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  1. It was always thus. Who remembers the media reporting 'Army Helicopters' operating in Northern Ireland that had the words ROYAL AIR FORCE plastered on their fuselages?
  2. I wonder why a Wildcat if Airfix are re-releasing their 1:48 Lynx HMA8 this year? After all apart from the rear fuselage and engines there's a fair deal of parts shared between the two types (that's why all Lynx were stripped of usable parts for the Wildcat project at Middle Wallop). Thinks: Airfix couldn't be saving on tooling by re-working the Lynx tool, could they? and the re-release is your last chance for a HMA8 before the tool becomes the Wildcat.
  3. Can I recommend you search face book for the Historic Army Aircraft Flight (HAAF). One of the engineering team is a keen photographer and modeller and has populated the site with walk round photos of the flight's aircraft showing details of the exterior and interior taken during normal ops and during servicing (so there are also photos of areas usually hidden). Further the Black Knights post, the light grey sides (door panels) are likely to be bare alloy, the floor is brown phenolic composite and the insulation/lining is tan/light brown.
  4. I'm a little at a loss as to the choice of subject for the two Quickbuild models. They seem to be squarely aimed at the US market. Do JEEP even sell that non customised thing in Europe?
  5. For those of you contemplating a nice Beaver (sorry I couldn't resist) can I recommend looking up the Historic Army Aircraft Flight up on facebook. One of the HAAF engineering team is a keen photographer and posts many photos of the HAAF's aircraft (Beaver, Scout,, Sioux, Auster Mk 1, Auster AOP9 and Skeeter), taken during maintenance and operations. ie. more detail than a modeller could ask for (although he also does requests if you do need more).
  6. The metal wings (sharper tapered and longer span) came in post war with the Series II Anson C 19. However, to prolong their lives some earlier airframes built with the wooden wing were refitted with the metal wings. The Anson Mk I currently airworthy in New Zealand is one such aircraft. (ie. modellers beware)
  7. One would hope so as it was a plywood skin not ties like the CA or fabric like the ancient Airfix 1:72 kit. However, the CAD seems to show that the surface is a little tired, presumably Airfix's designer has been looking at a museum example that hasn't flown in many a year.
  8. Oh yes, something to look forward to in 2022. I've rigged and derigged one back in the 1970's for the Aircraft Preservation group I was a member of when we would cart it around airshows. I also have a copy of the evaluation report from the AFEE where it was towed by a de-rotored Hafner Rotabuggy and flown off a seaplane Tender at RAF Calshot.
  9. So the big kit will be a 1:72 Ark Royal to put all those Phantoms and Buccaneers on. Maybe a Gannet as well, but no Wessex as 'apparently' helicopters don't sell (how can they if they are not kitted ). To those who will complain that a 1:72 Ark wont fit on their shelves, Airfix have a solution, the kit comes with wall brackets for the starboard side so that you can attach it to the wall and the kit becomes the shelf. As the Advent Calendar thread has been closed can I ask question here. Should we read anything into the fact that of all the Hornby brands that have an Advent Calendar Airfix is the only one with a door on the 25th?
  10. I'm surprised you didn't suggest the two seater you've been hankering after.
  11. There were plans to use the Hotspur on D day, not as a coup de main but as a transport for Canadian Spitfire Sqns. The gliders would have carried spares, ammunition, fuel and ground crew, towed by the Spitfires they would service on the Advanced Landing Grounds set up behind the Beachheads. Fortunately/unfortunately the idea got no further than squadron trials early in 1944.
  12. Options would be Lysander, Audax, Hector, Master II and Spitfire (Mks I, V and IX). Tony you did know that the Hotspur, Horsa and Hengist were all originally designed to be able to drop paratroops didn't you?
  13. I remember being at a RAeS lecture by an old boy from the A&AEE who had carried out the Scimitar's carrier performance trials. After the aircraft landed on following one of the unassisted take-offs he recalled taking great delight in pointing out to the pilot the two black lines on the deck, he had taken off with the brakes on.
  14. I'm watching this build having just acquired one myself. Its going to be difficult to 'rivet count' on an aircraft that didn't have more than a hand full of rivets in it but I have more than a passing interest having helped conserve the surviving original rear fuselage now incorporated in the recreated Hotspur at Middle Wallop; hence my discussion with OneEigthBit about the interior colour. I'm sorely tempted to add to the interior detail and pose my model with the canopy open.
  15. I was the 'minder' for a team that conducted a Lidar survey of one of the exhibits at Middle Wallop. (Don't get excited it wasn't for a kit manufacturer.) I offered to give it a quick clean as it it had a good layer of dust on it following all the work we had carried out during the museum's revamp. The offer was declined as it was explained that the dust gave the Lidar a better return, especially on Perspex where the Lidar is liable to pass straight through rather than reflect back. Dust and moisture are friends to Lidar.
  16. I hope the kit manufacturer turns that nosewheel around and doesn't just trust the Lidar.
  17. I'd like to see an accurate kit of any or all of the following; Horsa, Hotspur, Hadrian, Hamilcar or a (I can wish can't I) Hengist gliders.
  18. I've seen plenty of silvering on warning label transfers applied to full sized aircraft; not every marking is stencilled. There are also numerous instances of markings that contain spelling mistakes.
  19. I dread to think what it says about the modelling community but the museum's café reported that they have never served so many cooked breakfasts' before and then been relatively quiet at lunchtime.
  20. All set for tomorrow. Tables all set up and Cafe primed to supply bacon/sausage baps from 08:00. For those of you who have attended before you will notice that this year the show will be using both halls.
  21. I'll be there, if only because I'll be opening the museum up at 06:00 (and locking up after everyone's gone). I'm available for guided tours............ if you have a spare 3 hours or so.
  22. Its likely to be a day trip on Sunday for me this year rather than the usual extended weekend. I've lost my free accommodation (sister has moved house), and the RAF museum are not opening their restoration centre at Cosford this year, which is always full of faces seen at Telford.
  23. One instance of that which surprised me was the blurring of the Humbrol brand name on a pot of paint. Are Hornby that embarrassed about the quality of the paints they sell?
  24. Is the pilot's bone dome correct for the period? It looks too modern to me. If it is, can I be the first to declare this kit as 'Fatally flawed and unbuildable'
  25. I'd like to see Airfix try something different. Talking to the chap in my local model shop yesterday he said that he could sell a lot of kits of Gypsy caravans or Fairground rides based on the number of times he's been asked for them. Whilst the idea of a Gypsy van doen't float my boat, a model fairground possibly could. Personally as my interests in military subjects is somewhat obscure I doubt that Airfix are ever going to give me what I want in that field but the engineer in me would love to build a large scale (1:24 or larger) JCB back hoe loader or a traction engine (that would fit in with the fairground rides). However, I would camp out on Airfix's doorstep if they were to produce a range of 1:6 (or larger) kits of Aero Engines with the option of showing their innards. It could be argued that some of these suggestions are catered for by the other Hornby group companies but I get pleasure from building a kit rather than buying a ready made model, but if there is a crossover between company ranges I wont complain.
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