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  1. Mine did full term plus a bit, came out, worked for the MOD and died on his 50th birthday just as his second life was taking off. Your modelling skills are excellent:-)
  2. Unfortunately I don't. Pictures tart to appear after he met my mum in the late 50's and they tend to be against a backdrop of the side of a turret or something and show nothing other than grey steel and sea in the background Dad would not go near submarines. He was a marine engineer. Started as an apprentice in Pembroke Dockyard. His dad was his foreman and therefore dad couldn't do right for doing wrong so joined up just before he was 17 and worked his way up the hard way. Barfluer was one ship he mentioned a lot (that and the very dodgy steam system on HMS Triumph)
  3. I've just added a "Thanks". Barfluer rang a bell. I still have my late father's Royal Navy records. Dad joined in 1953. After training at Raleigh and Drake he was drafted to H.M.S. Barfluer in October 1955 and served on her until March 1957. Although I've seen a couple of old photos, they didn't really convey the ship. Your model really brought to life my late father's first ship. Thank you .
  4. ..... camouflage appears excellent. ...................................................................................there is no image Vaastav
  5. Don't they all look so small against what is considered to be a small modern city hatchback
  6. ...wow! An under-rated forgotten plane. Glad the old Frog kit is being built on the group build.
  7. I recall in 1978ish it made a great little model. As a kid I couldn't understand why there was no windscreen. I thought I was doing it wrong so had to go to the library to get books. (Oh those pre-internet days of cycling to the library before they closed).
  8. The Novo bag and card - that brought back memories ! (I now know I am as old as I feel )
  9. ....my post #11 - The model looked very elegant in black and silver and just so glad my memory wasn't playing tricks on size.
  10. Just a quick "Thank You" to all the participants to this build. As a model and plane mad lad growing up in Plymouth the main shop for me was Lawsons in New George Street in Plymouth. They had all the usual Airfix, Tamiya, ESCI and FROG!. I could only afford the Airfix Series 1 kits and I used to wonder what was in the mysterious Frog boxes with their exciting box art and unusual subjects. I was lucky enough to build a few and then when Novo started to appear in Plymouth Model Shop I thought I was the only one who had made the connection with Frog and I was able to have a go at the Miles Master and the Hotspur. Thank You
  11. I remember building this when I was about 12 in the late 70's. I remember it went together really easily, black and silver scheme was great, sort of spaceman pilot and it really dwarfed my Me109 and Spitfire. Cant wait to see this completed.
  12. I had a Willys Hotchkiss M201 Jeep in French army colours. Life took it's toll and it sat in the garage. I loved it and it was a real talking point in the village (hence my site name). After much soul searching I sold it and bought a camper. Nothing special just a VW T4 in blue. We now find we'll go for breakfast in Corsham; lunch in Dorchester, tea and ice cream on the coast at Swanage. Home at 1am. Even going to the shops feels like a trip out. It was a hard decision, even wife shed a tear and I miss the 'kudos' of having the Jeep- but we have more fun in the camper. Life can go on after Mini....
  13. Mum had a Riley Kestrel - wonderfulcar till rust took hold. She bought a blue Austin 1300 and swapped engines. I passed my test and it became mine. All my mates had Escorts and Capris and laughed at my 'granny car'. They were constantly being stop checked by police while I went sailing past. Mates were intrigued when they couldn't keep up with me. The Riley engine was a tuned 1275 twin carb and the 1300 handling superb. Happy innocent days.
  14. Smashing model of a great subject. I'm envious There's a youtube clip somewhere of a Gannet taxiing at an American air show using the jet and the props feathered. The comments from the confused spectators are hilarious.
  15. Thank you for posting this. I made mine in the early 70's when I was about 8 or 9. I remember it was in dark green plastic. Trying to get the body on the chassis was a nightmare and there were little squidgy glueyfingerprints all over the glazing but I was proud as punch. It sat next to my Folland Gnat with collapsed under carriage because the glue haddnt tried when I put it on by bedside table. That had little squidgy gluey fingerprints on the canopy !!
  16. Missing the point of technology improvements and the longevity of the Hunter design and a little different to comparing a 1956 Ford Anglia to a 2018 Ford Fiesta or a 1963 Vauxhall Viva HA to a 2018 Vauxhall Viva hatchback or the 1957 Fiat 500 to a 2018 Fiat 500. Worlds apart and I know which would be the fun cars and which I would trust to start, get around bends and stop.
  17. Just my rambling thoughts.. First, I hope the pilot recovers from his injuries. I realise that ejection and hospitalisation often go hand in hand, I wish him well. Secone, I concede that aircraft have strict maintenance and main component replacement schedules for time expired items and this aircraft would have been well maintained. Third, "Triggers broom" - I wonder how much of the original aircraft from 1956 was flying. Fourth, The hunter was 62 years old and still capable of performing an active role. (Like the B52, Phantom and a few others from the 50's) Fifth, When you think of the modern cars most of us have and think back to a 1950's car....even a 1960's or 1970's car and the reliability, technology and general aids I am not sure I would like a 1950's car on the motorway.
  18. Have a Google- there was a deal to swap a Spitfire which went very wrong.
  19. So good to see the Skoda in the line up (before they became VW Audi ) Slightly partisan as when I was 18/19 I had a Skoda S110R Coupe. Wonderful little car.
  20. It was many many years ago when I built this kit and I remember it went together beautifully and was a real showpiece
  21. Ferror Rocher!!! Obviously bought purely for the gold foil and the contents within will be discarded as superfluous to the build. Good call following the demise of proper Bournville wrapping (and chocolate!). I really enjoyed making this kit as a teenager and it looked a real showpiece too. I remember spending ages painting the earth on the astronauts visor and varnishing it.....a great kit. "It's looking good" - bleeeep!
  22. ...in the days when chocolate came in proper wrapping, the gold foil from a few bars of Bournville dark chocolate was ideal for the base of the module.....and the added bonus of decent pre-takeover chocolate. Happy innocent days of youth!
  23. An unmolested plain Mk1 Escort 2 door is rarer than most people realise. Most of those left have been turned into "Mexicos" and "Twin Cams" with a set of Mexico flared arch front wings, smart wheels and the dash panel from the top range Escorts. I was at a show at South Cerney the other week and haviing had a genuine Mexico I ambled over to one on display which was Mexico-ish! Anyway, I'd forgotten how small Mk1 Escorts were, indeed cars were much smaller before they were packed with air bags and crumple zones.
  24. Always wanted it and had to make do with the Ferret. I was still happy.
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