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  1. My experince as well. One bulb, colored lenses where color mattered.
  2. Greenshirt

    1/72 B-17

    If only doing one B-17, then Airfix. It’ll make a very nice late B-17G. Academy makes different variants, each are easy to build but also (I’m led to believe) have some inaccuracies. I don't know what they may be, but I have most in my stash and plan to make each one. Revell makes both a B-17F and early B-17G, but they equally suffer from incorrect dihedral of the wings. Hasegawa also make late model Fortresses, but they lack detail.
  3. I have both, and can confirm these are the same sprues. Tim
  4. My annual Airfix wishlist (sadly hasn’t changed much): TBF-1 Avenger D3A Val Ju-88A-1/5 Battle P-51B Mustang Yak-9 All 1/72 of course.
  5. I think the Hellcat was already on the drawing boards when the Mustang was released. It takes a few years to go from idea to market. Im sure the US desire for big models, and a few sales of the Typhoons here, likely showed a market for a big subject that would have broad(er) appeal. The Hellcat certainly has that.
  6. I have 2 neighbors (brothers) who are 7 and 12 who come over and tinker with models with their dad. They asked for the Airfix classics (in original boxes) because they were “cool”. Yes, they are glue bombs. Yes, they are a paint mess. But they have fun and talk about them for weeks. To be fair, I would not pay modern prices just because they are in modern boxes. These kits are readily available at tradrs’ tables for a couple of dollars here in the US. So grab a couple on occasion. Point is, the attraction can be there, but not at the “new” price point. Tim
  7. Greenshirt

    Spitfire Mk XII

    You are correct. I must say I measured thrice before putting values to paper but must have fat-fingered when I typed it. Verified just now that it is indeed 1.35 inches, measured using calipers. Tim
  8. Look for a Seafire IIc Kit, MB218, S*A 809 NAS on HMS UNICORN, 1943.
  9. Distinguishing features between the IIc and III are primarily the wingfold joint on the III. Both had 4 bladed props. The III had the later “Mk VIII type” Vokes filter and generally internal reinforcements in the fuselage. The Ib had a 3 blade prop, “b” wing armament and typically the early large Vokes filter. Essentially a Vb with an a-frame hook and external reinforcements. Tim
  10. I started with the Airfix Mk Va kit. Link to my build. the most difficult bit was inserting the plug to push the engine forward. The radiator was an interesting exercise in scratchbuilding due to the few poor photos available. Otherwise a fairly fun build. Tim
  11. Greenshirt

    Spitfire Mk XII

    Thanks, I have that conversion set...
  12. Easily within my skill set. I’d just rather not if I don’t HAVE to. I’ve got plenty of subjects I’d like to do and already have a few on the bench requiring cuts, dabs, and smoothing just to make them accurate to the markings in the box. If I can find a short cut, it’s time I can spend fixing a more poor kit.
  13. Greenshirt

    Spitfire Mk XII

    I’ve had Hasegawa’s VII, VIII, and IX boxings. All the same base sprues but w added bits and decals for variant in the box. The VII had the compressor intake and instructions to fill key panel lines like the long ailerons and the elevators. VIII was similar but without the compressor. IX had an insert for the non retractable tailwheel. They do build eaily and look nice, but don’t set one next to an Eduard kit as it looks noticeably smaller. I’m on the lookout for another VII as I want to convert it to a PR.X...but I’d rather a dedicated kit gets released so I’m not looking very hard.
  14. Ailerons — doh! Thanks much.
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