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  1. That really is very special! Well done!
  2. I saw these two airframes many times at Shanghai Pudong airport over the years in happier times. Interesting that Chinese airliners from a State Airline end up at a former Soviet Air Base in Germany being cut up
  3. Just seen this and wanted to say what a truly outstanding finish you have created! Really top drawer! Well done!
  4. I can confirm the double BOZ fitting. In the ‘90s at Brüggen we frequently carried 2 BOZ pods: I don’t recall us having dummies back then and the pods fitted to the left wing were empty BOZ pods. We preferred to have outer stores fitted on the wings as it reduced wing fatigue at the root and allowed us to pull more G than leaving the outer without. At the time, there was a dearth of Skyshadow pods and their flight time became limited: indeed I went on a Cope Thunder Exercise in Alaska where we only flew with the double BOZ fit. I love your Tornado, and I think you’ve mounted it on a beautiful base. The 17(F) Squadron Badge was always a most attractive one and though I never served on that Squadron, I flew with them many times and did 2 detachments with them too. You’ve got an excellent model to display there sir!
  5. I’ll pull up a chair too if you don’t mind Will? I’m fortunate enough to have travelled on Japan’s railways many times though not this particular one. I have to say that everything you hear about their punctuality is true - it is a quite remarkable transport system. Really tidy work with that point work!
  6. Back to the model, I think it is phantastic! Great job!
  7. Wow! What they‘ve all said! That finish and the weathering is awesome!
  8. Just added the Roden C-123B to my stash to join a C-46 there! You’ve done a brilliant job with both of these kits - well done! The C-123 is one of the great examples of an aircraft that did so much and rarely gets the accolades it deserves. It was found in some many places in Vietnam and Laos during the Vietnam War and its Air America exploits are probably what most would associate it with. Love the finish you’ve achieved, really top notch!
  9. Goldstars! Goldstars! Ra! Ra! Ra! Sorry! Couldn’t help myself! There is no such thing as too many 31 Sqn Tornados! Thanks for building another one! There are lots of awesome pictures of Goldstar jets on the Internet in the final years so loads of references.
  10. That really is a work of art! And so nice to see a Japanese scheme too - they really do have some excellent colours and markings and your example is a superb illustration of this! Well done!
  11. That really is lovely! Just did some basic research on your helicopter and it appears it was a little more serious than it looks!
  12. I built a GR1 years ago for the squadron display, along with a Vulcan and refurbished the Canberra. I'm sure that they did not survive the move from Germany, where we were based, back to the UK when the RAF withdrew from Germany in the early 2000s.
  13. Was privileged to fly it for nearly 10 years throughout the ‘90s. A gorilla was a stream of aircraft, often of different types, going along a pre-planned route to a set of targets.
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