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    Hawk 200

    Hi I would like to know if you would be able to print the needed decals to reproduce the hobbyboss kit as either of the two paint schemed prototype Hawk 200's. One was dark sea grey with medium sea grey undersides. This one is on a combat decals sheet but only comes in 1/72. The other was same aircraft but was repainted in an all black scheme. Thanks in advance. Stuart
  2. Yes to 1/144. I was thinking top of cabinet but was worried it being knocked off but may be best option. Will get the 747 out onto the desk Its the zvezda 747-8 and thinking the paint/decals might be tricky for me.
  3. Where does everyone keep their completed 747 builds? Got one in the stash that I'd like to do but no idea where I'd put it. Any ideas? Thanks
  4. Excellent, at last. I'd like after market decals to do one of the prototypes though in the Matt black finish. Where did you order yours from Mr B?
  5. It looks like it will have 3 options going on the other hawk kits. My guess would be along with the box art maybe the Matt black prototype and the McLaren scheme. Just a guess though.
  6. I had exactly the same problem a few years back with this kit. The colour call outs didn't seem to match the box art either. If you search this forum the thread might still be on here somewhere. Think I just made it up with the Akan paints I had.
  7. Thanks flanker man. I'm not too bothered about accurately depicting an accurate version of a particular flanker. Just wanted to build the kit out the box but was confused by the colours so a little relieved about your agreement with maybe doing a what if. I'll see what I can conjoure up.
  8. Thanks for help. Not sure what to do now. Follow these colours and ignore the fact that the canards are not the same, try and follow box art colours or just go with the flanker colours I've got and almost do a whif instead.
  9. Hi I am currently building the above mentioned kit and am not far from the painting stage. However, like the last flanker I built I am struggling to get my head around some of the colour call outs. I think I have the greys covered but for one of the main three camo colours it calls for a metallic black? Is that right, just sounds a bit odd to me. Google searches haven't helped much apart from showing me lots of pictures of the box art for said kit. Any help in what colours I should go for would be great. Thanks
  10. Hi there. How much for a set of these posted? I've had a revel 1/32 hawk in the stash for ages and as yet to find a scheme I want to finish it in. These could be the answer! Thanks Stuart
  11. Thanks for comments. Got real modellers block at the moment with a pair of half built Hawks on the desk
  12. C-17 flying nice and low over bordon and Whitehill and then confirmed by a mate it landed at farnborough about 4mins later. Anyone know why it was round these parts and at farnborough? Couldn't tell where it was from either.
  13. Skeg

    Bomb colour

    So now I need to find out if they're training or inert bombs used. Will probably just try and source a few blues and try and match the closest. Thanks to all for help, all very interesting. Stuart
  14. Skeg

    Bomb colour

    Am coming to the finishing stages of my harrier t10 and want to add a couple of bombs, which look like training bombs because of the blue colour of them. The thing I want to know is what is the blue used on this ordanance. I would post an image but dont know how. Thanks Stu
  15. Skeg

    Which harrier

    Thank you for replies.
  16. Skeg

    Which harrier

    One for the harrier bods. I want to model the T.52 G-VTOL harrier but not sure which two seat harrier kit to use. I have both the sword T.MK.2 and T.MK.4 kits but getting confused as which variant the MK.52 was based on or even if it makes a difference. Any help would be great. Thanks Stu
  17. Amazingly brilliant because A. Its a harrier and B, a GR5 which youvdont see many of. A great finish on a great aircraft!
  18. As a massive fan of harriers, especially yhe first gdneration ones, these pictures are great. Thanks for sharing.
  19. Do you guys know when your hawk200 conversion sets will be available for 1/72 kits? Thanks
  20. That is frickin unbelievable! I like the F35 and seem to be in the minority when it comes to this aircraft. I just can't believe how good a finish you have managed to achieve on this. It's anything but "another boring grey jet". Your skills are something to aspire to even though i'm quite confident i'll never reach this level.
  21. That is fantastic! I'm a big fan of slightly unusual paint schemes and finishes and this one is a great example. Tried to do a sea harrier in a primer finish once but had nothing on this beauty that you've managed to achieve.
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