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  1. Good to be back at the bench Evert! Was it not easier to detail paint the NLG before assembly? Or did you not glue it yet? Remy.
  2. Looking very nice! Really like the weathering! I've recently received a Hasegawa 48th scale kit from a very good friend, didn't know which livery to build from this kit. Until now! Thanks for the inspiration! Remy.
  3. Very nice and crisp work Elger! I'll be following along! Remy.
  4. Thanks very much Ray! There's an excellent photo which I can use. Remy.
  5. Never knew this conversion was even possible! This will be a impressive one! Don't you just love 3d printing? I'll be on your six with this build! Remy.
  6. Thanks for your reply Richard! I have received this diagram from Steve Long, posted with his permission. Copyright Steve Long. I have also found this image: Copyright in photo. I think I should manage to get something scratchbuild, although it will be very small.. Thanks! Remy.
  7. Thanks Ray for passing the question on! Keep me posted! Steve, I've just send you a PM. Thanks! Remy.
  8. Thank you Ray, these are the images which I've found to. As I'm looking to scratch build one I'm looking for some more. Thanks. Remy.
  9. Hi all! As I'm building a RAAF MB326H Macchi, the A7-022 carrying the 55th anniversary scheme, I need some good photo's of the gunsight. Not all Macchi's were carrying a gunsight, but 75 sq did often carry them. There are to types of gunsights used by the RAAF Macchi's, I'm looking for the one with camera attached. All images, of all types are more then welcome! Thanks! Remy.
  10. This is a very nicely build P-39, although the pictures doesn't do it justice, it looks way better in real life! Nice Sid, on to the next build! Remy.
  11. Looking really nice! You almost got me tempted to buy a model from Kitty Hawk! Really looking forward to the painting stage! Remy.
  12. On the home stretch Sid!, looking sharp! Strange that the Furball decals are that much off size wise..
  13. Really nice build Helix! Superb job, Sir! Never thought of building a helo but every time seeing a Helix build I got more and more excited! Thanks for sharing!
  14. Stunning build! Really like the props! That was a brave move, removing your windscreen! Luckily everything worked out! Looking forward to the final result!
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