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  1. May one enquire as to any progress on this one yet ??
  2. A quote from the text A protest march is planned outside RAF Waddington this Saturday.
  3. http://news.sky.com/story/1083059/armed-raf-afghan-drones-now-flown-from-uk Have a looky see some at this
  4. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-gloucestershire-22244953
  5. Well its all academic at this stage now big w it all rests upon the success of the wash applied after the klear has had at least 24hrs to dry rock hard. That way i give myself half a chance of getting it right this time.
  6. NIge thanks for that however there has been a stay of execution and 11th hour coo . I just gave it a tad more spray and a watered down lighter grey spray and 3 coats of klear and here is the result. im going to wait 24 hours then give it a wash . photobucket is bringing in more text than usual so I deleted everything outside of
  7. Ok an update I have attempted a respray and it is unacceptable to me that is.. So i am considering a strip down. I understand oven cleaner is suitable Has any body actually done it? Does any plastic get eaten Will the etch stay ? Thanks
  8. Space begins at 22miles up that's rarified air and weightlessness .If you park your space vehicle there you can use much less energy and go where you want. The ISS is only 250 miles up.The x program gets up to about 60 miles. A space elevator is a fairy story
  9. A space ellevator is viable and currently nasa are exploring a cable system by way of glasgow uni. However my way is better as a ladder will provide a safety system for ehen the lift breaks down. Lifts have previous for such events. I see no solid reason why a solid structure could not pass from the ground to the edge of space providing it has a solid structure. 20 miles on a motorway is nothing all we need to do is build vertical 20 miles up. There you are i have set the way for the british federation of space.
  10. Try saying that to the Mayor of Boston.
  11. What rainbow coloured ...mmm... interesting I would spray mine in red all sports cars should be red .Its the law. mmmmmm £499 quid mmmmm and no import taxes either. of to check the coffers.
  12. Most men perform that ritual every morning by hitting everywhere except the target.. Which is why we should all sit down to go and then there would be no spillage or yellow stains.
  13. My first prognosis is that the device would appear to rely on the presence of air .As the craft would rise the air would decrease therefore reducing the efficiency of propulsion .And indeed would not work in space as there is no air. The device is limited by it operation to attain only half the height expected and would reach a ceiling of usefulness. Perhaps only 10 miles high. Where the edge of space is some 20 miles high . Their efforts would be better put to use if they came up with a ladder that was 22miles long. And then they could ascend to space in a more conventional means such as a lift mechanism attached to the ladder.
  14. Big W Nigel 32 Thanks for your words of wisdom and encouragement. All comments are welcome. The jury is still out There is actually a light grey in the Vellajo paint set .
  15. well There it is all matted out and a bit more dirt And I don't like it one little bit IF it aint broke don't fix it and ive tried to fix it 4 times now yuck yuck yuck yuck
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