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  1. The finish depends on what you are looking for. Bridgestone were very a flat sheen, even fresh on in 2014 and also had a dull finish on the sidewall. The great thing about modern Moto GP is the reference data. I will have a look to see what I have which is in magazines which might be useful. Tony
  2. I used to work with someone who had the turbo with the live axel which caught him out on a wet bend. Lots of power which would kick you when least expecting. Compared to my nasty Citroen, it was very cool.
  3. I loved making the KH250, which is the same kit but with a different box. It is only let down is the moulded springs on the rear suspension, but these are easy fixes. Even the spokes are well done. I ended up using the KH400 shocks as these did not have the reflectors on them. I did a WIP back in January. I did get the Hobby Design PE kit for it, and used hardly any of it, apart from the seat strap. Tony
  4. The Sammy Miller collection is in New Milton which is on the south coast between Southampton and Bournemouth. I have not been there for a while, but has some fantastic bikes. If memory is correct, he has the 1st 500cc championship winning bike amongst others (AJS Porcupine) which almost did the lap of honour to mark the 70th anniversary of the 500cc/MotoGP championship but was dropping too much oil onto the track. Also, the National Motor Museum is close by at Beaulieu.
  5. The chains are a tough one at the moment. The MFH chain kit is the only option currently that I know of and I saw on another forum one being used with the Italeri HD WLA (which I think was ERTL originally) kit and it did not fit the sprocket, so needed some scratch building to make it fit. IT did look good though. Fusion is fun and I am enjoying the learning process.
  6. Some of the Italeri kits have done away with the rubber band chains, some have not though. The RG500 has one, but the Manx has a one piece chain and sproket, which is better. There is no after market really available for 1/9th. MFH have some bits, but these are from their own kits, so don't always fit (the pitch of their chain probably wont match the sprokets). There is some stuff from Japan like magnetos, but this really hard to find. I am getting up to speed on Fusion 360, with the intention of fixing the Manx issues (front forks, chains primary & final drive) and maybe a complete new engine and gearbox with from resin 3d prints and PE. That is a while away though.
  7. Italeri have recently reissued the Protar Paris Dakar BMW and Cagiva as well as the 79 Sheene Suzuki. I think the 4 cylinder MV and Norton Commando is still available, but the 3 cylinder MV is a little harder to get. it does look like they have many of the Protar masters as they also did the 1/12th F1 cars. Fingers crossed that they have more.
  8. Love the old Protar kits as they are always a little different, and a decent scale. If you are interested, there is someone on ebay that sells spoke and rim kits for the Protar kits - he uses metalised resin, so I think it polishes up into alloy or steel depending on the rim. Making these kits is a challenge though, especially the vinyl chains. Will watch along too.
  9. Haha! I have been doing a Fusion360 course on Skillshare and know what you mean by Rails and Lofts. Wish the course was based on the current interface as the menus have all changed - adds to the learning process. Progress is looking great though and has got me into finally learning a new application. Tony
  10. Hi Mike The URL is not linking any more - 404 error. Can you edit the link to point to the correct download?
  11. I know that this would have half the amount of wheels than what is normally worked on, but a better front end for the Italeri/Protar Norton Manx is begging for attention. It has "working" forks which look (are) so wrong and to bring them back to look right would be new forks/sliders, triple clamps, mudguard - not to mention the wheels needing a re-spoke too. Tony
  12. Yes please I was expecting Tamiya to re-issue all of the Rossi bike with him retiring (still have my fingers crossed on that one) but the GSX-RR is as good.
  13. I typically use the Tamiya tube for the HT leads, maybe the brake hose if it is a 70s road bike so this tends not to kink as the bends are gentle. For control cables I use wire wrapping wire which you can get from Amazon. Braided hose, RB Motion are the business if you are prepared to wait.
  14. Any chance of a side by side of the original and the printed version? Just to show the improvement. Tony
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