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  1. Paperback writer

    Bolton Show 2018 - 1st of the year

    Well done Bolton Club - a brilliant show. It takes a great leap of faith to move to a much bigger and more expensive venue. We are all delighted that it worked so well and a great crowd turned up to enjoy the show. Congratulations to all involved. Even the weather co-operated. Alan
  2. Paperback writer

    Model clubs North Yorkshire?

    IPMS Cleveland meets on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month. The first meeting of 2018 is Wednesday coming, the 3rd. We meet at Sunnyfield House in the centre of Guisborough (TS14 6BA), on the High Street - dead easy to find. Meeting times are 7.30 to 9.30 pm. We have just over twenty members and most attend meetings, bringing a good range of models, etc. We are regular attenders at model shows in the north with tables booked at Bolton and Huddersfield shows that take place in the next few weeks. New faces always welcome, so come along. Cheers Alan
  3. Paperback writer

    Revell Routemaster any tips?

    I built the bus when it was first released. The thing to watch before you get very far is matching the seat decals to the seats. There is one extra seat but no spare decals. As the seats are handed (left and right) it is all too easy to finish up with seat you need and no decal. I noticed in the nick-of-time. The outer panels were painted before attaching to the body. I used plastic card to fit inside the advertising panels on the sides of the bus and then add the decals to the flat surface. This is how it was done on the real thing, the posters were attached to hardboard panels. You also need to be spot on with aligning the outer panels to avoid hard to cure gaps at the end of the job. Good Luck - Alan
  4. Paperback writer

    Southport Airshow 2016

    Superb shots, John. A free seaside show is the way to go, ask anyone who pre-paid thirty quid for a ticket to Duxford on Saturday to see next to nothing all day. Have they dried out yet?
  5. Paperback writer

    IWM Duxford American Airshow 28 - 29 May

    To answer the last post, there was not a sole to be seen on the south side of the field on Sunday, not even a fire truck. I know several of the traders at Duxford and they were most unhappy on Sunday morning at the lack of visitors (around 8,000) on Saturday to go with the increased charges for their pitches. It was most disturbing to hear that some people had been turned away on Saturday who had not been aware that it was an advance ticket only show. Even worse (if true) that an odd few arrived without a car park ticket (a fiver on top of the entrance price!!!) and were turned away too. The need for a car park ticket could easily be missed when buying a ticket on line. Given the vast amount of white space on the A4 ticket sheet when printed, did someone not think to add a bold note - Have you bought a car park ticket? Why on earth, given the low take-up of tickets for Saturday, did the organisers not put in place the facility to take money from those turning up without a ticket? I guess that casual overseas visitors to Duxford, unaware of the air show could not get in either??? There are many reasons why advance ticket only is a good idea but not so for a show that is never full. Although a good afternoon's flying, there was nothing of note to attract a good crowd. It makes sense for the busy Flying Legends show or for when a Vulcan or a couple of Lancasters are due to pitch-up. Knowing the fickle British weather and the price of the ticket that could be wasted if the forecast is bad, many must think twice before buying. Imagine if the shocking weather in that area had been a day earlier!! Maybe the organisers need to put on a commercial hat and have a plan B should ticket sales be underwhelming as they were on Saturday. If people without a ticket were turned away on Saturday, every four extra sales would have been more than £100 into the museum's kitty for very little extra effort. Anyone running a business would not turn that down and maybe the Duxford team need to be a bit more creative in their thinking. in future.
  6. Paperback writer

    Pocher Ducati Panigale Build

    Hello David I've been eagerly following your Ducati build as mine is at the same stage as yours. Having watched the video clip on the Airfix web site, showing the fitting of the upper fairing, I wasted all of Monday afternoon trying to do the same. When viewed closely, there are edits in the clip and at one point the builder appears to the turning the screw in the wrong direction. To cut to the chase, I never was able to fit the mirrors on my own and needed to 'Phone a Friend' to hold the mirrors in place while I fitted the screws from below. I too removed the already fitted handlebars so that I could get at the screws. We had the mirrors in place in a few minutes and the handlebars went back without any problems. Just one word of warning before fitting the bars. I found that the clutch lever fluid reservoir was striking the inside of the fairing. The black lid needs to be pushed hard in place, in fact I used a small hammer(!!), it is a snug fit. The earlier warning about superglue vapours fogging the windscreen is a sound one. My black trim inside the upper fairing was superglued in place before the windscreen was fitted and some slight white fogging on the red paintwork, polished off with ease. The lower fairing panels on my model will get a non-standard finish and hopefully they will fit in place with no further pain when the time comes. I will post a photo when it is finished. Best wishes Alan
  7. Paperback writer

    Removing Chrome Plating

    Pour some Mr Muscle Oven Cleaner into a dish big enough to take the parts. In about 10 minutes all of the chrome will have gone to leave your chromed parts as clean as a whistle. I don't know about oven cleaning but the used cleaner is no good for a repeat performance. I have tried to use some the day after and nothing happened.
  8. Paperback writer

    Coyote, WMIK & Snatch

    Amongst the new arrivals from Airfix this year are crew figures for the Jackal and Coyote with a sets of etch for them and the Land Rover kits. The etched sets include grills and seat harness. Also, we can look forward to 1/48 Quad Bikes with trailers and crew. I am not sure whether the Quad Bike riders will be with the kit or yet another figures set. I am sitting on my kits until the accessories appear.
  9. Paperback writer

    Hawker Hunter FGA9

    A thing of beauty.
  10. Paperback writer

    Gloss coating Humbrol Matt colours

    Try Humbrol's DecalFix. It is designed to get decals to go down onto matt surfaces without the need to apply gloss coats. Sounds unlikely but I reviewed it a few months ago and it works. My test decals went down without silvering and the liquid helps decals to snuggle into panel lines. etc. I now use it all the time. You are left with the task of getting the shine of the decal to match the surrounding paintwork but this should be easy. The varnish of your choice will restore the overall finish and seal your decals. Just a word to the wise that I have mentioned before but worth repeating. DecalFix can react with paint. My test would show that DecalFix and Tamiya acrylics are not happy together. DecalFix is really handy for removing Tamiya paint. You will be OK with Humbrol enamel paints but please test any acrylics before you add lashings of DecalFix to the surface of your latest paintjob. More recently, I have tested Humbrol's new Clear (their version of Klear) and found that I achieved a good gloss finish by applying a couple of light coats through the airbrush. This time to Tamiya matt with no ill-effects. Then added Tamiya kit decals using DecalFix for a good result. Cheers Alan
  11. Paperback writer

    New Humbrol Clear (like klear ?)

    I have posted a short review on Humbrol's new Clear a couple of days ago. Do a search if you are interested in my findings. It's good.
  12. Paperback writer

    Johnsons Klear - Original

    Humbrol's new 'Clear' is in the shops now. I bought a bottle from Antics in Stroud last Wednesday. The 125ml bottle is the same size as Humbrol's DecalFix that appeared in the last half of 2012. I gave the new Clear a try on my Tamiya acrylic painted Panzer III that I have on my bench at the moment. When writing for Military In Scale last year, I alerted all to the efficient way in which DecalFix removed Tamiya acrylic paint. DecalFix is very good at its job of getting decals to sit on matt surfaces with the minimum of bother. More importantly, it managed to get decals to sit snugly over the highly-raised surfaces on my Revell Routemaster that appears in the current issue of Airfix Model World. After testing Humbrol Clear on a sample of Tamiya acrylic with no ill effects, I sprayed the painted tank before adding the decals. I found that Clear sprayed easily and evenly over the paintwork. It produced a glossy finish on the first application of a light coat and did not change the appearance of the colour of the tank's paintwork. When I have used Klear, I have found it needed a couple of coates to give the same glossy finish. Clear does not dry as quickly as Klear so beware of touching the wet varnish too soon. Brushes and airbrushes easily clean using tap water. Humbrol Clear also protected the Tamiya acrylic from ClearFix attacking the paint. I was particularly generous with my application of ClearFix to a hidden area to see what happened - nothing, hurrah! As seen on recent postings where modellers have had bad experiences with different brands of paints/varnishes, it is alway wise to test before ruining your latest masterpiece, especially at the end of the project. Those thinking of parting with their cash for bottles of Klear at inflated prices need fear not. Humbrol's version seem to do the trick. I have not tested Clear on transparent parts but as far as gloss coating and protecting Tamiya paint goes, Clear works well. Before you try it on any other brand of acrylic paint, test it first. I imagine there will be no problems with enamel based paintwork. Humbrol's mission to give us an alternative to Klear appears to be a great success.
  13. Paperback writer

    Humbrol Decal Fix

    DecalFix - a warning. In the current issue of Military In Scale you will see my assessment of Humbrol DecalFix. I'm sure you have all read it. It performed well in a test, placing a couple of decals onto a Humbrol matt-painted surface with no silvering around and inside the lettering. Quite a remarkable result. Since then I used DecalFix 'in anger' on my Revell Routemaster Bus kit's decals. A massive task is getting the London Transport logos to sit over high surface beams on both sides of the bus. No problem, the DecalFix made the decals flow over the countours as well as anything I have ever used. The result is perfect on the enamel red-painted surface. There is however a 'fly in the ointment'. In my review I did mention (almost in passing) that DecalFix and Tamiya acrylics did not seem to get on well together. Today, I have used DecalFix on a pair of AGMs painted Tamiya NATO Black. The missiles are hand-painted with two coats and had a night to dry. When applying a pair of yellow bands around each missile, I applied DecalFix prior to wrapping the decals around the body of the rockets. To my surprise, the NATO Black was lifting, or rather disolving where it was in contact with DecalFix. As DecalFix is designed to help us to apply decals to matt finishes, such as Tamiya paint, without silvering, this will come as something of a blow to those using Tamiya acrylics. DecalFix is a brilliant decal fixing product but be warned that a test on acrylic paint finishes is needed before using the solution on your latest masterpiece. My recent experience would suggest that DecalFix should be used with a degree of caution. Test it first on your chosen paintwork. It appears that you will be OK if using enamel paints but be careful when using DecalFix on any acrylics or there could be tears before bedtime!
  14. Paperback writer

    Airbus A400M Atlas

    Thanks for the comments on the big beast. This is the first 1/72 kit that I have done for about forty years. I though I had grown out of them but when asked to do this one, I couldn't resist. The one on Revell's stand at Telford looked so good that I had to do one. Now that it is finished I am struggling to find a space for it. It is a 'square' model at about two feet wide and two feet long. It is also one of those models that will have to be handled carefully when carting it around with its aerials top and more worryingly - bottom. It is a bit of a pig to handle when building. Once the wings are on, if not careful you can clear your work bench with one swipe every time it is moved. The RAF markings are from my imagination. I thought that the enormous fin was just crying-out to become one huge fin flash to turn a bland grey model into something to catch the eye. Maybe the first RAF Atlas will carry some special markings as it goes into service. The fin looks like it is a 1/48 item sitting on a 1/72 fuselage but that is the first thing we notice on the real thing. As I understand it, the RAF will be calling the A440M Atlas (much better than Grizzly) and 25 aircraft are on order to replace the Hurcules fleet. I do not know when we will be seeing any examples in the skies over Brize Norton. Revell's kit contains markings for German and French Grizzlies but there is no mention of the RAF being a customer. A full review of my build will be appearing in the July issue of Military In Scale when all will be revealed.
  15. Paperback writer

    A very Different Sea Vixen

    The decals are from Model Alliance - Sheet No MA-48197. As well as the scheme that I have used there are four others to choose from.