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  1. Thank you all for your kind comments. I think that this technic could be used for any clear color. And thank you Nick for the wonderfull Mk I pic in color. Any idea about the colors because the scheme seems a bit different from FAA specifications ? Or is it just the heavy weathering making this impression ?
  2. Hello, This is the Hasegawa model seen here few years ago, but with closer views showing the white paneling. Done with a little brush and Humbrol white paint, over the first airbrushed coats of Gunze/Tamiya. Humbrol is a great product. Love it. Have a pretty nice WE.
  3. Hello All ! First of all, i would like to apologize not thanking you more quickly and wainting so long but I had to deal with some private matters. Concerning the technique, this is the simpliest, the cheapest and the more intuitiv one I know. Your coart of silver must be dry and well polished. After that, two or three layers of well diluated Gunze green colors are coming until you get more or less a good deepth. Dont let the paint dry completely. Start the chipping process with a good rubber by applying it and removing it nervously. You'll see the chipping appear. When the whole job is done, you can continue with some more fine and precise scratches with a simple needle to give more sharpness. I never varnish my model by the way. Dont like at all any kind of these finishes. That's it !!!!
  4. Hello all ! This is an old model that I chipped the green paint with rubber and needle. Have a nice WE !
  5. Hello folks, Everything is in the the title and in the pictures captions. Have a great day all of you !
  6. One of the rare Fw 190 with some good original color pics taken by the US troops in Belgium.
  7. Hello, Just one pic found of this 2015 model. Tamiya... 1/48.
  8. Hello ! My first russian jet. Love this fighter. To come in 1968 Praha, with two red bands after the wings.
  9. Hello, I don't remember if i posted this one here. Tamiya model and presumed mix betwen French and german colors. Made when i did not weather a lot kits.
  10. Hello, The one on the bench. If any question about the captions in french, let me know ! Have a good day !
  11. Well, ok Jens. I've seen some pics with the squad insignia missing. Thanks anyway for commenting.
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