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  1. Fea

    Airfix 2021...

    Ayup Mike... You know, but my apologies. I’m getting to the stage of advanced Old timers disease. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. Obviously I got the wrong one of the two (three ?) ‘Mikes’. LOL. I’ll let you beat me up at SMW in November if we all manage it. I stick to my Guns though that the likes of the Chippie, Bulldog, provost et al are an extreme niche in these days of everything must pay its way, so Airfix obviously know something I don’t... But I’m looking forward to the 420. It’s swish and sleek. Train up hard LOL !
  2. Fea

    Airfix 2021...

    Ayup Mike.. Not ‘everyone’ has either seen or flown in a Chipmunk. (Like me) Or been an air cadet. I didn’t even make it thru Cubs, let alone anything like ‘cadets’, but due to a great uncle who was rescued from Dunkirk and ‘The Victor’ Comic, as a small boy in the seventies I was well into WW2. So what kind of interest would your typical punter have for one ? A mere raspberry ripple scheme ? The engine detail ? However, AIrfix have a history of modelling trainers, so it’s not unusual. And there’s your ‘meh’ comment explained. May they sell container ship loads. However,
  3. Have you seen the picture of her under the nose of a B-17 ? Phwoarrr.
  4. You know they won’t don’t you. ? Aftermarket may cover that though. Plus all the main actors are dead, so image rights may not be a massive issue. But then again...
  5. Fea

    Airfix 2021...

    Ayup All... Some nice stuff there. Steady, not spectacular. I do like the mossie, tempest and Vampire (we had a Vamp engine at school). Also the Jag. Although I do groan at the Valiant. (Thats down to Airfix model world magazine, but enuff of that) and a chipmunk (?). It’s a pity however, that there are no 600th ships. I need to check the stash to see if i have a Beaufort though of any description. In the classics range I’d have loved to have seen a large figure, say, Napoleon, as his figure is a leading contender as a donor when it comes to a basis for scratchbuilding other figure
  6. Try buying the DVD of the film ‘The Man in the Sky’ with Jack Hawkins in. It uses a superfreighter in that particular airframes configuration. It was made at literally spitting distance from where I come from in Wolverhampton. There are scenes That will help you place internal boxes and the like. It might also be that each individual Airframe had its own configuration. Have fun !
  7. I’ve just tried to join and all I get after the pre-order box, and an instant ‘out of stock’. The crankiness on FB is quite palpable...
  8. Hi Guy. Well they blamed the system of course. But thanked everyone who tried, so no criticism there. But why link something as physical as ‘Stock’ to a virtual membership ? With pack mechanicals being sorted after the initial surge. I don’t see Darryl making such a basic ‘mistake’. Do you ? However when all’s said and done, it’s great to see the depth of Love (if that’s the right word) for the Big ‘A’ and the passion, overwhelmingly positive, for it. If SMW is still on, I can’t wait to see what they’ll have. Toodle Pip.
  9. Four pieces of A4 and a ‘passport’. £15. A kit you either want to go with the others in your Clubkit section of your stash... or not. £25. And all including of course, the ultimate piece of memorabilia, a trolley token ! I bet they all laughed like drains and went out for a pint when that was pitched at the meeting !
  10. That Aoshima Mole is something else... Kool, with a capital K...
  11. One kit and no more... Well there's a surprise. What did they expect ? A surge of interest in Anne Boleyn and Bluetits ? A bit of this had to be down to Hornbys financial woes and situation abroad, but you must admit, it was a half-baked idea to begin with. Ah well, back to the spits and Hurris...
  12. Ayup.., I have one 3/4 built from 2 years ago now. I've been trying to find an authentic D-Day scheme decal sheet but alas, no cigar... Fit such a popular aircraft there just doesn't seem to be anything for it in 48th...
  13. A nice meatbox... I hope you're a happy camper, LOL.
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