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  1. Great work, loving the progress you've made recently As for the extra teeth on the drive wheel, this looks to be a very early King Tiger, which had the additional teeth and the more complex track. This will have most likely have been a Porsche turret version so you've no need to worry about yours Keep it up, look forward to seeing more
  2. Nice progress Julian, keep those updates coming
  3. I'm in - think it'll be the new Airfix Mk.1, or maybe the Italeri Mk.1 hmmm decisions decisions..!
  4. I had very same letter for replacement canopy parts for my He111 a year or so ago. The replacement parts turned up after a few weeks so hopefully you'll be back on this soon.
  5. Fantastic work Matt, great update as usual
  6. They look sweet, gonna have to get myself some..!
  7. Yeah, sorry think my meaning came across slightly wrong - I wasn't implying you were at all. But, If only I could make a carbon copy..! I'd be very happy with that lol
  8. I don't see copies of his work as being a bad thing. It's fab that he shares his hard work and research, regardless of it being his 'job'. His book isn't just a collection of well photographed views of a stunning build, that he takes the time to explain how he's done something and encourages you to copy what he's done is quite refreshing. I'll not be producing a carbon copy of his build, but will add or remove what I feel, as I go through it. I don't feel it's as daunting a task as it could be though.
  9. Thanks..! Must admit I feel a bit of a fraud just following David Parkers detailing steps, but then it's not like he's doing the build for me lol
  10. Veeerrrrrryyyyyy slow progress, but after completion of my 1:32 He111 I've started to get a little time on this. Lots of parts clean up, particularly the roadwheels and suspension parts, of which seem to be endless..! I'm following David Parkers build in his excellent book - highly recommended reading btw - so preparing the two sides of the inner superstructure by removing basic moulded in details; Before, with pencil hatching on parts to remove; Then post hacking; And couldn't resist a bit of dry fitting of the larger internal bulkheads etc; I have to say I'm enjoying this so far. A LOT of stuff to do but as a back burner project it's not too onerous
  11. Nothing wrong with a bit of investment especially if they get used. I still prefer Alclad so will be sticking with that. I might experiment with the wax to see what effects I can get though - could be interesting. Will look out for a set of those decals too
  12. Good progress there..! I've had the same experience with the AK True Metal wax - disappointing stuff for base coating but I'm not sure I've given it my best shot just yet and need to experiment a little further. I have tried using it on top of an Alclad basecoat and you get a nice patina. I'll try and post a few pics to help describe what I mean. Keep it up, always good to see these posts coming through
  13. Looking good, and nice to see progress. Thanks for the heads up on the miniature hoses etc. nice find
  14. Hmmm, seems mine has moved here too. We must both be in trouble ;-) haha I've never been one to conform
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