but of RCAF heritage during WW2 albeit as a single seater back then? It still flies with the 9G-Q serial from 441sqn and has a Maple Leaf by the cockpit! looking forward to July Graham
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