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  1. Hi all, at the expense of sounding like a duffer what was the purpose of the periscope fitted to side of the cockpit canopy on UK F-4J's. Nick
  2. Stunning work, one of the most natural looking metal finishes i've seen in. Top job. Nick
  3. Bozo, washes used where the Flory water based wash, I mixed my own colour using black and rust to make a dark brown shade ( not as stark as using black ) I also used Flory pigments to add discolouration along some of the panels Shan, sadly I don't have a build thread but I do thoroughly recommend the the kit, just be sure to have plenty of space to display it and definitely get the metal undercarriage it weighs a ton. Again thanks everyone for your kind comments, much appreciated . Nick
  4. Hard to know what to say about this, absolutely jaw dropping. Nick
  5. Nice work Malc, love what you've done around the rear with the metal work . Nick
  6. Great work on the tucano, this looks to be a great little kit. N
  7. Thanks Andy, the canopy framing was done using Fantasy Printshops superb strip decals, there available in various colours and come on a sheet of different widths. I simply layed strips along the canopy edge and trimmed them with a new blade, after a little Sol they conformed perfectly ( much easier than painting them )All weathering was done using Flory washes and pigments, hope that helped. Thanks to everyone who left a comment there all much appreciated. Nick
  8. Hi folks, so I've just finished the beast, a build thats been off and on for the best part of a year,the kit went together well with the exeption of the decals which were pretty nasty. Extras include an Aires cockpit and G-Factor metal undercarriage mostly to support the huge weight. Hope you all like it. Nick
  9. Hi Nick most colours were Vallejo model air but the light gull gray was from the Lifecolour range and looked a very good match, not my favourite brand to work with though. This post made me laugh, thanks fella. Thanks Bri, considering that gorgeous Phantom that's high praise indeed.And to everyone else thanks for you kind comments Nick
  10. That is absolutely stunning, beautiful beautiful build. Nick
  11. Thanks for all the kind comments guys much appreciated, to be honest I thought this might split opinion slightly, it is a fairly artistic stylised interpretation. and not to everyone's taste. Nick
  12. Hi all, this is the latest off the bench the ancient Revell Tomcat built out the box with CAM decals. Hope you all like it. Nick
  13. I was using the art film or "frisket" that you talk about but since seeing Mish's article on parafilm some time back i've been using that, its a total revelation and as a fellow canopy masking hater it couldn't be more simple, bought mine from ebay. Nick
  14. I do this, but there again i do build exclusively 1/32 so plenty ot room to stash cash, and i always know where to get my hands on money if i'm desperate. Nick
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