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  1. Hi All I'm building a 00 scale model of a GWR war transport train. The insparation comes from this web site gwr My Question is can someone tell exactly me what vehicles, type and numbers are used in a british amoured HQ company during ww2? Glen
  2. hi kirk the pressure demin water filler point was never used for 2 reasons. 1. its easier to climb up the wing to use the gravity fill than go and get tallies etc then down to the hanger to get the bits back up on deck fill return all the gear takes about 30 mins use grav fill onlt need the rachet s/d from lone pouch done in 5 mins 2. everyone that used the pressure fill only ever tried it once as you get soaked for a realistic diarama have the plane captain sat on top
  3. really nice build last time i saw FA2 that clean was when it rolled out the factory. when on the flight line engine shut down only the top half aux intake doors open due to gravity the doors are only hinged no springs or anything to open or close them. when on the ground idling or taxing all the doors are open and only close once enough the aircraft is in forward flight and enough air is passing through the main intake. As for the undercarrigde the main doors are always closed even when on the ground and only opened for ground crews to gain access and closed once maintenance is complete. if the doors are left open the and the aircraft flies as the undercarridge retracts and breaks the hand operated strut. Have seen this happen several times. The nose doors are open immediately on engine shut down a small ground lock is inserted to prevent the valve being closed and removed untill just before flight normally on pilot preflight walkround. The nose door close under hydraulic pressure of 2800psi as soon engine starts, a hydraulic rig is operating and under accumalator pressures so if not treated with care nasty injuries have occured any shar questions please as i worked on frs1 and fa2 for 20 years
  4. thats is amazing i daren't so my youngest boy he'll demand i make one
  5. very nice must get a kuta and build the 3 in stash
  6. thats a great looking diarama all it needs to finish it off is a few figures
  7. Hi Pat thats a lovely model looks really good apart from the back end being far to clean. ZD613 002 was my cab when i was on 801 in the mod to late 90s if you think you had problems appling the checks on the rudder have a go at the doing the real thing they aren't painted but very big stickers that once stuck you can't get off. every aircraft done look slightly different as frustrated plane captains got fed up trying to get the perfect. Their is a photo done for navy new of me and my partner as we were first to do it i'll see if i can find it Glen
  8. Please ad me to list Airfix 1/72 with odds and ordance replacement parts Where do i get the banner glen
  9. Thanks guy Its a different kit to build with the plastic and metal parts but assembled now vwet heavy might need some really strong fishing line to hang it
  10. Thanks guys his pilots are excellent. When i was his age i was in throw the in the bin and get glue everywhere group. Well he's been working very hard and wants to spend every spare minute modelling. Assembling the aircraft Let loose with dads airbrush after lots of discussion finally he decided that he liked 28th ops group, 28th bomb wing ellsworth AFB had the coolest nose art. I was happy with this as it mean't easy one colour spray. Then to throw a spanner in the works he decides that he wants one of the cruise missles to hang under the aircraft as if its just been launch. after a bit of research we found a plan scale draw and used this as a template for the wings and fin. Its coming allong very nice soon be be painted and ready for decals.
  11. Your welcome shar Guys thanks very much for your nice commments about josh's model i do think that mine pales in comparison next to his when you think i had all the mod cons and he was lumbered with what was in the box
  12. Thanks mate I found the decks here. They are very american going to have a bash at making them more britsh Here's the links as your not the only to ask Carrier Decks there is also hardstandings hardstandings and other bits Some of the hardstandings are very close to whats at south dispersal at RNAS Yeovilton I find i heavy wieght matt photo paper works best. Any one has any probs with the site i have downloaded all the 1/72 stuff happy to pass on
  13. yes houston he is learning fast todays lesson was why you treat scaples with care. thanks the links on my other pc will using that one tomorrow and let u have it there is loads of decks and hard standings just download n print out i use matt photo paper
  14. thanks guys all the info you have given me is a great help thanks
  15. Yes mate pain in the bottom had to take that whole fairing off so you could open the engine doors to check filters n take gts readings my knockles were aleays bleeding from the quick release catches
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