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    ETPS Hunter

    I'm building XE587, Revell, 1/32, in derilect condition. I was attracted by the clean scheme. Bill
  2. Thank you for the photos! Thr Typhoon is simply stunning. I am fated (doomed) to buy this one. Truly a masterful build! Bill Winkes
  3. billwinkes

    PRU pink

    When I built my Mk. iX, I started with 36626?, USAF tactical camo underside gray, with a very, very light tint of red. If I did it again I would use even less tint. The color should be faintly pink. Nevertheless, it results in a different Spitfire. Bill
  4. Mighty purty! I've always liked the French presentation schemes.
  5. That is a really stunning scheme! Bill Winkes
  6. Excellent work! Inspires me to begin a two-stage Mosquito I have the parts for. Thanks, Bill
  7. By all means take the plunge. I just acquired and began the Mk. VI. I had forgotten how well engineered this kit is. It assembles very easily and is so well detailed that I am building it OOB. If you are brush painting, look into some of the Branff squadrons. They're later scheme was EDSG over either Sky or MSG. Aviaeology make a decal set that is really a small historical monograph. Bill
  8. Very, very nice work. Thanks, I remember seeing these at Selfridge AFB, near Detroit. Bill
  9. What a fascinating scheme! ...a story I'd like to research futher. Thanks Bill
  10. What Pompeo said, can't say more than that. Bill
  11. I've been sitting on just this conversion for just about as long. I'll be following your build with chagrin -- and maybe i'll be motivated to begin my own. Bill
  12. My kit arived on the 7th, only one week from Hungary. It looks like it'll be the Peruvian Tiger scheme. Love your paint work. I've folowed your build and will use Eduard pylons, also after market rocket launchers, bombs and AAMs. Thanks for an inspirational build. Bill
  13. Received Eduards plyons and B-8M1 rocket launchers and the Quickboost airscoops yesterday. The Su-25ub is due from Hungary tomorrow. Only 7 days from Hungary to southern California! Can't wait to start construction. How in the world do you do such detailed cockpit painting after Installing it into the fuelage? A masterful job. Bill
  14. I am ordering one as we speak. I hope to build it with my nephew who will build the Revell SU-25, over the Xmas holiday. By appearances, you found the fit to be reasonable. Thanks, your build is inspirational. Bill
  15. Paul The color is ANA 616, a rather beige/tna color. It quickly faded/ weathered to a chalky pinkish tone. Bill
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