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  1. This is spectacular - I'm learning so much!
  2. I love the white leading edge paint chipping to reveal the yellow underneath, good touch!
  3. I tend to go: 1 - gloss coat 2 - decals 3 - gloss coat 4 - matt coat 4 - some weathering 5 - matt coat 6 - final weathering 7 - final matt coat
  4. Basic weathering was carried out by: Grey primer Tamiya XF-64 (Red Brown) Stippling masking fluid onto the exposed edges with a sponge - cut to a point for the finer detail Top Colour - in this case dark yellow Removing the masking fluid adding metallic chips with a very small brush P
  5. Thanks Steve Joachim - if the rudders drooped (and were cable operated) how come the ailerons didn't? Also - I've just found out that Griffon engines rotated anti-clockwise from the pilots perspective, whereas Merlin engines rotated clockwise - hence my chipping mess-up! Now I need to check all future builds for rotation!
  6. I probably agree that it is a bit overdone - but every model I do is battered (I am trying to improve my skillset) I was under the impression that once hydraulic pressure dropped all control surfaces drooped, including ailerons and elevators Trailing edge? Have I messed up the rotation again?
  7. The chipping was done by spraying with Alclad first, then stippling on liquid mask with a torn sponge - finally the black was added. After the painting was very dry the masking fluid was removed to leave the chipping effect
  8. Hi Guys, here was a fun little build that I threw together whilst the Spitfire was drying! It's battered and bruised but still runs! Cheers Phil
  9. Hi Guys, Here's an older build that helped me get my mojo back! it was a fun kit to build, but fought me sometimes! Cheers Phil
  10. Hi Guys, Here's the most recent off the bench - the superb Airfix 1:48 Spitfire PRXIX This was a fun build and fell together - but I did mess up the decals on one side! Cheers! Phil
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