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  1. Hello again Chums,there has been progress but not much.


    Black Knight,many thanks old fruit.That's some superb gen for which I am grateful.


    Troy,cheers old chum.I'm finding this figure lark a lot more involved than it looks.


    Stix,thanks old lad.


    The mess tins are supposed to be strapped on to the top of this item (no,I've no idea what this is called either) but as is it doesn't sit naturally.I've taken a scrape of plastic out so that it looks like there's a bit of compression there.




    I've also managed to superglue one end each of a couple of straps to their items ready to fit on to our chap.



    One thing I have found is this website http://www.uniformology.com/index.html which shows promise for some useful goodies and gen.

    I've a spot of self time planned this week so I'm hoping to get some in and have this in the gallery by Sunday evening.Thanks all for looking in,more soon.


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  2. On 8/30/2021 at 4:37 PM, Johnson said:

     So what you're suggesting is that it's fresh RLM 65 Hellblau on Franz von Werra's Bf 109E-4, not the white that it's been interpreted as previously? Makes sense to me.


    Short answer,no.It looks like fresh paint,unsullied by oily handprints and other evidence of the attentions of  groundcrew and general wear and tear.I don't know how easy or otherwise it was to replace a cowling panel but the upper panel looks like it was painted off the airframe given that it looks different to the adjacent paintwork.  

    Without getting into a flamewar about the divination of colour from a monochrome photo what it does show is a darker camouflage colour on the upper cowling. 

    If I was going to guess I would punt for white on the Balkenkreuz,chevron and bar,unit emblem and spinner only.The presence of yellow boils down to when any order for application was issued (I don't know) and if this photo pre-dates that then I'll go with RLM 65. 

    I was composing this as @Werdna replied,good thought but it doesn't look that catastrophic to me.


    You're making a splendid job of yours though :goodjob: .

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  3. G'day again Chums,real life has been all pervading recently so I've only got back to the bench this evening.

    Festooning has begun.I started with the waist belt and the cross strap for the message pouch.These are labelled M and N and have been transposed on the map,N being too short to do its trip.It also needs to be slightly narrower to match the belt buckle.  




    The cross strap has just enough gap between the ends to match the message pouch but it needs to be cut through over the shoulder to sit down naturally.This will be hidden when the epaulette is glued on.



    The carbine needs to be attached to its swivel.



    I drilled a couple of tiny holes and bent a bit of thin wire to match.



    The straps as made to match the patterns on the map are all a tad too wide.For this dangly bit (No,I don't know what it's called) I folded the ends lengthways to feed them through their loops.



    Likewise for the scabbard.



    The scabbard was then positioned with the aid of a blob of blu-tack and the strap ends placed and superglued.



    Likewise with the unnamed dangly bit.Superglue was then applied to all joints and loose ends.Once set the exposed unpainted bits were given a slop of paint.



    Once that has dried the next step can be made.More soon Chums,thanks for looking in.


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  4. Hello again Chums,real life has been solidly in the way recently so I've only managed to do a little bit.The lights in the wing leading edge need to go in sometime.As issued they are not particularly clear and have fairly convincing sink marks in them.




    They have been glued into their relevant recesses,having fettled the recesses to the right size and shape.




    This image,from http://avia.lpsphoto.us/en/dassaut-rafale-a-le-bourget tells me that I have some more shaping to do before these are done.




    More soon Chums,thanks for looking in.

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  5. Hello again Chums,a little progress to show.


    Adrian,thanks old chum.I'll never be a vet but I'm starting to understand that there's a lot more to it than meets the eye.


    Troy,thanks old fruit.I'm not going with the shoes idea although it is worth doing.By the time there's some mud involved it won't really show and it means reshaping the hooves which I don't want to do this far in.Hopefully some of the links in amongst my ramblings will be worth looking at when you crack into your builds.


    Dromia,I'm not one for aftermarket if I can avoid it.I'm a tightwad at heart and too impatient to wait for the postie.


    Grey Beema,thanks old bean.You're not late at all,if some poor unsuspecting soul uses this thread as a  reference for their build any gen is useful and welcome.When I was digging around for stuff before I started this one I didn't find a build thread anywhere and all the gen I found was distributed all over t'interweb and some was not easily discovered.The Wikipedia article on the sword describes modifications which I've incorporated into this one.


    Redstaff,cheers old lad.Give it a go,I look forward to seeing what you do.Don't doubt your abilities,you're better at it than you let yourself think :thumbsup2: .


    Ravnos,now you come to mention it that's maybe not a bad idea but you'd still have to make it fit together convincingly :frantic: .


    I've gone as far as the end of my mojo with the feather ruse and I've started painting the leatherwork.  




    You wouldn't believe the amount of paintwork it's taken to get to here and all you can see that's different is the wince inducing piece of copper wire which should stop our man from being knocked off his perch with any ease.



    The jobs remaining include more touching in of paint,festooning everything with straps,positioning all the twiddly bits and final assembly without breaking said twiddly bits off.

    More soon Chums,thanks for looking in.

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  6. 19 minutes ago, Sandbagger said:

    😅 Actually I was querying '627 Squadron' - 617 surely 🤔



    627 took up residence at Woodhall Spa in April 1944,their website here will give you all sorts of gen.If you haven't had a chance to look round the museum in their accommodation at Tattershall Thorpe I will highly recommend a visit.

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