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  1. Fantastic job Joaquin. Hats off! Where did the pilot came from? Standing ovation for you!
  2. Spectacular job Calum. Beautiful, clean and well detailed job. Hats off!
  3. Nice sheet indeed Julien. Too bad they didn't release the same sheet in 1/32 scale though...
  4. Thanks Pete! It crossed my mind that perhaps it could be a good idea to portrait each type of single engine fighter operating with this particular unit during the war... Why not!!?
  5. Outstanding job Tolga! I could never get tired of admiring this big scale 109s in so many different dresses... Yours looks absolutely wonderful. How I'd wish Hasegawa re release their full line of Friedrichs, Gustavs and Kürfursts in 32nd scale! BRAVO!
  6. When someone talks about the F-4 Phantom II, this is the kind of image that immediately comes to my mind: SEAC bird, well dressed for combat, worn and weathered. Superb depiction Wolf! BRAVO!
  7. Cracking job! That's the way to depict a Luftwaffe Spooky: faded, weathered, battered but always eye catching. The choosing of the Richtofen's markings are the ice on the cake. HOT!!! Well done Wolf!
  8. Hello everyone! Just finished the "good old" Hasegawa Bf109 G-4 1/32 in ProModeler (Monogram) boxing, released in the early 2000s. Overall still a great kit, built with some add ons like MDC trop filter, brass pitot tube, Uschi (Rig That Thing) elastic thread for the antenna, PE seatbelts and small plastic/metal bits to improve the appearance of this well known Gustav. Painted with Model Master enamels (RLM 78/79/80), clear coated with acrylic Mr. Color matt and gloss varnishes. Decals from the box. National emblems, A/C number and tactical markings masked and sprayed accordingly. Thanks for watching! Oscar
  9. Good job mate! If it was impressive before, now it's absolutely accurately stunning. BRAVO!
  10. Brilliant! Absolutely stunning Flanker. Dear MadCat, could you share more details on the paints (shades/codes/numbers) used?
  11. Well done vesthepes! Really neat colours and emblems. Bravo!
  12. Amaru! We need the radome of the 50C please. It's the same of the (Agave radar equipped) Pakistani 5PA2/3 Por favor!
  13. A perfect scale replica. The wheels, the tires, the weathering of the water-soluble white paint and the dirt over the inner part of the wings. The whole cockpit! I really don't know how did you get such level of perfection. Well, I thing I know. It's clearly the work of an oustanding artist. Félicitations pour le travail remarquable Jean- Baptiste!
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