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  1. I thought there was one already. I have the Airfix one for the Stuka. Unfortunately I don’t have that superkit due to stupid prices (£150+), I’m NOT paying that.
  2. I thought there was one already. I have the Airfix one for the Stuka. Unfortunately I don’t have that superkit due to stupid prices (£150+), I’m NOT paying that. Edit: There’s a PSL one for £30 on eBay. I seem to have lost mine...
  3. Think it’s the RRP, as having preordered two, I got a £19 discount and they’ll be roughly £170 together. I’m happy at that for a new new kit at 1/24. I already have two spare, brand new Hornby propmotors that hopefully will fit the engine nicely. All I need is a power pack to put in the fuselage.
  4. Even the head of IPMS said that the estimate was that only a third of all kits are/were ever built. We are indeed ‘the niche’. However, I don’t like that term, it’s terribly condescending as we’re the people who drive the hobby. Little Johnny generally can’t be bothered nowadays about bits of plastic as we do. And I think we’re as important as him.
  5. No doubt. I hope one can motorise the Engjne too.
  6. Ayup all... Any idea if the new MK IX Spit has a pilot ? It seems daft for it not to if it doesn’t.
  7. No, I’m a full or empty man. The news of the MK 9 Spit is actually very welcome to me. As I can put a modern 1/24 with its 1/72 Classic predecessor. And I’ve pre-ordered two. I wrote this post before I knew about the Spit, because other than WW2 planes, other subjects, as noted by others, have tended to be ignored. And I can’t get excited about the Cold War Tin triangles and the like. Sorry, but that’s just me. I’d have liked some kind of Loco release myself, or some kind of new Ship. I’m not slagging Airfix off however, far from it. But folks like yourself need to accept different opinions like mine. Just accepting ‘anything you’re given’ just doesn’t float any more.
  8. Yep ! But It’s obviously going to be underwhelming as usual.
  9. Fea

    Mike McEvoy

    Me too. Straight to ‘tailpiece’. I think a few for light reading will be good. It’s a pity there doesn’t seem to be a ‘best of’ tailpiece compilation book for when you need a laugh.
  10. Fea

    Mike McEvoy

    Ayup... Oh what a shame. Such a lovely man. We last spoke outside Telford last month as we were both waiting to get our wristbands, and he also visited my SIG table (film fangs) and was very complimentary about it and spoke with both me and my deputy John. And his Badger ! We did laugh about badgers and mashed potatoes ! He was the person Who took me to the Society table and actually helped me join IPMS over 25 years ago I think now at IPMS Farnborough where he was just a wonderful guy to speak to from behind his table. Such a Celebrity ! I was just in absolute awe of him because I’d read all of his articles in SAM and the like that I had and I was totally of awe in him as I was with Neil Robinson. He was such a lovely guy, and a pleasure to spend time with, I am truly lucky to have known him. RIP Mike. Clear Skies.
  11. I’d normally be excited about something like this, but the Shat in space ? Oh please. This is hype about hype. I wonder if he’d gonna wear his gear from Trek so it’s worth billions to some minted moron ?
  12. I forgot, of course a large 3D printed multi part Blake’s Seven ‘Liberator’ too, with electric wires and lights and everything that I got off a mate. His 1/32 Alien Dropship is too big though. I’d need a new house to keep it in LOL. And a mate scored me the Revell Kazon ship from a boot sale an hour ago...
  13. Ayup All... Not today, but a month ago or so. The Airfix ‘Snap ‘n’ Glue’ Orion spacecraft from 2001. Two days ago I received my Space station from said film and the Valley forge from ‘Silent Running’ but in paper as my SIG is multi media. I’m gonna buy the fantastic plastic Space station in a coupla days. However, I just looked at the picture posting requisites and just couldn’t be bothered. I think you know what they all look like LOL.
  14. Ayup All... Such sad news to hear of Darrells passing. A true Gent and giant of Airfix in the very best tradition. He was always ready to answer my (often vexed) Questions and loved Film Fangs’ display at SMW. Even though we didn’t have many Airfix models on the table in 2019. He listened to my ideas on all things Airfix and gave us some great Airfix ideas to augment our display which would have been for last year going forwards. I think we’ll be doing an homage to him for the next SMW. It was a true honour to know him, and he will be missed so very much by Airfix modellers and modellers in general. Rest in Peace Darrell. And my and Film Fangs’ deepest condolences to your family.
  15. Fea

    Airfix 2021...

    Ayup Mike... You know, but my apologies. I’m getting to the stage of advanced Old timers disease. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. Obviously I got the wrong one of the two (three ?) ‘Mikes’. LOL. I’ll let you beat me up at SMW in November if we all manage it. I stick to my Guns though that the likes of the Chippie, Bulldog, provost et al are an extreme niche in these days of everything must pay its way, so Airfix obviously know something I don’t... But I’m looking forward to the 420. It’s swish and sleek. Train up hard LOL !
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