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  1. Iconicair 1-32 Scale Supermarine Attacker by Graham French, on Flickr
  2. No nothing at all it's an excellent kit, also having an idea of the tremendous amount of work that's gone into producing it, We should give them our support and not encourage the mainstream producers to duplicate it. Let the hard work pay off for the smaller people. Graham
  3. Quill mentions 22 July for the comparative tests as he states it was one day after it was announced that ' our mastery of the day-light air is threatened' by Sir Archibald Sinclair. In another book 'Ultimate Spitfires 20 July is mentioned and both agree on the Pilot Seth-Smith. I have looked in the back of Typhoon and Tempest [ Mason ] and there is a list of test flights at Langley and on the 20 July R7632 was used to test take offs at various flap angles flown by Seth-Smith. The 22 July is not mentioned and the only other aircraft in and around that date is R7577 another 1A. There are one or two others but they all seem to have some modification which I would have thought ruled them out. Graham
  4. Isn't it a no brainer really? When Airfix researched the kit the Defiant was in bits being restored at Rochester airport. They didn't tosh out the moulds from a few photographs.
  5. Awesome! I've just bought two, one for my friend's 50th birthday present. Well its only taken 50 odd years for somebody to do a kit of it and that's the Chinese. 0 out of 10 to Airfix for never having having done one. I wonder how many times in all those years it was requested? I'm just gobsmacked It's finally been done, there are some good books on the subject and even they've been done by foreigners. Below is a photo of me aged 9 in Germany standing next to one at Corunna Barracks 26 Engineer Regiment about 1973. I was a keen modeller even then and wanted a kit of one. Graham
  6. I'm probably talking to myself as usual, but heres's what red looks like in greyscale, Graham
  7. Here's an old architectural modelmaking trick for cutting round windows:- you take a block of perspex, drill through it and then cut a slot half way through wide enough for the clear acetate to slide in, then the blunt end of the drill if you just press it against a grinding wheel carefully not overheating it to make the square edge 'sharp' then place the clear material in, slide the blunt end of the drill into the block then hit the now sharp end of the drill with a block of wood and it will punch out a neat disc. This is harder to explain than actually do! Graham
  8. I've measured the concrete at Spilsby airfield and it seems that they are all a standard 10ft square. Graham
  9. The third one down 01 because of this:- http://www.lend-lease.airforce.ru/english/articles/sheppard/hurricane_Z5252/index.htmits OK you can totally ignore my post, I'm used to it.
  10. Its true that the museums focus on getting children interested and the Science museum used to have their own in house model and prop dept and they spent a lot of time producing Interactive electric devices to go with the exhibits. Trouble was it was the only dept that made any money as they did work for outside museums so when the bean counters wanted to save money that was shut down.
  11. Id say the landscape is UK, lots of little fields with little wooded areas here and there.
  12. I don't think drawings are a problem for German aircraft that's why there are so many kits of them and their many sub variants. A lot of drawings of British aircraft were destroyed post war.
  13. The 1:72 and 1:48 trollies have all been done,The David Brown tractor is indeed next. Graham
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