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  1. At the time, effort and money invested in the extras on your Su-34 I'd say the price tag of the new kit is exactly where it should be. I already have the masks, some etch pieces, wheels pending, decals, AM resin set for the stabs, slats, flaps and wheel wells, and that already HAS made the positively pathetic Zvezda reissue of the mediocre (at best) Italeri kit too expensive for what it is - that is the ONLY reason I would not fork the bucks for the new one. And all of this ??? (I don't really know how to classify it in a politically correct manner) about the nose - 1) I have yet to see a close enough perspective comparison between the kit itself and a photo of the real deal, and 2) when the 48th scale kit actually showed up the entire affair rapidly subsided. So if the 72nd scale kit is a scaled down HB kit it should already be resolved. So far nothing as drastic as the Su-24MR to see on the -34 kit. At 4 times the price of the e.g. Zvezda MiG-31 - I am willing to pay that premium despite having 2 complete -31 decal sheets (both 1 and 2, though not the kit itself) by Begemot. The R-40s will go directly onto the ICM MiG-25PD. The "correct" resin R-33s from AM alone would set you back about half the price of the Chinese kit - not speaking at all of the ridiculous pylons, "adapters" and remaining "missiles". Plus they (MiG-31 and Su-34) are both quite the handful of plastic. I simply have seen neither Trump kits up and close yet, but oh well - I've waited a dozen years, a couple of months more will not really make a difference. Who knows, I might end up buying the 34 as well - 500 kits or 501...
  2. Did you - by chance - have a look at the instructions, that show you 1) there's just 1 (one) engine that can be exposed - the left one? 2) that you can build said engine either fully exposed, or with closed nacelle? Here's a link where you can see instructions: http://www.mojehobby.pl/products/Petlyakov-Pe-2.html
  3. Thank you guys for chiming in - the references will come in handy for the work planned. Where I am the Airfix kit and (when it comes out) the Eduard Weekend Edition will be comparable in price, so should I be buying more late version aircraft - yes it will be the Ed kit. For versions A-4 and below it will be Zvezda as at 5-6 Euro a box they are 3 times cheaper than the Tamiya kit. This means I can literally buy the entire Quickboost range to do an A-3 out of it and still fit the same budget.
  4. Eduard is to release A-5, F-8, D-9 - so all "long" versions. The A-8 looks excellent, parts for A-8/R-2, A-8/N, and A-9, too. I can't say I noticed differences between the 2 wheel well ceiling parts, so any insight is welcome. Have the new Airfix, Revell, and Zvezda to build along with it and compare. Since you mentioned the earlier versions - there are wheels for them included in the Eduard kit that look particularly good. Can you point me to a good source of info on A-0 to A-4? Interested in these earlier birds, too, and willing to press extra parts from the kit into service to up/downgrade existing kits to various versions. Thanks!
  5. That is the FROG kit from 1960s that Revell have re-packed multiple times during the years. Initially it has been released with the original boxart, then as 04180 with a newer one (inflight, front port quarter), and then this one. Don't think Revell ever had their own kit of the thing. Actually until Dragon had theirs in the early 1990s if anyone else had it released, it might have been some US company like Aurora or Lindberg. Now you also have the Aoshima Ta-152 family (which is actually based off the Dragon kit, but with no engine and open cowl), and the ART model, which is also derived from the DML kit, but twice as cheap (can be had for the MSRP of the Revell kit). Don't think Revell's to blame, with a couple of exceptions I am aware of (1/72 armor) you can always tell by the kit # which plastic is inside.
  6. Very nice of Airfix to have included Bulgarian markings. There are images of this exact machine (and a few others) in the link below: http://www.airgroup2000.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=225507&start=210 Germany has an extensive list of symbols, images and songs/music compositions that are prohibited from display unless they are in a specific historical context (similar to what you said about Hungary). Back in 2008 it was 18 pages long. Germany is a big enough market, so I guess companies will have to consider what they include in the boxes. For those who need a historically correct 109s from the Battle of Britain creating a JG 53 example with the red band over the cowling and no unit markings and swastika/hankerkreuz on the tail is always an option.
  7. Well - looking at your great build I just ordered the interior PE I have to admit I can't imagine how the fine "net" of rib detail would adhere to the sidewalls on my build without the superglue bleeding through What are the colors you've used so far, and can you share your ideas about the elusive Polish khaki? Any paint equivalent, FS code, other reference? Something I've noticed - in the original Mikro 72 version of the kit there is a station of a radio operator in the middle of the fuselage spine with a seat on one sidewall and a large radio set on the other. Are you going to include this one at a later stage or omit it altogether?
  8. Martin, truly mad skill and exceptional result here I am glad the material advice worked. You should print a book of this build, it will inspire many a modeller to try something new rather than just copy :-) You've picked up a pretty nice scheme for the old ace maker. I hope I will be able to see it in person on the competition this June in Sofia :-)
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