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  1. VA-63 operated the FJ-4B on Midway. The Redcocks did not operate the Fury for long, only making the one deployment before transitioning to the Skyhawk. Edit: only one deployment.
  2. I believe you meant XVI... XIV had both c and e wings. Tim
  3. As I understand it, yes for identification. I’m not so sure regarding squadron markings, but frankly I would use a single yellow unlessI had a photo that shows the yellows as different, such as the one you provided.
  4. Repaints are supposed to occur a Naval Air Repair Facilities (NARF) as part of an overhaul. These later became Naval Aviation Depots (NADEP) and are now called Fleet Readiness Centers. Repaints could also occur during a rebuild by the manufacturer. If/when new painting directives come out the existing scheme is retained until the aircraft completes a scheduled depot level maintenance event where a repaint would occur. Back then typically within 3-4 years IIRC. Squadrons were only authorized to perform touch ups and apply unit level markings.
  5. Looking at recent-ish history for 1/24 releases: 2010 Mosquito 2014 Typhoon late 2016 Typhoon car door 2019 Hellcat F6F-5/II i would expect the next 1/24 release to be a Hellcat I/-3 in ~2021. Then possibly a completely new kit in 2023. I’d like to be wrong though and we get a profitable Hornby releasing a new 1/24th kit every other year. I’m confident the research is progressing, or possibly done, on kits originally planned for each even year but financial issues got the Hellcat delayed by a year. A Hellcat I could be a safe bet for lean years whilst a Hunter or Sabre would be a good choice when money is flowing.
  6. Hmm, in 1/72 most Marks are available from some maker, albeit a few are either resin or short run (ish). Only Marks I’ve had to get via kitbash/conversion are the III and IV, both prototypes so not surprising. Some PR variants are easy conversions. Tim
  7. It’s slight and not too blue IMO. It appears spot on next to the RAFM chip to my eye which is why I like it. Tim
  8. I did a comparison of typical Dark Green modeling paints to the RAF Museum chips a few years ago. The results are still applicable, however I would like to find a good water based acrylic match that is a good modeling paint. Enamel: Humbrol 116 or 163 as your sheen tastes prefer. Solvent Acrylic: Tamiya XF81. Water Acrylic: still looking. For Ocean Grey I’ve found Humbrol 106 to be the only option. All the others are too blue, and appear significantly more blue when next to an accurate Dark Green. I’m actively testing newer acrylics readily available to me here in the US to find a great match. For Medium Sea Grey Enamel: Humbrol 165 Solvent Acrylic: Tamiya XF83. Water Acrylic: while Humbrol 165 is accurate, I don’t like their acrylics. I freely admit I have not tried Xtracrylics, or WEM Colourcoats or Mr Hobby/Gunze or Mr Color as those are not easy for me to get. Vallejo likely has a color that is good but I haven’t found it yet. I am still looking in some of the broadly available lines and will update my blog when I have some success...and time. Tim
  9. Definitely mask as the edge will appear hard in 1/72. I prefer maskol but I have also had success with Tamiya tape. Tim
  10. When I first started I built anything I could find. Scale? What’s that? by my teens in the 70’s I realized the only way I could find space for a 4 engined heavy was in 1/72. 144th was near impossible to get for me but Revell was everywhere with a smattering of Airfix...so in my aircraft stash is now 99% 1/72. The other 1% being a couple of 1/24 kits from Airfix, a 1/48 whiff, and a 144th airliner as part of a future group build. Tim
  11. Late war = Seafire III and/or Seafire XV. Both are high back. Seafire III: start with late Mk IX kit, slice off nose, reattach and shape in. Use Mk V oil cooler, late IX vokes intake, scratch tailhook. I would use a pencil to create the strengening plates in the fuselage sides as metal or plastic would be too pronounced in this scale. Draw the wing fold line with a pencil. Seafire XV: start with Mk IX kit, slice off the nose and replace with Mk XVIII nose but shortened. Scratch the tailhook and reshape the rudder. Remove the prop blades and use 4 blades from the XVIII kit as Griffin rotated in opposite direction. Draw the wing fold line with a pencil. Korean War: Seafire FR.47 Start with FR 18 kit, reshape the nose intake, reshape the windscreen, reshape the wing planform slightly, change the ailerons, scratch some new outer gear doors, enlarge the rudder/fin, enlarge the tailplanes, scratch a new tail hook. Draw the wingfold line with a pencil. Oh, and convert 2 props into a counter rotating prop with 6 blades. I know I missed something... Tim
  12. 326.64” from front where spinner meets fuselage to rudder post. Remember this thread? Tim
  13. Would it be more akin to Tamiya acrylics? I thin mine w Mr Color Leveling Thinner and brush using a tiny bit of Tamiya’s retarder. I’d be interested if so, and I could get them here in the US. Tim
  14. My only reference on French colors (not at hand) says French Navy aircraft were accepted in either a light blue grey or in the parent country’s color to expedite delivery. They would then add a disruptive color as required post delivery. So the original photos of the G-36 in French markings on the then standard Non-specular Light Gray overall is entirely consistent.
  15. XF-83 is the Medium Sea Grey I prefer. It’s been a while and ISTR Hu-165 is close enough, but I cannot get Humbrol paints locally.
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