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Milo Black

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    Assemble, paint, decal, done. Yeah, right.....
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  1. Milo Black

    Finished Emirates Aibus A380

    Super job, Rich!
  2. Milo Black

    My Boeing 787 model

    Super job, Rich! Well done for attempting that paint job - braver than I am for sure
  3. Milo Black

    Airbus A380 (Emirates)

    Thanks for the positive feedback, guys. Appreciated.
  4. Milo Black

    Vote for a winner!

  5. Milo Black

    Airbus A380 (Emirates)

    Thanks Walter Humbrol 34 as an undercoat, then Humbrol 22 on top, both straight from the pot. A coat of two of Klear to finish. I use a 5/8" flat sable brush on the top-coats - it makes getting an even finish a lot easier.
  6. Milo Black

    Airbus A380 (Emirates)

    Same as you, Micha - wing gears about one mil too long, so needed trimming down to avoid having the main gears suspended in mid air
  7. Milo Black

    Airbus A380 (Emirates)

    Revell 1/144, Kev - it was the Lufthansa boxing, but I used decals from TwoSix. And it's brush-painted ('cos I ain't got no airbrush, innit).
  8. Milo Black

    Airbus A380 (Emirates)

    Quite pleased with this one - done for the Airliner GB, but reposting here.... go look in the Current Group Builds section for some really fine work by some very talented modellers... and a couple more of mine too.
  9. Milo Black

    M-551 Sheridan

    This is a great example of why I don't generally do armour - great results like this one
  10. My first (and probably last) attempt at doing armour
  11. Milo Black

    Busdriver's Entries: A group shot

    This is a breathtaking collection, Mark! I've been following these throughout, especially the A340, and if you're not already feeling well chuffed with yourself, then you should be - three top builds in record time. Respeck.
  12. Milo Black

    Hairbrush A380 (Emirates)

    Thanks, guys! That took a little googling.... but of course, I went 'Doh!' when I figured it out If that came straight from memory, Cliff, then you are a very sad man - although an invaluable asset to the pub quiz team, I'm sure
  13. Milo Black

    Keef's attempt - Aer Lingus Connie

    Lovely-looking beast Keef!
  14. Milo Black

    Busdriver's entries...

    Good luck, Mark - whether you finish on time or not, it's been great to see these taking shape.