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  1. Graham77

    The first of the many! Coastguard Jayhawk

    Final coat of varnish and the rotors and I think I’m there
  2. Graham77

    A6E Intruder

    Progress has been slowly and mainly involved sanding, however we are getting close to the priming stage. I just need to find enough time in the next day or so to get this all stuck together, primed and see how many more panel lines need scribing back in to see if it stands a chance of catching a wire in the GB Gallery. Back to the cutting mat Graham
  3. Graham77

    The first of the many! Coastguard Jayhawk

    The decals were completed and gloss coat applied, couple more nights work and this one will be ready for the shelf but alas time ran out for this GB. Thanks again and see you in next years KUTA!
  4. Graham77

    Boeing B-17 Gallery and Poll

    Here she is the Academy 1:72 SB17 Rescue B17. Thank you to the Hosts and the Extension, a beautiful fleet of B17’s in this GB, I will definitely be building another!
  5. Graham77

    Pop Pop’s B17 (SB-17, 1/72nd)

    First up the scary and then rewarding weathering process Then it was just the aerials and lifeboat to attach and she was ready to rescue the stragglers Now to get a couple of good shots for the gallery! Cheers for the comments and help along the way, this has been a lot of fun
  6. Graham77

    Pop Pop’s B17 (SB-17, 1/72nd)

    Decals and props ready for varnish and some weathering....it’s going to be tight but should get it finished in time. Hopefully the next ones will be nearly finished...... I guess this variant traditionally followed behind the rest so seems apt it’s one of the last to finish. Have a good weekend Graham
  7. Graham77

    Pop Pop’s B17 (SB-17, 1/72nd)

    Long time since I posted but progress has been made. First up the wings were adjusted and attached, the seams sorted out and then the lost panel lines rescribed back in. Then the sun came out so it was time for some primer, sanding, primer and then some colour First up the yellow, then masked it and added the silver and unveiled to get my first look at what is becoming one of my favourites this year. Next up is adding the rest of the details that need painting, anti glare strips etc, the engines and the cowling, then it’ll be time for gloss and decals! . But that’ll be a job for another year! Thank you for looking, have a great New Years and I’ll see you in 2019 to finish this off! Cheers Graham
  8. Graham77

    A pair of Spitfire s

    Not sure if this counts but my youngest two have been wanting to build a plane with Daddy. As an average modeller I decided they should start with a Spitfire and what better than 2 stalled builds on the shelf and a mass of ruined paint that needed sorting out! So here goes, they helped glue the tails and the props together along with the canopies and then I let them pick and choose a colour scheme. So here are a couple of pics. Firstly hard at work! And the finished Spits Have to admit I really like the black and gold look. 2 Spitfires off the shelf, 2 happy little people and one is very keen to build another! Thanks for looking, hope you enjoyed the break from the norm! all the best Graham and his ab initio modellers
  9. Graham77

    The first of the many! Coastguard Jayhawk

    Oh yes, it will go great with the Yellow Sea king and the orange Dauphin, looking to make a small base for this one with a picture frame but the deserve a little helipad.
  10. Hi all, it’s time to crack on with clearing a couple more projects! First up is Hobbyboss’s 1/72 Coastguard Jayhawk, which has been on the go for years as I was put off by the masking to paint it. Here is how it started Finally got it masked And how it now sits with the painting unmasked and some decals applied (sorry missed photos for the bit in the middle) Next up, a good box set, a quiet few evenings and the rest of the decals to do. They are very thin and break very easily (as you may notice with the yellow on the tail) Have a good weekend Graham
  11. Graham77

    A6E Intruder

    Next up was the fiddly etch for the seats, hopefully it’ll be worth it once it’s all closed up And inserted into the cockpit Next up is to get the fuselage closed up and start the task of filling, cleaning up and rescribing the more prominent panel lines. (Got a riveting tool this week as all the pics seem to show some fairly prominent rivets aswell). Let the experiment continue! Cheers for now Graham
  12. Graham77

    A6E Intruder

    The kit suggested 8grams in the nose so I put 10. Hopefully it’ll be enough
  13. Graham77

    A6E Intruder

    I’m having a break from scribing and have started on the cockpit. Here it is as it came. next up some destruction to remove the kit seats and rebuild the back wall and a quick check of the canopy and the seats cleaned up ready for some paint. Then I added some imaginary detail to the area behind the seats to try and detract from the big seam at the front of the canopy. clearly not for the A6 purist but hopefully some paint and some decals and the cockpit will look good enough for this model! back to the paint shop! Cheers Graham
  14. Graham77

    Pop Pop’s B17 (SB-17, 1/72nd)

    Will remove and forward if you PM your address. Have to confess there is a fair bit of artistic licence going on with this as Pop Pop spent most of his training as a waist gunner and radio operator, his SB dealings were predominantly water based. Ie bobbing in the sea waiting for the lifeboat to parachute down. However all his good B17 stories involved those training sessions.
  15. Graham77

    Pop Pop’s B17 (SB-17, 1/72nd)

    The fuselage is closed up with all the blanks and glazing in place (except the nose) Before the nose goes on a quick peak inside, I added a search map and some papers to the tables to busy it up a bit, then realised it’ll all be hidden. Next up I think I’ll get the glazing on and masked before a coat of primer and a clean up of the fuselage before moving on to the wings. Cheers for now Graham