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  1. The irony of using Rossi for Marquez, seeing as they are not on each other’s Christmas card list to say the very least. Factor in that Rossi was one of the taller riders and that his leathers went over his boots rather than the more typical tucked inside. Mind you, you might need to look at twelfth scale children for Pedrosa
  2. IMO, for cables, look at 30 AWG wire wrapping wire, Amazon do a real for £15 or so, which will last for ever, but is ideal for clutch, speedo, tacho and brake cables.
  3. It is all too easy to forget that that era really was a time when cars were knocked up in a shed. I remember all the manufacturers that were in Slough Trading Estate in tiny workshops, only noticeable by their transport trailers giving the game away. A far cry from today’s surgical clean environments.
  4. Ebbro released the 33 recently, which I think is based on the Tamiya 25.
  5. White metal soldering is for the brave. Low melt solder and a low temp iron is essential, white metal melts so easily. I have typically soldered on large white metal pieces, for small and delicate items, CA or 2 part epoxy.
  6. Happy to help, glad the scans were OK. Great finish, must get round to mine soon.
  7. If you can track this down, there is an excellent book that will give you loads of info, Hiroboy list it, but it is out of stock, this is the URL: https://www.hiroboy.com/Ultra_Detail_Guides_Honda_RA272--product--6042.html Good luck, I have this started somewhere... Tony
  8. Here in the UK, you can buy replacement decal sheets from the importer for the kits that still in production, or have recently been. I assume the French importers could do something similar. The UK importer is Hobbyco.net, but you have to call them and pay them.
  9. Looking good, the amount of extra detail that can be added to a MotoGP bike is never ending (it is why I prefer those from the 70s and 80s as there are no electronics to worry about ). Don't know if you have looked at the build on YouTube by Gravity Colours US by David Thibodeau but it is worth it for some extra insight. He uses TS-83 for the frame and swingarm which looks perfect for sheen and colour, so not sure what your plans are for that. This is the link to have a look for yourself if you are interested where he has done the frame:
  10. I think Tamiya have missed an opportunity not to reissue of all of the Rossi kits to mark his retirement. That would be a huge list though.
  11. I have sent them on to the email listed, I hope they go through as I am not sure on the file size maximums. If not, I can set it up on OneDrive or similar. No need for any money - if I wanted the cash, I would be selling the kit. As a question, any ideas what the Repsol '02 211v is worth? I have the very rare fork set The Top Studio Clutch Studio 27 etch set MFH Chain Crazy Modeler resin brakes. This kit is going for silly money on Ebay so with the extras it could pay next months gas bill (just). Thanks Tony
  12. I have this in the pile of “waiting to be built”. What do you need as I can scan my decals for you.
  13. The finish depends on what you are looking for. Bridgestone were very a flat sheen, even fresh on in 2014 and also had a dull finish on the sidewall. The great thing about modern Moto GP is the reference data. I will have a look to see what I have which is in magazines which might be useful. Tony
  14. I used to work with someone who had the turbo with the live axel which caught him out on a wet bend. Lots of power which would kick you when least expecting. Compared to my nasty Citroen, it was very cool.
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