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  1. beetcleaner

    Decals over Tamiya AS-12

    Building the 1/72 Airfix Sabre and finishing it in NMF with a Tamiya AS-12 spray can. My usual method is two coats of Klear, MicroSet before applying decals then MicroSol afterwards. I've read that an application of Klear over Tamiya AS-12 will "kill" the desired finish so is it ok to use MicroSet/Sol on the NMF without a protective Klear coat? Afterwards what would be the best product to seal the decals prior to pin wash and weathering? Thankyou for any advice
  2. beetcleaner

    Airfix 1/48 Tomahawk decals

    Hello I have an Airfix P40B (first issue) which I wish to finish as a Desert Air Force aircraft Xtradecal 48162 has decals for Neville Duke of 112 squadron but doesn’t have any stencils. Can anyone inform me of a supplier? I know Airfix have now released a Tomahawk 11 version of the kit but they seem reluctant to sell decals for some reason Thsnks for any help
  3. beetcleaner

    Thinning Tamiya AS -12 from spray can

    Dave Thankyou for your advice, i will go with that. It's for a silver finish on an Airfix 1/48 Meteor. i know that Tamiya AS-12 is for a NMF finish but I'm finding it difficult to get a good "silver" finish paint. Currently finishing another Meteor and I used Humbrol 11, thinned 50/50 onto a black base and it looked like liquid sugar. Horrible finish, so I want to get better results next time around.
  4. beetcleaner

    Thinning Tamiya AS -12 from spray can

    About to try decanting and airbrushing Tamiya AS-12 for my first attempt at NMF. What thinners should I use as I have never used Tamiya paints before? Thankyou for any advice
  5. My usual method for applying a wash is at least two coats of Pledge Floor care, left to cure, then apply Windsor and Newton artists oils thinned with white spirit. When I come to clean off the wash it sometimes lifts the Pledge and paint underneath. I'm giving the Pledge two days at least to set and I'm not drenching the model with the wash or having the clean up cloth/cotton buds soaking with WS I've seen a technique whereby you thin acryllic Tamiya paint with water and washing up liquid and apply this instead of using an oil based wash over an acryllic gloss. Also seen a technique where Klear is mixed 50/50 with water, a small amount of Tamiya acryllic is added, then its brushed over a matt surface to highlight cockpit detail. Would this also work if applied to an acryllic finish I know this subject has been done to death but I'm at the end of a long build on my Airfix 1/48 Meteor and I dont want to ruin it by having a wash go through the paintwork. Model is airbrushed with Humbrol enamels with at least 24 hours between coats. Thankyou in advance for any advice
  6. beetcleaner

    Badger 200NH problem

    Spraying Humbrol Matt 01 Enamel primer thinned 50/50 through my Badger 200NH. Have never had any trouble spraying any paint before but cannot get paint to flow evenly, or sometimes at all,even with needle screwed all the way back Im religious about cleaning after every session and was happily spraying the above paint last night with no problems at all Teflon washer is ok, needle and tip clean, air pressure is at 20psi and feeder tube is clear with hole on top of jar also clear Would a soak in cellulose thinners help even though it is stripped and cleaned after each paint job? Any advice would be much appreciated
  7. beetcleaner

    Airfix 1/48 Gloster Meteor Stencils

    Does anyone know if someone produces a stencil sheet for the Airfix 1/48 Meteor. Decals are readily available for many different schemes but i dont think they include the many small stencils included on the decal sheet that comes with the kit. The reason I ask is that I've lost the decal sheet from my kit and cant get a replacement from Airfix or anywhere else. Thankyou for any advice
  8. beetcleaner

    Nose Ballast

    Speedy Thankyou for your kind offer but I've managed to superglue 25 gms worth of steel nuts into and underneath the cockpit tub. Fuselage halves were glued as outlined with jonners above so bottom seam will be set by today and I can join top seam later today. I must say it is a very tight fit but patience will get me there in the end.
  9. beetcleaner

    Nose Ballast

    Thankyou all very much for the advice. The thread on joining the fuselage halves was helpful and mirrors what I am attempting. I have shaved a mill or two from the rear stops which the cockpit tub sits against and this has allowed me to slide the front wall of the tub slightly behind the front of the fuselage to allow the nose cone to fit properly However with the tub glued into one side the fuselage halves are very reluctant to go together so I will follow the advice above along with filing down the sides of the cannon bay which are not seen when the two halves are together.
  10. beetcleaner


    Deleted - Not the buy and sell area. 100 post rule
  11. beetcleaner

    Nose Ballast

    About to build the Airfix 1/48 Meteor which requires 15gms of nose ballast. I recall seeing a product which was essentially thousands of pieces of lead? shot in a bottle which could be pored into and available gap and sealed with glue. Can anyone advise on the name of the product? While on the subject is the fit of the nose cone on this kit as bad as they say and are you better fixing the two halves to the respective fuselage sides before assembly to get round the problem? Thankyou for any advice
  12. beetcleaner

    Perfect Plastic putty

    Thankyou for all the advice. I should have added that I use dishwashing liquid with the water but IPA sounds like the solution.
  13. beetcleaner

    Perfect Plastic putty

    I intend to use Perfect Plastic putty on my next build as opposed to Squadron White. My usual method is to apply the SW with a toothpick and then blend in with a cotton bud soaked in nail varnish. Its OK but if you have to go over it more than once the acetone can melt the plastic even though I'm using the "correct" type of nail varnish If you use PPP and smooth it down with water does it have any effect when you come to wash the model prior to priming? This is something I always do to remove greasy fingerprints etc but I dont want to see the PPP being "reactivated" and running off the model when I clean it Thanks in advance for any information.
  14. beetcleaner

    Acryllic wash over Klear

    Thankyou for your help. I actually have some Humbrol black acryllic left over from when i tried to move from airbrushing enamels to acryllics (not a success) Ill give it a go and see how it works out. Lots of pre-made washes out there but Im saving the pennies for the new Airfix 1/48 Meteor so will try some "home brew" first!
  15. beetcleaner

    Price of Klear

    Thankyou all for your very helpful advice. I had no idea there was such a choice! I'm going to try all of your suggestions and find the one that suits me best.