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  1. Well this is all new for me but I'm pleased with this information and will use it before buying. Good you advice for a booklet with all the differences.
  2. Well thanks very much, and I'm very pleased with those photo material from Large scale planes. And I think it's better to wait for the re-released model . regards Bert
  3. I do like to buy a 1/32 Harrier but I don't know which one. NASA is using the AV-8C and I will make that one. I do understand that there are much different types, so I do need some more information and help please? regards Bert
  4. Dave,

    I do like to buy a Harrier 1/32 scale AV-8C to build it in NASA couloirs. Please could you advice

    which kit to buy?


    thanks Bert

    1. Dave Fleming

      Dave Fleming

      There isn’t one really. The only 1/32 early Harrier is the very old Revell kit ( which is due for rerelease this year) but it represents the pre-production Development Batch, which had very different intakes.


      although with it being rereleased, someone might do aftermarket to upgrade it to production, although I haven’t heard of any.

    2. propfan


      Hi Dave, thanks for this information. I did found the old Revell kit, but if there is coming another one, than

      I prefer to wait.


      regards Bert

  5. I'm looking for NASA decals for the 1/32 AV8-C Harrier. Would you be so kind to gave me an address

    were to buy them.


    regards Bert (propfan)

    1. modelling minion

      modelling minion

      Sorry Bert, I have no idea where to get such decals from.

    2. propfan


      Oké thanks very much

  6. This is fantastic. I have been looking for a long time to find this model in the prototype setting, and colours. I will gave it a try myself. regards
  7. Hi, This is one of the best explanations about this subject. Thanks very much this is helpfull
  8. Thanks very much, I think it's wise to make another choice.
  9. Is there any one who could tell me if this kit is good? I don't have experiences with this Company please?
  10. Civil Airliners are clean and shiny if they come from the factory. After some time they will be dirty and greasy. But in the 1/144 scale that will be hardly visable. Conclusion minor wheatering will be good but don't overdo the job. regards Bert
  11. Darren, This looks very good to me, looking forward to the end result. regards Bert
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