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  1. thanks so much guys. Glad you like my model. The building process is a combined technique of vacuforming and sand thick plastic pieces. I usually work with plasticard 3 mm thick, allowing me to work well on the edge parts. Is not too hard as it sounds, I mostly need a decent reference and blueprint to be sure of what I am doing, very often there is not so much around about those machines of the past. To learn theme is fascinating also for me. This model is a unique piece (as my cant z. 1012) belonging to the biggest alfa Romeo model collection of the world, which I am cooperating since 15 yrs. I train myself on those kinda building with racing cars. who reads me also in automotive forum probably knows I like a lot to create stuff not on the market. recently I start also trucks in big scale. The satisfaction to create stuff from nothing is a very nice feeling. glad you like this. thank you again to all
  2. yes. I said mostly cause part of the fuselage (rudders and a 10 ctms section near the tail) is coming from an sm.82
  3. Hi guys, here my nearly full scratch build Savoia sm.95 in 1/72 scale. Hope u like it finished model is very big, and I could not picture it in a better way, due to my limited working space. Hope u like it anyway
  4. Thanks so much guys. Really happy you appreciate it. I dont have many pictures of the work in progress of this scratch. I simply made a sandwitch of plasticard with dimes and correct it many many times to obtain the shape required from the drawings. When I do such (long, very long) works I always ask for the most precise blueprint around. In this model it was done by hands by an Alfa Romeo engeneer, and I totally follow it. The few pictures of this around are the other part to study. The challenge is always to compare what is drawn, to what I see in pictures, and then compare to what....I have in the hands. This plane was a tri engine cause italian military aircraft nearly always had the big problem of power, being this a costant lack in our machines. The best ones we had were just for racing (power units from Mc.72 for example) but they never have been converted to something suitable for military porpouses. It was really strange,and so typical italian. If I am not mistaken also the 3 engines from SM.79 were british juppiters build in italy. My next project will be another scratchbuild, this time a Savoia Marchetti SM.95 .... so nice and quite big machine. stay tuned thanks again for watching.
  5. Time for another italian coffin/cute flying plane of the 30's. The cant z. 1012, a little 3 engine plane. Nobody did it in 1/72, so I did mine ! .this is a full scratchbuild model (and decals). hope u like it Thanks for watching
  6. Was thinking of a real plane ! incredibly well spotted and great model !
  7. stunning model. I am not a big fan of trumpeter , but u made a masterpiece with it. bellissimo.
  8. I am sorry for the pics, those are the only ones I have, cause was a model I made under special request and now gone. The camo schema is quite famous on this plane (otherwise they all were boring dark green), and aeromaster made a special decal for this plane in the 90s. Glad you like it guys thanks a lot.
  9. fantastic idea ! Nigel is the Lion. Still my fav pilot of all the time, and in Italy too many still remeber him !
  10. here my model of the fiat g-55 fighter in 1/48 used by commander Ugo Drago, an ace of Regia Aeronautica, with a complicated life that can be easy a movie, before during and after the WWII. https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ugo_Drago The model I used is a converted G56 resin kit from LF models (all front section was different cause db603 in the german plane). Decals from tauromodels. Sorry for the quality pics but cant shoot the model in a professional area due to (my) few time. All painted with gunze acrylics like usual from me, weathering with wn oils. Hope you like it Thanks for watching.
  11. I did theme with thinnered oil paints and a very fine brush. If only I didnt had that terrible experience with such crappy decals all this model would be just an incredible pleasure to build. Remember my experience, stay away from theme. http://decals.kitreview.com/decals/images/italianharrierdecalssb_1.jpg ANd if you have already theme try fix theme at least with micro decal film,or directly use the original hasegawa ones, incredibly better than this crap stuff.
  12. thank you all guys. Really happy you appreciate it. The harrier is always a nice subject
  13. wonderful model of one of my favĀ“s planes out there. Sometimes they fly soooo low over marstrand.
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