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  1. Hello guys, thank you very much for all your comments I worked with Armycast decals sheet color guide, Gunze H 309 Green, H 310 earth but I replaced the H 73 grey by a mix of H 42 and H 308 to obtain the particular blue tone of this camouflage (approximately 30% H42 and 70% H308). H-309 and H-310 were then reworked with yellow and other green and sand colors from Gunze. The Book "Serie Fuerza Aera #16 F-86F-30 NA SABRE" is a precious help (especially the cover photo).
  2. Hello everybody. My latest model, a Fujimi F-86 Sabre in Argentinian colors. A good kit, a little personal job, and Armycast decal sheet.
  3. An old but good model with a very nice detailling job. Congratulations!
  4. A very nice job Mathias as usual with your very nice models , congratulations
  5. It's exactly this Omani JAGUAR that I want to achieve , effectively the red edge to the open canopy is very attractive.
  6. I'll probably use the Revell/Italeri 72 scale kit but I've also the Hasegawa one in stock. So I think I'll install a Gr3 cockpit from Pavla. I assume that after 1997 the Omani Jaguar were always in the two colors scheme (I'm not a great fan of the new three colors scheme). Thanks for your help.
  7. Hi everybody. I'm actually preparing a future model of an Omani Jaguar and I've a question about the cockpit. Is this one a specific type for international jaguar or is it the same than Gr1(or maybe Gr3 if modernization) type?. I specify that my model will represent a Jaguar with the first type of camouflage in two color of brown. Thanks for your help.
  8. daktari


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  9. Very nice job, specially the nice paint plan. And the Air Force Choice is very attractive. Congratulations!
  10. Thank you for yours comments I think there is also two team for this Gripen kit...one for the Airbrakes and one for the rest of the kit
  11. Hello everybody I present you my last model, a Swedish JAS-39C Gripen based on the Revell kit. It's a little disappointing kit for me compared with other Revell models like the Tornado, the Mig-21F13 or the Hunter at the same scale. The shape and size are quite good but the engraving is not very fine and the adjustment not very good. I've used for my model an Eduard photo etched sheet, a PJ MBmk10 resin ejection seat, resin wheels, a Maestro model access ladder and personal modification (flaps for example).
  12. Thank you very much for your comments . Kampartiger, your compliment has a great value for me as you've approach the real thing... lucky guy!
  13. Hello everybody, I present you my last finished model, a canadian Freedom Fighter in the Ghots Aggressor Variegated Colour Scheme. I choose this particular aircraft after some web research and I've found a nice photo of this 63 number with I presume some parts of an another aircraft (nose and Wing tanks) with the Two Colour Wraparound Variegated Camouflage Colour Scheme. http://www.airliners.net/photo/Canada---Air/Northrop-%28Canadair%29-CF-116A/1323118/L/&sid=340032196f281605b28e73504d8d9d05 Kinetic model is a good kit with very correct shapes but some little adjustment problems and engraved panels not always very fine. I use a Wolfpack Design set for the cockpit and Eduard Photo etched sets. As you can see there is some personal modifications and improvments too. I hope you'll like it.
  14. Congratulation Jose, very nice built and paint! I'm actually working on this Kinetic model and I hope my paint result will be like yours because you perfectly catch the ghost scheme colors. Just a small remark about the front landing gear. It's apparently a current mistake in all the model assembly but the leg is not straight but is leaning forward and it's a particular point of the Canadair licence buit F-5A and NF-5A. Kinetic gives in the box the two types of front landing gear but the instruction sheet is not very clear for this point. regards
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