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  1. Hi SilverWings (?), Indeed, the kit sets are ready, however we are awaiting decal sheets and instructions to arrive from the printhouse - delays caused on the vendor's side. We will keep everyone updated on the status.
  2. Hi, I am sorry to say it, but we don't plan to reissue the kit... Simon
  3. Not too many photos but definitely worth presenting Yet another 1/32 Stearman has been built. This time by Joe from USA. Thanks Joe !
  4. Colin, 1) I don't know what is the price you can afford. We offer various discounts, just write us at silverwings@silverwings.pl 2) Have you read the build guide yet? Does it look hard to build ? 3)
  5. For anyone who finds building our 1:32 Boeing Stearman challenging or simply is looking for a few tips, we encourage to read the Boeing Stearman build guide. A downloadable version is available as well. http://www.silverwings.pl/132-stearman.html
  6. Our 1/32 Stearman built by Chris Barcz (Poland). Full gallery is available here: http://www.silverwings.pl/132-stearman-pt-13d.html
  7. We are proud to announce our 1/32 Boeing Stearman available to purchase! The production has started. All pre-ordered kits have already been or will be shipped during next few days. The box includes: - 185 high-quality elements, - 31 photo-etched parts - film elements - full-colour instruction - high-quality decal sheet including 2 marking options (US Army, US Navy). You’ll find more photos on our website http://www.silverwings.pl/stearman-pt-13d-n2s-2.html Simon Silver Wings
  8. Graham, is there any way we can help you? Do you need any spare parts? We will send them free.
  9. Does anybody have original photos of the Hawker Demon control panel ?
  10. http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234934705-132-polikarpov-i-153-chaika-in-progress/?hl=polikarpov
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