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  1. The challenge for visitors to the Army Flying museum is to find the serial number (ZE410) painted on the fuselage of AE-335. Its not easy as it is in dark grey on a background of a slightly lighter grey!
  2. I'm intrigued as to what to expect from "Sports Plane Builders Choice" Is it a kit of a kitplane kit?
  3. This thread has brought back fond memories of browsing through the shop in the old town of Bremen that only sold card models. I seem to recall that lighthouses were a popular subject.
  4. The Army Flying Museum have an on-line lecture you can watch, presented by members of 656 Sqn who went to the Falklands and flew AE-409, and yes, it as without paperwork or previous experience on the type. Incidentally, just before Christmas last year the museum was visited by a retired senior Royal Marines officer and his friend who wanted to look at 'his' helicopter again. In conversation with them I said I'd always wondered about the white paint finish 409 has. His reply was "I can tell you the shop in Stanley where I bought the paint and brushes".
  5. 6th January, otherwise known as the 12th day of Christmas or the Feast of Epiphany. Definition of Epiphany = a moment of sudden and great revelation or realisation. DON'T LET US DOWN AIRFIX
  6. Venturi such as these are used to drive the gyros in instruments, hence why the Hurricane has one. Did the camera installation have gyro stabilisation?
  7. Its not explained in the kit instructions and frankly its also counter-intuitive to anyone with a modicum of knowledge of aircraft but the following passage from the Cierva C30 Operators manual might explain why I think you have the control column in the wrong position. The machine is taxied entirely by rudder bar controlling the tail wheel, and the throttle. The wheel brakes are interconnected and controlled by a long handle on the port side of the pilot’s seat. These brakes must not be used except when the machine is stationary or moving very slowly. The rotor brake should
  8. Did you notice how polymorphic the Avian was? Once in the air it turned into a Tiger Moth. Pity the film didn’t give credit to the person who first thought of idea of using gliders to carry cargo over long distances. Barbara Cartland, yes for it was she, needs to be remembered for more than just her books.
  9. The Horsa appears near the beginning as well. The aircraft with ‘Dominion Airlines’ painted under the cockpit glazing and being loaded with crates through the rear parador is a Horsa. I notice the film was made with the assistance of de Havillands who by the time the film was made owned Airspeed which is why the Horsa was designed at Salisbury Hall.
  10. With the turret removed the resulting hole was also tested as an exit for paratroops in the same way as employed on the Whitley and Wellington. Interestingly whilst the trials were conducted on a Lancaster the results were also used to give the Manchester clearance to drop paratroops.
  11. AirJim, You wouldn't have a photo of the Hotspur gliders towed by RCAF Spitfires during early 1944 would you? I can't believe such a sight wouldn't have gone un photographed.
  12. I notice on the Hannants site that there is a set of decals to be released for 1:72 RAF support vehicles 1960 to 2020. I find that very interesting as I don't know of any models to put them on. There's the odd 1:76 vehicle but 1:72? These vehicles along with new tools in 1:72 of the WW2 one Airfix already does is something I've been putting on the Airfix wish lists at Telford for a number of years.
  13. It’s the other side under a rectangular hatch. Port = left. Starboard = right.
  14. On the BN 2T on display at Middle Wallop it’s mid way between the nosewheel and windshield on the nose portside.
  15. I can’t help thinking that the filing and sanding we do to our models contributes to the ‘micro plastic’ pollution in the environment. As for recycling, why can’t I put my finished with sprues in the recycling bin? After all they are good, clean, suitable for recycling, hard plastic.
  16. But not critical software testing, that’s another (big) extra.
  17. It’s possibly a shade nose high, but the Hamilcar did sit like that with the Tetrarch (or M22 Locust) loaded. To unload, the pilot’s notes instruct the crew to first ‘raise the undercarriage’ by releasing the pressure in the oleo. This action lowered the fuselage onto its skids which also brought the tailwheel off the ground but only until the tank/load had been off loaded.
  18. I can't say. I never had to work with the E/H models only the K and the J and that was over 20 years ago now. The later did have a version of the UK roller floor designed, made and installed for trials but it never made it into service as the RAF wanted to keep the movers quiet and gave them the Dash 4a role equipment like all other Hercs
  19. The majority of cargo floor on the K was not heavier than any other Herc. It was a simple one for one replacement of the floor anchor points. The K's quarter turn anchor plugs fitted in the same floor recesses as the standard Herc recessed tie down rings. The only real difference was the K had three anchor points rated at 25000lb (all the others were 5000 or 10000lb) on the centre line. These were needed for the restraint of the UK's heavy air dropped loads which use reefed mains extraction using platforms that originated from the early 1950's having been developed (and sized) for dropping fro
  20. From what I can see there is no provision in the kit for roller floor (either Dash 4a or Skydel) or the centreline seats so that'll mean vehicles and getting appropriate ones in 1:72 isn't easy. And anyway the ramp floor will still be wrong for a K.
  21. This is nit picking to the nth degree but the cargo floor is wrong for a K.
  22. It could be an F100 in 2021, an F101, in 2022, an F102 in 2023...…………… you get the idea.
  23. Anyone building a Scout should search for the Historic Army Aircraft Flight webpage, it’s run by a born again modeller and photographer and it’s full of walkround photos of their aircraft under maintenance and flying.
  24. I reckon Airfix were going to announce those kits at Telford in November but now that SMW has been cancelled they're not going to happen. BTW with SMW cancelled when will Airfix dangle next years designer drug of choice before our noses? Making us wait until Christmas/New Year for the full range announcement is the height of cruelty.
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