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  1. Yes, art has been made using injection moulded kits as the basis and the Chapman brothers made a piece called Hell with 60,000 WW2 German/Nazi figures see https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2015/jun/16/jake-and-dinos-chapman-how-we-made-hell https://cdn.theguardian.tv/mainwebsite/2015/06/16/150616hell_desk.mp4 Jummy Cauty of KLF fame made model scapes https://nowthenmagazine.com/articles/adp-riot-tour-james-cautys-aftermath-dislocation-principle " On 25 July 2016, Jimmy Cauty’s Aftermath Dislocation Principle arrived at Catcliffe Recreation Ground, housed in a 40-foot shipping container and pulled by a 30-tonne haulage truck. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s a huge model of a dystopian landscape. All around is the residual carnage of an unspecified apocalyptic civil disturbance. Everywhere there is debris and destruction. The only people you can see are the police, and lots of them. The rioters are eerily absent. The model is built at 1:87 scale and has the feel of a model railway. It is viewed through a series of holes drilled into the container." and https://nowthenmagazine.com/articles/jimmy-cauty-brings-estate-exhibition-to-sheffield https://jamescauty.com/work/the-aftermath-dislocation-principle/ Great quote here though https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2016/jul/17/jimmy-cauty-outsider-artist-klf-model-village-adp-tour-interview "Cauty does have one final thing to say about his new thing, though: if only model-making weren’t so fiddly. “I’d be holding something and say, ‘Can you just take this?’ And people would say, ‘You’re not holding anything.’ You think you’re holding something, but it’s actually gone.” Although he had helpers, he’s the only one who could break the windows correctly and position people the right way. “It’s because of my sense of cartoon-ness. I study the way people stand in groups: usually either bored or excited.” These days, he says, if he sees a group of real police officers, he wants to go up and reposition them." Though , whether a as an accurate miniature is art? As other have stated in the thread, craft is a better definition, but then there is a blurred line between craft and art anyway, I mean shop have 'arts and craft' sections.... so where does one stop and the other begin? EDIT PS this was a link from the comments in the last article, I'd not heard of this before (so apologies if old news) .... and it's bonkers! is it art?
  2. Hi Nils, you may also wish to say what kind(s) of paint you like , eg acrylic, enamel and/or can get? Many years ago Compucolor made Deep Sky https://www.scalemates.com/colors/compucolor--692/cb-16-deep-sky-enamel-matt--14368 when searching that up, seems Vallejo do a colour called Deep Sky https://acrylicosvallejo.com/en/product/model-air-en/deep-sky-71090/ Though it is also a 'match' for FS35056..... I personally would not trust Vallejo to match a colour with "both hands and a map" as the saying goes, but I can eyeball the RAF MAP chart vs FS35056 when there is some cloud free daylight if that helps....assuming it matches FS35056 If I do I'll see if what is close in the RAL K-7 deck. My pot of Tamiya XF-8 is good visual match for Deep Mediterranean Blue, http://www.clubhyper.com/reference/images/bstablegb_1.JPG Deep Sky IIRC is a slightly lighter/greener, but can re-check in daylight. I'll check it against RLM24 as well. I'd say Tamiya XF-8 is in the 'ballpark' if you don't want to go down a paint mix rabbit hole.... HTH
  3. But there are degrees of accuracy of colour. In the case of Tamiya, most of their paint range are not specific colours. They only do 3 specific RAF colours, XF-81 Dark Green, XF-82 Ocean Grey Xf-83 Medium Sea Grey. None are particularly close the standard, but it also seems Tamiya have batch variance issues. But, FWIW, from the ones I have XF-81 Dark Green, - a bit too brown, XF-82 Ocean Grey - too blue, Ocean Grey has a subtle green-blue aspect Xf-83 Medium Sea Grey - hard to pin down, but MSG has a very very subtle purple blue hue, which XF-83 does not. Solutions? add 20% XF-5 green to XF-81, add a tiny amount of yellow to XF-82, around 5%. MSG is harder, a reasonable match can be made by adding 50% white to XF-82, a really close match involves adding a tiny amount of red to that That said, I have found that none of the acrylic paint purporting to be matches for RAF WW2 paints are very good for the chips, which is rather depressing as this is hardly an arcane subject as several are still in the current BSC381C standard. Then you start with the specified colour, and take it from there. What the modeller finds pleasing to the eye is up to them. I've not commented on the colours here, as the OP is happy with what he uses, which are whatever seems the best bet from the existing Tamiya range, and I don't blame him. Result. A fascinating collection of completed Hurricanes models in some very interesting schemes, and a thread I greatly enjoy following and adding information too, and try not to distract in paralysing detail. Yes, indeed. And certainly there are environmental factors that cause the appearance to change. And this is an entire area of study of it's own. Always good to have some informed commentary. No, the site http://www.4bogreen.com, has ONE page on colour, this one, http://www.4bogreen.com/colors and it's not very helpful either, unless you have a FS595 deck. the rest is on various KV type tanks. ditto Just trying to add some points, politely I hope. No offence is intended.
  4. if you have any that show structure/rivet lines, u you can work it out, as the gun bays were fitted round the existing structure, basically you can eyeball them. as seen here Not ideal I know. Also, be wary of Hurricane plans. A lot are often a bit off, and I don't that Bentley ever did the IIB in detail, he did do roughs of the MkII/IV, but can't recall if he drew the wing panelling I think the very old PSL History and and how to model them book had the IIB wing, but mine is buried 'somewhere' at the mo.... HTH
  5. I really would not bother. The Daco does not really 'fix' the kit. All it does is give you a correct sized nose ring and some new radiators. Make your life easier, buy the Airfix FR XIV. I have posted a list of corrections for the Academy, it's do-able, but a lot of reshaping. HTH
  6. A very good chap to ask would be @Dana Bell He drops in here, and has been researching these things since, well, I had one of his books back in 1981.... There maybe something in this scanned here https://boxartden.com/reference/gallery/index.php/Camouflage-Markings/Consolidated-B-24-Liberator Just mix enough to start with. Given the amount of time and effort, as well as cost of the base kit, not making up a big enough paint batch, is a false economy. HTH
  7. Somewhere I read about paper being doped over the ejections slots. Makes a waterproof /dustproof seal, but a spent shell goes through it easily. eg, this is a desert Spitfire, notice what I presume is paper over the MG ejection slots. RCAF Spitfire Mk V, 1943. by Etienne du Plessis, on Flickr The chaps you want are @Dana Bell, and @Tailspin Turtle who are likely to know the right answer. HTH
  8. try here https://m.geograph.org.uk Has 1000's of landscape photos, while doing your own is great, it's limited by what you can physically get too, this has a huge archive, so can take a bit of searching. Hard to beat natural light though. This was taken on point and shoot Concord digital camera, which cost £5, (inc post) off ebay, base is a very faded and grubby green baize topped card table I found, had put out for rubbish. The backdrop is the park opposite me, with low diffuse sunlight. I have a storage box which I sit the table on flat, so I can get low to subject. I did the prop on brass rod and tubing, so it spins freely, and the wind caught it. A considerably more refined approach is explained here, photos have gone, but are on the website link, and this set up has produced some great looking photos. Note the comments on spreading the background image over several A4 sheets. Your photos look great.
  9. and they were interchangeable Or pick one that has that type.... fancy something different? Used for mail around D-Day... see ONe last thought, I don't know how clear the Fly instructions are on what goes on what version, but the Mk.II uses a carb intake with a rear fairing, as seen here, I( think there is one in the kit, but I've seen the Mk.I type fitted to builds... Hurri BBMF underside crop by losethekibble, on Flickr
  10. No such thing as a IXb, as in a IX with a B wing. The confusion is there was an unofficial IXA/IXB term used to differentiate between engines. the other terms used were LF, F and HF, for engine type fitted Low, standard, High. MH434 is a IXc, with a removed outer stub. Which look like a B wing, but isn't (the term IXc only come about to differentiate between a IX and a IX with the later E wing) I'll add in links on these later. I'll have a look at MH434 and the various Eduard kits, as the Eduard kits vary in that they have different wing with different gun bulges. It really depends how picky you want to be, as IIRC MH4343 may have the post war wheel bulges. If that doesn't bother you, a late MkIXc kit should have all you need. Decals should nit be a problem, as MH434 flew with a Polish unit, and like Czech options, these are very popular with modellers there! there are several 1/48th Hurricane Mk.II's, just none are available at the mo, and with the upswing in stay at home hobbies, the 2nd hand market is a seller market... Note, the basic standard Hasegawa IIc kit has these markings.
  11. @Peter Boer did post here, but has not visited in a quite a while I don't know if anything else has turned up. Colour film of 136 Sq Hurricane does appear to Sky from a similar era/theatre undersides, https://www.facebook.com/188578681175384/videos/1063810550318855 Sky Decals had the roundels and Sigma on their sheet, bottom left https://www.scalemates.com/kits/sky-models-72-053-hawker-hurricane--663078 It looks a great deal, but it's not well researched, and the colours are off on the code letters, so it's not really (I have the 1/48th sheet) but maybe someone has the relevant decals spare, it has loads of options so they are out there is decal boxes.
  12. Use a goose neck woodwork scraper. Don't sand, scrape internally. These work really well, fast easy material removal. One of these https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/162820734126 Just the cheapest one. I hope this means spares rather than bin... and, hint, I can always use Hurricane spares There was some discussion on here re ML-KNIL Hurricanes, I'll add to the other post on this.
  13. the first two have been repainted from an overall Night scheme, and not very well, though bear in mind when 1 Sq came off night intruder missions, they went up north and then converted to Typhoons, so maybe that influenced the care of the repaints? It's quite unusual for repaints to be done poorly, the other that spring to mind are the 87 Sq Hurricanes in August, again, which was done is rush. Part of this maybe just a full scale 'black basing' effect.... JX-I/HL603 is factory finish BTW Merlins leaked a lot of oil, that's clean and tidy for a Merlin!
  14. Which is the ones discussed here https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235025819-interesting-scheme-for-the-hurricane-fan-to-replicate/ JX-Y of 1 Squadron. Note the very patchy upperscheme repaint as well. It will enlarge seems to be Z3775, last maybe 8, but I'll check Air Britain later, dinner calls. EDIT checked, it's Z3778 Glad the witter was of use.
  15. Depends on what the chose subject is (and I gave some info on the BE581 Night Reaper decals request you made) The rear mounted flat spring are earlier, the mid mounted round spring later, but from photos it varies, so work from a photo if possible. Detail points, more for others Tropical cockpit vents the black lines under below foot step. help cool the cockpit, did become standard on very late Hurricanes, but not usually seen in NW Europe. Easier to mould then add, Hasegawa did the same. underfuselage lights at some point, possibly post war, you get 3 in like shown, but for most of the war only the centre was a amber light, the other two were exits for flare tubes. Interior colours. Fly are blinkin' awful at colour research, for a rambling take on internal colours https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234963507-all-the-hurricane-questions-you-want-to-ask-here/page/2/#elControls_1682406_menu a lot of their decal options are, well, pretty profiles they found online. from their trop kit eg AK-G, BP592 see https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/29149-hurricane-ak-g-bp592-photo-needed/ HV538 /B https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235009172-riaf-hurricane-with-elephant-nose-art-did-it-exist/page/2/#elControls_3338676_menu HV538 is a IIB, and almost every detail of the profile they used is wrong. I did offer help to them, as their IID kit contains all the bit to do a Mk.IV and Mk.V, but they don't always take onbaord offers, @tonyot offered help with their Sea Hurricane without them taking it onboard Neat work @Chaotic Mike
  16. see last line, after the 15th Aug from here https://boxartden.com/reference/gallery/index.php/Camouflage-Markings/Supermarine-Spitfire
  17. The Special Hobby is a little short, and not the easiest of builds. I'd keep an eye on Edaurd, they do turn up less than retail, and the profipacks have etch and masks. At the moment the only issue of the 1/48th Vc so far is in this dual combo AFAIK. https://www.eduard.com/eduard/plastic-kits/limited-edition/aircraft/1-48/eagle´s-call-1-48.html but there will be specific boxings in due course.... I'd expect a Czech option in one of them. My not be for a while, looks like they are just doing the Vb at the mo. And, if you can find it, this would make life easier... https://www.scalemates.com/kits/special-hobby-sh48091-supermarine-spitfire-mkvc--112494 Or just ask for decal leftovers. But, you can almost guarantee Eduard will do a boxing like this in due course....
  18. Standard camo pattern. see here https://boxartden.com/reference/gallery/index.php/Camouflage-Markings/Hawker-Hurricane while only NW Europe, the pattern was a standard template, and has lots of very useful information. Some did. Sometimes just the individual letter, sometimes full codes. There are not that many decent photos of Malta based Mk.I's though. The chap for Malta is @tonyot... he wrote a book on it https://www.burningblueaviationgifts.com/product-page/no-place-for-beginners-battle-over-malta-june-1940-september-1941
  19. Vc http://www.airhistory.org.uk/spitfire/p022.html AR501VcWASP20/223WestM468MU 22-6-42 310Sq 19-7-42 AST 1-12-42 GA struck by Mosquito Exeter Westland 23-3-43 504Sq 18-8-43 312Sq 16-10-43 422Sq 27-2-44 58OTU 30-3-44 FACB 9-9-44 AST CGS 24-4-45 Dept Aeronautical Eng Loughborough 21-3-46 Shuttleworth Trust as G-AWII BoB film extant codes NN-D 310Sq I'd suggest getting the Eduard kit. It's easy to clip wing tips if you do go down the Special Hobby route, the kit has both in the box IRC, but the Eduard is going to be an easier build. Re markings, well, the ones in the Air Britain link look like the are markings AR501 wore in service 310 sq is NN,, 312 Sq is DU Given the intense interest in Czech Squadrons these will be do-able, and maybe already have..... HTH
  20. Well, this one has been discussed here on occasion eg this is the only known image.... A better version (in Hurricane at War 2) appears to show the A wing panels, though this usually profiled as a IIc. Inded Tony... and this turned up via google this is in the link Note, almost certainly the same plane, looks to have replacement engine cowl panels, very clear once you look in comparison to the two above images..... the other thing that these two above say to me is "cropped from a bigger image" ....... taken at the same time. Though the 2nd images looks to be out of a book? (which book?) Any of our Australian members have any idea how much sense you might get out of The Sydney Morning Herald? cheers T
  21. @Artie A Wildcat V [too late to be a Martlet] is a FM-1 the Tamiya is a F4F-4 For what is what, read here http://www.clubhyper.com/reference/wildcatfaaba_1.htm The markings are for a Martlet I. In short, different engine, and cowling, shorter canopy, and wing as well, not folding, 4 guns, position only on the Martlet I, note gun positions Colours are unique too, US paints, Blue (Flag color) 28 , Sea Green 28 over Light Blue 27, these are what are on the Martlet I at the FAA musuem The fuselage has been repainted, but the wings are are original paint Martlet FAA Museum 2015 #4 by John Durston, on Flickr They removed the later applied blue paint very very carefully to reveal the original paint underneath, as they did with their Corsair KD431. Wise choice. That way madness lies! In this case that's crawling over broken glass.... well, maybe overstating it, but it's not a simple mod, as the overall length is the same, but the cowling is shorter....meaning the fuselage is longer. Anyway, the above shows why I don't have a Martlet I, and you do Hope the background of interest, you model came out very well
  22. One that has never been done at all in 1/48 AFAIK, Bristol Brigand. Would be an impressive model. Surprised never done as a vacform though. One that should be done, 1/48 Dassult Ouragan, and has been in resin, by JGMT, crudely,. And what looks to be very well by Isradecal,. But is $90. Why, early jet, looks good, but more significant than say the Swift or Scimitar, echoing what @Giorgio N has quite a few neat schemes, French including Patrouille De France, Israeli, where it saw combat, Suez and Six day war in.3 schemes, Indian, also saw combat and the ex Israeli were sold to El Salvador. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dassault_Ouragan My wild card would be the Hawker Henley...... Again, never done in 1/48 in any form
  23. Yes, must have done, it ran for 3 series I saw it again about 10 years ago, having not seen it since it was originally on. There is a wiki page, I was unaware of the untransmitted final episode. though I do remember the Kessler spinoff (well, that it was on) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Secret_Army_(TV_series) One interesting detail (that if I ever knew had forgotten) "Secret Army was created by Gerard Glaister as a follow-up to his drama series Colditz. Glaister was a former RAF pilot and his experiences provided the inspiration for the series. Lifeline loosely resembled Comet line. The character of John Curtis was influenced by the experiences of the series's technical consultant, Group Captain William Randle, who escaped from occupied Europe in 1942 and was later Keeper of the Battle of Britain Museum. The series followed the timeline of the war to show how it affected Belgium. Filming took place in Belgium, with the assistance of BRT. Other locations were in London and Norfolk. The aircraft type that featured throughout the series was the Westland Lysander. The title sequence was created by Alan Jeapes, whose credits include EastEnders. The theme music was by Robert Farnon. The serious tone of the production led it to be parodied in the BBC comedy series 'Allo 'Allo!, with a few cast members appearing in both series." I also remember going to Hendon in 79 or 80, and they had a special display based on the programme, with the Lancaster fuselage prop there (a half fuselage used for filming an aircraft scene) .... A lot of TV was certainly more serious back then, I don't remember it being especially grim, Even very popular comedy wasn't particularly light, Fawlty Towers is man on verge of nervous breakdown, and The fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin is about a man collapsing under the pressures of modern life.... Reggin Perrin gets a mention as I for some reason thought about it, and there it was a few clicks away ( 'Yorkshire accent' and you tell children these days about only three channels and no VCR and they just won't believe you etc etc ) On a lighter note, the youtube side bar turned up this..... not a direct RP spin off but related.....
  24. you need to 'tag' members, by using the @ and then type their name, eg @Grey Beema @tonyot I'd also recommend @iang for info on early FAA camo and markings. Regarding youtube, look for a downloader, some give options of various quality grades, use the highest, and you can then play on media player, like VLC media player (freeware) , and this has the ability to do screenshots and advance frame by frame. You may already know this be can be very useful for getting a good screenshot of a particular detail. HTH
  25. AFAIK, the Revell kit, sold as a MK.II, (it is really a Mk.I) is a rebox of the 1978 era kit. While surprisingly good in main shapes, lack of gull wing and raised panel lines and poor wheel, exhaust and basic cockpit detail make it pretty obsolete now. But presently unavailable, and tends to be expensive as a result. the weekend boxings have no add ons, used to available pretty cheaply as well.
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