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  1. That Aoshima Mole is something else... Kool, with a capital K...
  2. One kit and no more... Well there's a surprise. What did they expect ? A surge of interest in Anne Boleyn and Bluetits ? A bit of this had to be down to Hornbys financial woes and situation abroad, but you must admit, it was a half-baked idea to begin with. Ah well, back to the spits and Hurris...
  3. Ayup.., I have one 3/4 built from 2 years ago now. I've been trying to find an authentic D-Day scheme decal sheet but alas, no cigar... Fit such a popular aircraft there just doesn't seem to be anything for it in 48th...
  4. A nice meatbox... I hope you're a happy camper, LOL.
  5. Ayup... Pedants corner here... Nice sets, but wrong Harold. It was Harold Macmillan who said that. Still nice sets though. does the zoom set have a heating tube in resin with it ?
  6. Ayup... Very Impressive work O pure one, And as everyone else has said, an impressive model (maybe apart from the heating tube which I'd add with plastic rod) from Airfix. I guess there'll be plenty of them at Telford.
  7. Ayup... Haha ! Payday of a sorts tomorrow, so I'm gonna order a Beau. Sod it ! AND build it as soon as it hits the deck ! Still want the Stuka very much too though !
  8. Ayup Albert... Absolutely not, and I didnt say I was. I was simply expressing my hope that someday Airfix's production could return here to the enrichment of our great British workforce. And by them I mean ANYONE who works here. I obviously made the simple naive error of thinking that if you could re home the paint and thinners section, you could the kits. But as mentioned above, Asia is indeed 'catching up' wage wise, and hopefully in the future it will be as cheap to ship from Tilbury as Shanghai. And I'd like to say I'm not one of those awful Jingoistic anti-foreigner types either. Thanks to Graham for his exceptional Knowledge of the British Kits Industry, both ancient and modern. Awesome. Beau looks Luvverly, Dunnit ?
  9. Ayup And are you an expert on overseas wages ? I would say that the Indigenous populations of china AND India DO NOT work 'for a bowl of rice' a day as we used to stereotype them as doing. Rather I would say that the new populations coming on stream as it were would expect and get better wages, and only dont get them fully because theyre not allowed to unionise as some of us are here. Plus, If Hornby can bring back the production of paint and other comsumables to keep a grip on Quality, then they could do so with kit production.
  10. It'd be a nicer situation if Hornby bought ALL their Manafacturing capability back to blighty. I mean if most of Europe, North Africa and beyond is trying to get in, and the economys doing so absolutely amazingly, according to the drongos in charge, then the UK should be the best place to make the darn things AND export them from. At least the indiginous population could have a chance to be proud of producing an Iconic British product.
  11. But it depends on if you either visit the rumourmonger section or if the search faciliy throws it up doesn't it ?
  12. Ayup All... Well, what a surprise eh ? A new F8 Meteor in 48th. I bet all you Cold war and classic British Jet blokes are all salivating like anything. Go Airfix.
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