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  1. My navalised Mustang what-if follows a Seafire train of thought: Sea Mustang (Mustang V) — hooked Mustang IV. Essentially the mods done for testing but with a small production run. Seahorse I — Navalised Mustang sans folding wings Seahorse II - Add wingfold, rockets, bombs Seahorse III - Navalised P-51H but with Griffon engine, raise the cockpit for better approach visibility Seahorse IV - “Definitive” Griffon engined Seahorse w contra prop and other refinements Seahorse V — Dart powered Seahorse IV as interim until jet fighters arrived. Both Seah
  2. VF-3 would sport 3-F-# where # is the plane-in-squadron number. 1 means first aircraft (CO) Of first section and would have full red cowl ring, red chevron, and red fuselage stripe. Battle Efficiency E is/was unit wide. If Black it was usually specific to a sub area of the evaluation Like maintenance, red Usually being engineering (na for squadrons). If White outlined in black it was an overall measure of excellence in weapons delivery (guns & bombs), flight operations (formation flying plus ops at the boat — landing grades), and later included safety (mishaps) and maintenance (
  3. I think I should add this to my list. A Harvard fits with other trainers done by Airfix and a new one is needed. Tim
  4. My annual Airfix list (unchanged since 2018). All 1/72 of course: TBF/M Avenger — I want a -1c but they’re more likely to do a TBM-3, their existing kit is long in the tooth, potentially lots of marking options TBD Devastator — more a hope than likely — it would start to fill in their short list of early US Pacific Theater subjects. D3A Val — Zero, Kate, Val is the trio for the early Pacific Theater. Just the one missing. Ju-88A-1/5 — if not already on the docket, likely never now that Revell released theirs. But it would complete the BoB bomber set. Battle —
  5. When I did 4Q many years ago I based It on the photo in the article reproduced in this thread. I airbrushed the basic camo but the stripes I painted using the old hairy stick. It was just rough enough that it looked right.
  6. Hi Chuck, I did the same with my RAFM Chip back in ‘13 or ‘14. Maybe more recent batches are better. Tim
  7. I view XF-82 Ocean Grey as too blue. It looks better on my 1/700 USN ships.
  8. I had some luck adding 1 part XF1 Black to 9 parts XF4 Chromate Yellow for a chromate green. I added more Black and got interior green, and a bit more suddenly gave me a dull dark green. I was out of dull dark green at the time and decided to experiment. May be a coincidence but it’s in my tool box now. Tim
  9. As @alt-92 says, AS-12 is not shiny enough. I’d start with TS-17 Gloss Aluminum. It’s much better but not a mirror finish. Tim
  10. Yes, but lift includes velocity as part of the formula. Put enough thrust on it to get it moving, and lift will happen. Make it light enough and it’ll fly. Real enough. Tim
  11. F-104 wing has a curve (camber). Slight, but there.
  12. As Dave says, the process usually involves an even base coat to make the underlying Color as even and consistent as possible. Usually a final primer coat is sufficient. Then using a fine line, low psi, and highly thinned paint (10:1 or more) preshade each panel line. Make many passes to slowly build up the preshade. Once happy with that, then also using highly thinned color coats, spraying in an uneven manner to slowly build up the color until the color is both obvious but translucent enough to still just barely see the preshaded panel lines. If you go too far, represhade, then resta
  13. Hmm, I read StH to indicate the 2nd Mk III looked a lot like a Mk VIII with a Merlin 60, but that could have been a later modification. After making a Mk III from the Airfix Va, this definitely has me thinking about a second one with those 4 cannon using the new (just rumored) Vc kit. Tim
  14. Well, as you Brits like to say, I’m quite chuffed! I’m in for...let’s see, 3 Martlet schemes, 3 USN schemes, maybe another? So at least 6. time to dump my Sword kits.
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