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  1. Day after Veterans day and 3 Navy Super Hornets had been circling over my house for about 50 mins or so. Took me forever to post a pic as I running outside every time the passed over. My cel phone camera is just not up to the task, those planes are much closer that in looks in the photo, as I could see the pilots heads. The air is somewhat smokey so when they finally landed at Moffett, their landing lights projected a bean through the haze..
  2. Awesome, thanks 60's tech: cartridge starters, wire antenna...
  3. Yeh I have encounter similar issues, that is why I asked. heh heh. The Form 2 is awesome, I have a Wanhau D7 that I have yet to find time to use, most of the time I am using my Taz6 FDM. Keep up the great work! JH
  4. Nice work. So great to see Matchbox builds, brings back fond memories as a child. I think I lost the rear canopy of my FG1 during construction, but a bit of scotch tape turned out to be my solution.
  5. Great to hear back from you, I really like your work, ever considered doing a AD-4? I did make 3 aircraft models, a Mitsubishi Type O, Mirage F.1 and the C-17 but did not finish texturing them, I might be able to find an image or two later. Most of my CG work is for video games, mecha, characters etc.. A few older images can be found here: https://zugok.cgsociety.org/ I starting using Modo at Ver 2 and mostly switched over from Maya at ver 4. Modeling, UV, textures, and rendering is so much easier/ better in Modo. Coincidentally, I am friends with the original develop
  6. I was wondering about HIPS, since it seems that the 3d printing community uses it mostly for support material. However for model making, Styrene and ABS are great. IMHO styrene to ABS will work fine most of the time with a good welded bond, never the less I agree with you. I have printed plenty of ABS, PLA, some Nylon and Flexible materials, so another solution might be resin DLP? Found bits and greebles + kit bashing might be so much faster and easier while using plastics over resin. With my kids, it seems to inspire them too. Cheers JH
  7. Nice work, have been using Modo for over 10 years now, my favorite 3d modeling app.
  8. So grateful for this thread, for my PR.9 build.
  9. So glad the pilot is ok. Sad to see it burned, pretty neat markings. Lots of aircraft landing on CA highways lately....?
  10. Good work, love the markings.
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