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  1. G'day again Chums,work,life and dust in the paint have been in the way.The paint job is now as good as it's going to be and there has been some decalling.


    I started with the canards.There are some complex shapes on the decal sheet,here are two of them.




    The decals were bedded on a drop of Klear and folded round the leading edge.They are a nearly fit and I'm starting to wonder if I should have masked and painted instead.



    The canopy decals were applied and we're now waiting to see if the slight haze underneath disappears with drying.



    The black panel behind the canopy has been masked and painted.



    I don't normally indulge in panel line highlighting but this photo shows them to be very visible.I've used the lightest grey to hand but it looks too prominent to me so the upper sides will be much lighter.



    Thanks all for looking in Chums,more soon.


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  2. I have to agree,the cockpit is rather sparse and I haven't yet found a photo.I've not looked for any aftermarket for this kit,tightwad that I am I'm just going to make the best of what's there.I don't know if these piccies will be of any use,I didn't use all of the brassware in my boxful,some of the moulded detail was good enough for my eyesight.






    I haven't finished the panel yet but the side consoles have been painted and the high points rubbed off to reveal the moulded detail,easier than drybrushing and looks a lot finer.


    I hope you enjoy your crack at this one,it takes a bit of getting round,and if you're having the canopy closed the control sticks are in the way.

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  3. I've linked to the build threads for the XIV and ICM jobs,they might give you a few pointers and foul ups to avoid.I had the Italeri IX in the stash for a little while,there's something awry with the wing chord and outline.Their XVI has the same problem.

    I look forward to seeing your pink Spit,it's a satisfying uncomplicated conversion for a very striking result.

  4. I used a PR XIX fuselage and Seafire XVII wing for my XIVc build




    The Hasegawa IX looks well when built but I won't be putting mine in a line up.




    The ICM IX benefits from a bit of work but it is worth it in the end.




    The Airfix XII builds up well and doesn't look out of place alongside others.




    Likewise the XVII which I thoroughly enjoyed building.




    I've never had the Academy kit to compare it to others but,as Troy shows,it's not beyond possibility to sort it out and would be worth a go.


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  5. Thank you chums. @Ossington I hadn't looked at that,actually I didn't know it existed never mind being available.While it only shows serial numbers it does show that a number of Ia spitfires were still being flown alongside the cannon armed aircraft.The ones I have derived from that are,in no particular order,K9087,N3238,R6625,N3198,R6627,N3040,N3238,R6687,N3199,L1027,L1042,K9825,N3234,and K9944.


    @Graham Boak that's a good thought.The above documents list more than 30 airframes for July 1940 which is more than a squadrons complement.The delivery record I quoted above shows that the initial wing change could take as little as a couple of days so keeping the aircraft letter would make sense and avoid wasting time repainting.I didn't make a note of attrition or absence in the AIR27/252/19 documents so I don't know how long any particular airframe was on the strength.


    I'm going to take a punt on R6776 having the same aircraft letter before the application of the underwing roundels in August 1940 as depicted in the AZ profile.


    Thanks again chums,much appreciated.

  6. Hello again Chums,rain stopped play today so I've been able to do a bit.


    Bertie,thanks old fruit.A sharp drill bit and the touch of a midwife are the order of the day for that job.


    The missile pylons were fished out of the box. 




    Copper wire pins were cut and fitted for mounting the missile bodies.



    These have been glued to the fuselage having scraped paint away first.One thing that was of note the two aft outer pylon part numbers were transposed on the map,part numbers 63 and 64 need to be swapped over. 



    The undercarriage doors have been prepped ready for paint.



    I've work to do tomorrow but if it's raining then it won't happen and I'll be here.More soon Chums,thanks for looking in.

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  7. G'day Chums,

    As a part of my ongoing one of each variant of Spitfire project I have a cannon armed MkI on the go.I'm wanting to represent the initial .303less version as delivered to 19 Squadron in June 1940.My go to serial number source lists the following;


    R6761 Ia    788 EA MIII FF 18-6-40 24MU 19-6-40 6MU  21-6-40 cannon wing fitt     19Sq 27-6-40
    R6762 Ia    789 EA MIII FF 16-6-40                          6MU  17-6-40 cannon wing fitt 7OTU 21-6-40  ? first cannon Spitfire to RAF 19Sq 27-6-40

    R6770 Ib    797 EA MIII FF 20-6-40 (CG)                 6MU  23-6-40 cannon wing fitt     19Sq 27-6-40
    R6776 Ia    807 EA MIII FF 22-6-40 (CG)                 6MU  25-6-40 cannon wing fitt     19Sq 27-6-40  
    R6809 Ia    813 EA MIII FF 26-6-40 (CG)                 6MU  28-6-40 cannon wing fitt     19Sq 5-7-40
    R6833 Ia    827 EA MIII FF 28-6-40 (CG)                 6MU  29-6-40 cannon wing fitt     19Sq 1-7-40
    R6888 Ia    846 EA MIII FF 3-7-40                            8MU    5-7-40 cannon wing fitt    19Sq 11-7-40
    R6889 Ib    847 EA MIII FF 3-7-40 (CMG)                8MU   4-7-40 cannon wing fitt     19Sq 11-7-40  
    R6890 Ia    849 EA MIII FF 4-7-40                            8MU   8-7-40 cannon wing fitt     19Sq 11-7-40
    R6897 Ia    855 EA MIII FF 5-7-40 (CMG)               6MU    7-7-40 cannon wing fitt      19Sq 11-7-40
    R6904 Ia    863 EA MIII FF 8-7-40 (CMG)               6MU  10-7-40 cannon wing fitt     19Sq 13-7-40
    R6911 Ia    870 EA MIII FF 10-7-40 (CMG)             6MU  11-7-40 cannon wing fitt        19Sq 14-7-40  
    R6912 Ia    871 EA MIII FF 10-7-40 (CMG)             6MU  11-7-40 cannon wing fitt        19Sq 14-7-40
    R6917 Ia    876 EA MIII FF 11-7-40 (CMG)             6MU  11-7-40 cannon wing fitt        19Sq 14-7-40
    R6919 Ia    878 EA MIII FF 11-7-40 (CMG)             6MU                cannon wing fitt        19Sq 14-7-40
    R6923 Ia    883 EA MIII FF 12-7-40 (CMG)             6MU  16-7-40 cannon wing fitt      19Sq 22-7-40
    R6924 Ia    893 EA MIII FF 15-7-40 (CMG)             6MU  16-7-40 cannon wing fitt      19Sq 19-7-40
    R6958 Ia    890 EA MIII FF 15-7-40 (CMG)             6MU  16-7-40 cannon wing fitt      19Sq 30-7-40


    Does anyone have any serial number to individual aircraft letter tie-ups for early to mid July 1940? My researching so far has drawn a blank.



  8. G'day Don,


    I've just had a look at the map on the Superhobby page.




    It's the same chassis as the T142 H kit,the cut line is on that item




    The cut falls between 2A and 3A.3A has the attachment flange for the propshaft.




    The propshaft needs 12mm cut out of it to fit.




    A later stage in the sequence shows the crossmember ahead of the propshaft mounting one missing,where it is shown in the earlier diagram. 




    Personally I would put it in,the locating gubbins is there and it would save taking all that out.It would help to reinforce the joint and wouldn't look too congested.You could always not make the cut and not have the problem,it wouldn't look wrong.


    Hope that's of some use :thumbsup2:.


  9. G'day again Chums,a little bit to show this time.


    Werner,thanks old fruit.It probably had a lot to do with the weight of the thing and complexity of mounting it.


    The fin antennae have been de-part lined and added.




    The locating pegs are handed to each side and allow them to be positioned nearly where they should be,the fit is not tight so they can be rotated slightly.



    Anyway there has been a wipe down with white spirit to degrease and the first coat of gloss white has been sprayed on.



    This has all but covered the Milliput and shown up some smoothing off that needs to be attended to.The missile mounting rails are yet to be added to the underside and the wingtip rails will probably benefit from some wire pins but otherwise we're looking somewhere near decent.


    More soon Chums,thanks for looking in. 

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  10. Hello again Chums,a bit more canopy this time.


    Chris,thanks old fruit.It was easier to do than it looks.


    Searching for images showing how the canopy is hinged has been surprisingly fruitless but on the way round I've found out who makes them,the set up is different on every other variant,the blue in the decals is probably too dark and the nearest I've found so far that shows me how the canopy should sit is an image large enough to give dial up users a fit of pique so from pure politeness I'll just link to it instead.


    It should sit about here.I did toy with the idea of having the lid shut but that would mean moving the port side stick which interferes with the fit.




    I decided that,in the absence of any solid method provided in the kit,I'd use a piece of the brass fret.I filed out a lump of the canopy edge to the thickness of the brass and offered up to mark out for a slot.



    This was duly cut,a faff on its own 'cos my saws are either too narrow or too wide,and the bit of brass slotted in to test.



    This was then superglued to the canopy



    and it seems to work quite well.



    There is a flat panel that surrounds the cockpit aperture.This also quite nicely covered up my nice shiny new slot so some had to be filed out of the appropriate bit of edge.



    All put together it seems to work quite happily.



    There has been Milliputting of any last gaps,masking of the wing lamps and most of the fettling has been finished.She looks good stood on her legs and i forsee paint in the near future.



    Thanks for looking in Chums,more soon.


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    23 hours ago, Bertie Psmith said:

    Rubber tires. I have no experience of these. Any tips will be welcome. How do I clean them up? Paint? Prime? How do I stick them on? HELP!



    Looking good so far old fruit.Cliff B had rubber tyres on his Silver Ghost build and I had some on my Stutz Bearcat ,both of which might give you some pointers on the fun that can be derived from them.


    Apropos of nothing,is the P silent?

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  12. G'day again Chums,a bit more to show.


    Werner,thanks old fruit.The missile bodies do seem to be a good shape,that might have something to do with the access given to Heller being as their office was not far away from that of Matra.


    The canard foreplanes have endured a severe lack of attention,this time it was their turn in the barrel.I left them off so that they didn't get in the way or broken off.




    The holes for mounting them are either side of the fuselage at the aft end of the canopy.



    The canards were separated and a length of plastic tube was cut slightly longer than the fuselage is wide.



    The spigots on the canards weren't quite round so I needed a method of rectifying that.I widened out one of the holes in my trusty SAM saw.



    The spigot was wound through the hole which sorted things out nicely and left me with a circular cross section which will fit firmly into the drilled out tube. 



    The ends of the tube were opened up to match the spigots and then was fed through the opened out holes in the fuselage using a drill bit for maneuvering and steering,leaving a little bit stuck out of each side for fettling.



    There are two noselegs,one plastic one metal.There is not much to choose between them but being as a small amount of noseweight is needed I thought I'd try the metal one.



    The only thing to choose between the two nosewheels is the tread pattern on the metal one.



    There are two rams and the torque link to be attached to the noseleg.I could have used superglue but,with nothing to lose,I thought I'd try soldering instead.I used a scrap length of metal runner to test the melting temparature of the white metal which I found to be about the same as my usual solder.Fortunately I have more than one coil of solder so I dug another one out from the Store of Eternity,it's full of things that might come in useful someday but someday had so far failed to arrive,and found its melting point was sufficiently lower than the white metal to not leave me with a big shiny blob if it all went wrong.While the finished job is not tidy it's near enough for a first try at soldering white metal.



    Thanks all for looking in,more soon.



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  13. Hello again Chums,lots of piccies for a little progress this time.


    A drop of yellow zinc chromate paint in the lamp recess.




    The lamps themselves were made from a couple of odd ends of clear runner



    cut to length and pushed into a suitable hole drilled into the corner.



    Some thin clear sheet was cut to width and cold bent over the adjacent leading edge to make a decent defined bend.



    This was then fettled to go into the underside first and fixed with a drop of superglue,making sure it was flush with the surrounding surface.Once set the upper side was fettled and fixed the same way.The finished item looks fogged up here but it is actually crystal clear.This all has been done to both lamps and there will be Milliput to smooth it all off and hide the joints.  



    Sooner or later I'm going to have to use the decals,the missile bodies have some to be applied so this seemed like as good a time as any to find out if they were useable.



    They soaked off the backing paper fairly rapidly and went on to of a drop of Klear with no real problems.



    They are a little on the thick side and the adhesive needs to be cleaned up a bit but they didn't disintegrate so it's looking promising for using them on the main paint job.




    The seat has been de-harnessed ready for paint.



    There's quite a lot involved in the canopy.



    I started with the bigger bits



    and offered them together to see what's involved.The inside of the framing needs to be painted before the bits go in.



    Before that could be done the mirror frame needed to be put in.



    This was taped to the bench to save me spending yet more time merrily crawling round the floor trying to find the thing and roughly bent around the end of a scalpel handle,being as it was the nearest match to the curve of the plastic.



    This was offered up.It was a sod to do and there was no way I was going to superglue it in without smearing stuff everywhere.Added to that it was never going to sit down properly and would always be visible from the outside.Time for a different approach.



    Some clear runner was stretched and little lengths were superglued to the backs of the mirrors.A pair of handles were bent too.



    These were then pushed through some 0.45mm holes drilled through the canopy.



    The mirrors were painted before glueing in.The glue was applied from the outside using the long ends to guide it into the holes.Once set the long ends were trimmed off and the inside framing painted.



    More soon Chums,thanks for looking in.



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  14. I have to agree,it's been a fun,busy and varied Group Build with all sorts to see.Does rooting through a skip like I did count as aftermarket?

    The gallery is filled with splendid finished items and there are some ambitious builds that didn't quite make it.Well done to all who joined in it was well worth the effort.

    Should we give Mark @snapper_city a ping and see what he has to say,being as he ran the first one and couldn't join in this time due to circumstances.

    My thanks again to @PlaStix for doing the deed,cheers old chum it's been a treat :goodjob: .

  15. Thanks again Chums.


    Black Knight,thanks for the heads up.I've a few more of these to go at so I'll give it a bit of thought.That's a rather good job on your Bootneck.


    Troy,I don't know.It's one I found in a box of Airfix 54mm goodies in the estate of a late friend.


    Stix,most of the informative bit came from those who chipped in with the many and varied bits of gen without which I'd still be working on it.Thanks for hosting old fruit,it's been a good fun GB with all sorts of goodies to behold.

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