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  1. So here is my first update: Did some paintwork on her. More asap.
  2. Started during the Mosquito GB, but didn't finish it in the time. It's all about: A few pics of the build thusfar: Hopefully today or tomorrow my first update.
  3. Hey is this the great Lancasterbuild I'm also following on Twitter? Such a great build all the way....
  4. Okay it isn't soon anymore, but here afersh update. Made the front landing gears and one bomb. Hopefully soon more.......
  5. NIce work on this one. I started one last month, but waiting in line for finishing the group builds I'm working on. Mosquito GB first and after that this GB. Good luck finishing these two.
  6. Little progress made last night. The enginecowlings are closed and waiting for the main undercarriage. Soon more...
  7. This Eagle has crashed into the gallery also. If you like to read the build, you can do that over here
  8. It's finished. Not totaly what I had in mind, but that's something the kit would'nt allow me to. All I can say more that this is deffinitly no beginner kit. Here are the final results:
  9. Very little progress made yesterday. What a terrible kit. Nothing fits. You have to force everything on it's place. Just look at the pictures. Have to rework some canyons. This way all looks nice: But....... As you can see, lots to do to make it look as it is supposed to be.....
  10. Okay you had a lot of work on the Merlins, but the first one looks great.
  11. Great work on the office. Currious how it looks with the colours on it.
  12. However it's little it looks great. The kit looks way better than the Dragon I'm wokin on. Nice work on the modifications by the way.
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