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  1. Cracking job. As has already been said above, this reminds me of the Airfix one I had as a kid, I didn't build it very well though so it is lovely to see this.
  2. Truly outstanding work, I'm looking forward to seeing this progress.
  3. Lovely model. I have a few happy if cramped hours in these. My vote for your next model would be the Skylark 4 and it would be interesting comparing your 1/32 build to my 1/4 scale one
  4. Oh, superb sir. A pal mentioned this build to me and as I only pass this way occasionally I thought I had better come and take a look. This is modelling at its' best.
  5. Sorry if this touches a nerve. And there I think you have hit the nail on the head, the fee is not proportionate. And that is why it has been commented on, again, and in the case of the Ninak it is something like 20% of the whole. Also one cannot compare 25 years ago with today as the global market is so very different. I appreciate these companies cannot provide a service without a cost and that is why I said I factored in the charge and VAT so it was no surprise. It still does not stop me thinking that £11.25 is a disproportionate cost for a single item of such low cost and is ex
  6. My Ninak has just arrived, apart from damage to the box the contents are in perfect condition and complete, they have even included a very nice SE5/SE5a Squadrons book. Chuffed doesn't even describe it. I don't think it is that people are never satisfied but like others I for one cannot see the justification for such a high fee, I think the fee is extortionate. Overall I am more than satisfied, I knew there would be VAT and a fee to pay which was factored into my decision to buy. I have had a very good deal and as I said I am more than happy.
  7. It's a wonder the flying debris didn't hit the tail.
  8. Wow, this is truly inspirational, I love the way the build evolved to end up with a Mk.VIII. I am in awe that it is brush painted and the weathering that has been achieved. This kit is excellent value and it just shows what can be achieved when someone like Tony gets stuck in. Fantastic.
  9. Truly amazing and awe inspiring work there. I love the way this really is a work in progress making changes as the build progresses. Lovely.
  10. Arrived this morning Duncan, well packaged, many thanks that's cracking service and the postie played his part too. Now for a cup of coffee while I open the boxes
  11. Well, I have just defected. Cancelled my Hannants order and placed one with Black Mike Models. I quite like the way Duncan is involved on Britmodeller and has kept us informed of the progress of the shipment of Wingnut Camels. Hopefully 2 Camels will be winging their way south bound to the Potteries in the not too distant future.
  12. I'm sure a rough belly landing to a shot up aircraft would do further damage. Besides aircraft did continue to fly with one working aileron and even with no ailerons!! I can't remember the name of the pilot but a Lancaster returning from a raid lost both wing tips and ailerons in a cu-nim cloud, the pilot managed to control the aircraft using rudder and differential throttle (can't do that with a Spit though!), he took three attempts to land the damaged aircraft safely. Looks good, I look forward to seeing the finished diorama.
  13. Oh my word! What a superb collection and fantastic pictures. Thank you for sharing your passion so we can all enjoy. I'm going to be spending some time browsing your website too.
  14. Lots of chat in this topic, The WNW Camel is Coming! Seems distributing through Weta was a bad move.
  15. I am so looking forward to getting mine but I find it very disappointing that there is no news when these will arrive in the UK, nor any comment from WNW. No doubt I will be like a kid at Christmas when they do arrive.
  16. Now that is interesting......and 10% discount on those that are not in stock.
  17. Seems that it's all a bit of a cock up. Has the demand for this model has been overwhelming and are WNW and Weta struggling to cope? A bit of old fashioned patience might be the order of the day. In the meantime I am studying the plans for a 1/6 scale F.1, 56" wingspan as a stablemate for my 52" SE5a for 4 function r/c.
  18. That's a little gem and has already been commented on, I too love the way you have mimicked the structure showing through the 'fabric' covering. Lovely job.
  19. Beardie, your conversion is out, 12 inches at 1/32 is about 9.5mm (9.5x32=304mm) so it would be noticeable. Mind you I wouldn't like to hang out in the breeze to change ammunition as the pilots back then had to and under fire.
  20. In GBP the Camel is £64.41 + vat at Weta Workshop, I make that with vat around £77 plus shipping per kit so Hannants prices are not far from the mark but 10% discount on pre-orders and free shipping (assuming they are all sent out together) makes it more attractive. Interestingly the Snipe which is the same base price as the Camel jumped £20 at Hannants just after the Brexit vote in the summer from £69.99 to £89.99 (reason I know this is that I purchased one at the lower price and considered a second one and saw the price jump). I guess in part that was uncertainty of supply as I don't think W
  21. Thanks for the heads up, I was going to order direct but with the pre-order discount from Hannants it seems a no brainer. I've gone for the Clerget, Le Rhone and Duellists boxings.
  22. Superb model of an iconic airliner. You have captured the character of the VC10 totally, fantastic job, I love it.
  23. I've been looking for builds on the Academy Phantoms because I've just ordered their F-4C and found this from your WIP. I'm not knowledgeable on Phantoms but it looks to be a very nice kit and I like what you've done with it. Looks really good. Well done.
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