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  1. Great build and the pictures make it I must learn that trickery superb
  2. very nice indeed , especially like the exhaust staining
  3. Its Easter hols from school (Like most in school these days your still working from home or going in and with 160 students out on work experience soon still busy) I started the build in a spare hour at the weekend with the usual cockpit assembly after washing the parts in detergent and applying some base coats by brush using Humbrol watered down acrylics but now hopefully can press on to finish the cockpit adding detail, washes and the instrument panel decal.
  4. Excellent build can't beat a Hurri! building one at school model making group...this has persuaded me to do the Belgian scheme first!
  5. Right after much agravation with Photobuckety thing and posting on here (I am an IT Dino Mk1 and the reason I dont post much as I loose entire evenings fighting with the PC to post images) This is my entry chosen after much extension of the 'mahusive' stash due to the enticing fun of this group build .... so I bought a KORA Floatplane conversion set for Airfix Tiger Moth to convert it to Danish Air Force, an F-16 by Heller (Can't stand F-16's !) an MPM Fokker D.XXI Danish Type , Amodel DH 60M Metal Moth with Danish Markings & the eventual winner the F-84 Thunderjet from heller 'cos of the Markings and the Italeri F84 for the quality of the kit (looks Academy to me) Why the F-84 ? well never made one before, it will look different in 'camo' instead of the usual natural metal plus I had a set of 1950's Danish pilots wings with which to pose with it once completed...yes completed (eeek! place your bets on that one!!) Why Denmark as my nation of choice ...well always wanted to visit the Scandinavian countries and although I am familiar with the Swedish Air Force hadn't a clue about the Danish so I will hopefully learn something new. I believe there is a new book out on Danish F-84's hope its in English!
  6. While I'm considering what to build in the lesser air forces GB for Denmark I can make a decision on this GB much quicker ...615 Sqd Hurricane - PO Michael Mudie. If I complete that (track record here not good!) then I have a project to build the planes of two pilots one RAF & one Luftwaffe with my surname (its not PO Fraxinus!). I have the kits & decals ready to go.
  7. Plastic Pilot should get a medal for landing that in one piece! great fun model very well finished
  8. fraxinus

    Airfix 2016

    What no Blackburn Ripon in 1/24th scale!!!!!! personally I think they are great releases & I think Airfix has just soaked up my payrise from work for next year!! The Blenheim IV and Dornier 17 which I have just got hold of I think are absolutely superb, I will be very surprised if a new Wellington is not in the offing in 2016. As a general comment for those with other interests the lack of new Royal navy ships is a little sad plus WW1 is lacking. Ok Wingnut have got 1/32 and Eduard/Roden 1/48 but some types like the Be2 and AW Fk8 would be as salable as a Whitley. The re releases - I always loved the 1/32 Crusader and the 17pdr was a great kit so some nice armour if not new.....the waterloo set I think wont make them much cash most wargamers will just want the farmhouse. perhaps the 1/32 kits as a set would have been a more commercial choice. In Summary after the waffle....The Airfix brand is looking very strong and the modelling world can't dismiss our national modelling institution any more... it is a major player
  9. The 'tarps' and nets on that Firefly are fantastic!! great first diorama !
  10. type Scottish Air Force into google images search & see some nice EE Lightnings! The Scotts gov could buy back all the thunder city stuff & intercept Russian Bears like the old days!
  11. absolutely superb painting and basing............bet the kit cost nearly as much as an airfix 1/24 typhoon! I enjoyed painting their stuff but the silly prices meant I reverted to historical figure painting.......definitely cant get away from it being an Ent really!
  12. gobsmacking rigging!!!!!!!!!! how do you keep sane!
  13. Crikey that camouflage pattern is amazing! A stunning build and your photos of how you painted the kit very helpful and food for thought
  14. Moth collection I can't wait!! the diorama above is excellent (using the new bomber command support set?) & inspiring superb spitfire builds
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