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  1. Cross Channel Ferry is cheaper than Cross Pond Airliner.
  2. Thouroughly pleasant build.Enjoy.
  3. G'day wadeocu, Apply and be damned.Maintenance markings and equipment positioning indicators (stencilling,to you and me) I would think had been applied as a part of the factory finishing process. I stand/look forward to being corrected.
  4. G'day all, Thanks for the link Shaun,that sounds exactly like the blue note I heard from the pair of Tonkas over Old Woodhall on Thursday afternoon. Mystery solved. Old Woodhall is near Coningsby BTW,for the many that have never heard of it.
  5. G'day Pat, Both right hand side items are parts of a German Incendiary Device.This was about 2 3/4 inches diameter and getting on for 16 inches long overall.My Dad has a complete one that lives in the garage,that's why I recognise it. I haven't got round to researching this subject yet,lazy sod that I am.My Dads complete item was,at one time,overpainted wth Aluminium paint.Not thickly,but I have found no markings or serial numbers on this item at all. Hope this is helpful.
  6. G'day Vulcanboy, Victor Photo Link This might be helpful. Or This One
  7. What do those who had to work on it think?Could they reach in?Were the electrics simple?Was it a t*at to work on? Splendid job by the way,well done Sir.
  8. G'day all,I would think that Humbrol 56 might be a bit too grainy a finish. Haven't tried this one but I've read about it,a mixture of Humbrols 11 Silver and 64 Light Grey (Dove Grey?) would seem to look about right.Read about it in a 1/72nd Gloster Gladiator article in SAM many moons ago. Hope this is helpful.
  9. G'day All, White Spirit or Enamel Thinners for thinning Enamel paint. For Acrylic paint use the manufacturers Acrylic Thinners.Not many Acrylic products are compatible between different manufacturers and do occasionally end up in a gooey unuseable mess. Cellulose Thinners is a particularly effective cleaning agent.It works on Enamels,Acrylics,Klear and is recommended for removing Humbrol Maskol from a brush. On no account should Cellulose Thinners be allowed in any quantity anywhere near plastic,unless you want to wreck the plastic. When using Cellulose Thinners to clean your airbrush,leave the rubber seals to dry out for an hour or two.The thinners causes the rubber to swell slightly and consequently damage occurs when putting it all back together too soon. Happy Painting.
  10. At the going down of the sun and in the morning, We shall remember them.
  11. Found mine by happenstance at Perkins at Horncastle.Should your local source have an Italeri catologue under the counter you may be given grace to request purchase thereof with the gen you now possess,namely Kit Number.I'm not selling mine,I'm going to build it.As an Army Air Corps Sioux.Eventually.Sorry to disappoint...
  12. G'day Mr Jones,yours is in line with the general school of thought on this one.An eyewitness(details are not in my possession just now) stated that he heard the engines of a low flying aircraft cut out abruptly immediately before it crashed.This turned out to be Gibsons aircraft.In line with the "Just got in and drove" school of thought the eyewitness account bears out the sequence of events brought on by fuel starvation. I am told that the relevant fuel cocks are located behind and below the pilots seat on a Mosquito and are not sufficiently visible to warrant asking the question "Wossoze For?". It is thought that Gibson was unaware of the presence of these items.Quite correctly you surmise that no-one will ever know for sure what happened that night.
  13. I remember an ex 619 Sqn navigator saying that it was more airworthy than some of the ones they went to war in.Good luck "Just Jane".
  14. G'day Colin,Italeri did do a Bell 47 in 1/48.Kit number 859.Usual standard of workmanship,bright red plastic,contains floats and another 2 types of skids.Decals for US Coastguard,US Army and Italian Air Force.I'll make a start on mine one day.
  15. The joys of anomalies.I always stand to be corrected,however. I would think that re-winging a Mosquito would be a fairly monumental task.
  16. Hello Graham, There are a couple of photos in the book "At First Sight" of DZ*** serialled Mosquito B IV's in 627 markings carrying external wing tanks.I don't have the book to hand so regrettably cannot give page numbers.One is in the Night scheme,the other in the Day scheme.
  17. G'day Charlie Cheetah, AFAIK the B IV and the B XX and the B XXV (all used by 627 from Woodhall Spa) would be able to carry the wing mounted external fuel tanks. It would appear thatWg/Cdr Guy Gibson VC DSO DFC 's last trip was also his only operational Mosquito sortie(he must,however, have gone through MOTU to qualify him to do so). His career is not one I've studied in depth so I stand to be corrected.I feel sorry for Sqn/Ldr J.M.Warwick,who probably didn't want to be Gibsons Navigator that night. Standard load for a 627 Mosquito at that stage of the war was 2X250Lb Target Indicators-Red and 2X250Lb Target Indicators-Yellow.Red to aim at and yellow to cancel the red if dropped in the wrong place. Target marking was accomplished by dive attack,sighted by Chinagraph Pencil mark on the windscreen,from 5000ft pulling out at 1000ft.(Refer to F/Lts A Saint-Smith and G E Heath,both DFC,DFM RAAF who brought back some bricks from the chimney of the Gnome Rhone engine works at Genvillers near Paris in the starboard wingtip).This was done at night,illuminated from above by parachute flares deployed by the advance aircraft of the bomber stream.Generally 2 Mosquitos would be allocated to a target,4 if it was going to be a suitably good thrutch. It was not unknown in the early days of visual marking,before the aim off method came into use,for the target to be re-marked because the original marker had been rendered invisible by going through the target factory roof. Book to read on 627 Sqn-At First Sight compiled by Alan Webb first published in 1991 ISBN 0-951-7534-0-1. A paperback reissue was published in 2002,ISBN 0-954-3244-0-4. Have fun,I would like to see the finished result.
  18. I can recommend meeting veterans.It is a humbling experience to hear their reminiscences.
  19. Hmmm. Got me thinking. Thanks Friend,will be having a play with this when I can source some.
  20. Thanks for the RAF T.I. link.As a 627 Sqn fan this is helpful gen.
  21. G'day Happy Martian,this stuff sounds like it could be worth a try. If warmed gently could it be used for repeat work without damaging the mould?
  22. G'day wavodavo.I seem to remember reading in SAM Guidelines many moons ago that Play Doh is the stuff to use,not too hard and easy to remove.Can't recall the make of resin used though.
  23. Thanks to all for correcting me.
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