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  1. Thanks. I had seen that, but really need the instructions sheet. Regards Richard
  2. Hi Oz Thanks for that, I have heard the FM kit has some "interesting" quirks, but yeah the Italeri instructions may help. No rush though. Richard
  3. Hi Just looking for a picture of the instructions for the FM LCVP kit. I've got the kit and no instructions so if someone has the kit and is willing to take a photo of them it would be most appreciated. TIA Richard
  4. Ok thanks Mike. Didn't come through so may have mistyped my address. Just PM'd you. Richard
  5. Thanks Jamie, I have contacted them through the website a few days ago but not had a reply.
  6. Hi Does anybody know of a UK stockist that has the new 1/700 Orange Hobby Midway in stock, google only brings up Starling but they are out of stock. TIA. Richard
  7. Thanks Phil, I though that would be the case, but just needed reassuring! Great build BTW!
  8. Hi Alistair Really like your idea, this should look great when it's done, I'm not going to be that adventurous with mine! Can I ask a question, what does the Airfix instructions say that the interior colour should be? I'm assuming its interior green but the Trumpeter instructions are somewhat confusing and keep making references to "sky" as they colour?? Richard
  9. Thanks for that, It really does help, I've never used Montex Stencils before, but it would certainly allow me to do what I have in mind, hmmmmm, where's my wallet?
  10. Hi all... Time to throw my hat into the ring for this one. Going through my stash and there were plenty of subjects I could have chose (planes, Armour, & Ships) but I've been staring at this one for quote a while now, and very few things embody D-Day more than the C-47, so here goes...... The obligatory box shots.... I'll be adding just a couple of extras, in the form of the Eduard Zoom set, and True Details wheels. I'll also use the Eduard masks. The only other decision to make is the markings?? I really want to do "Turfsport Special" but this is labeled as a Market Garden aircr
  11. I'm jealous, I've been waiting for L'Arsenal to produce the Mulberry Harbour parts in 1/700 for 2 years now. I have a fleet of LST's, an APA, a Rhino Ferry, and a couple of Liberty Ships all waiting in the stash for it. Hope you get yours built, would love to see it.... Richard
  12. Hi guys, Can I be included into this GB, I've been gazing at the Trumpeter C-47 in my stash for quite a while now, and this seem the perfect excuse to build it! Richard
  13. Beautiful build Stuart. Really nice work on the painting, weathering, and chipping!
  14. Hi Time for a bit of an update. Got most of the cockpit painted and now dry fitted., just a bit of weathering to go and the fuselage, wings and float can all start to come together. Here's the progress so far.... More to follow very soon. Richard
  15. Just a small update, while I have been getting on with painting the cockpit and waiting for those parts to dry, I made a start on a bit of a diorama base. I am hoping that if I give it another coat of the gel, and then add some white to the crests it will look OK. Hope to add an update with the cockpit done this week. Richard
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