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  1. Mine was finished back in 2012 and appeared if memory serves at Huddersfield show in Feb 2013. It hasn't been out much since. W
  2. Production has come to a halt. I took a look at the kit one morning and decided I couldn't be bothered. Maybe I'll go back to it, I don't know. Moved onto............ W
  3. I always think German tanks look odd without the rear turret basket. W
  4. Being that it's a PAK 36, I'd go for the Panther. Bigger diorama too.! W
  5. Just be thankful they're not Hobby Boss' three part nowhere to glue links. W
  6. Tends to decry the 'pervy model' descriptor doesn't it. W
  7. Charlotte's finished. I found a way round the dress strap problem and although there are obvious gaps in her clothing, I can live with that due to the added versatility of displaying her in various states. I also found that by mixing a drop or two of brass into the gold, a deeper 'old gold' finish resulted. I also painted the sash a deeper, more royal red. More pickies in the RFI section. Here's a taster. Now, who's next.? w
  8. From the E2046 stable, comes Charlotte. I wanted to adapt this figure for two different display modes, it just seemed a shame to hide all that underwear detail. It took some doing, but finally she's finished. I'm happy with the way she turned out, especially as I can now display her in different ways. So, what's next.? W
  9. It beats me why Dragon always have to complicate matters and miss the basic things off, like zimmerit untill recently. Even then, you get charged extra.! W
  10. Some did, some didn't. Unless you're modelling a specific vehicle, I wouldn't worry about it. W
  11. Today, I have been mainly finding problems.! When her hair is on, I can't get the rear of her dress on. The problem revolves around the two shoulder straps. One will go, but not the other. After all that work............... Anyway, I decided to bite the bullet, fix her hair in place and go from there. So, here's where she's got to so far. The arms are only placed on as yet. Why do all these anime babes have pink hair..????? W
  12. A coat of Kleer should darken it up nicely. The desert yellow is a bit too light for overall dark yellow. W
  13. The Atak zimmerit looks great. It does prevent some 'damage' to the mudguards though. Have to go for the factory fresh look I suppose. W
  14. I fit a set on a TAMIYA Tiger I. They fit superbly. As far as not fitting the sprockets goes, c'mon, time to start modelling............... W
  15. Slap some mud on. Only anoraks like me wold notice anyway. W
  16. If you're ever short of wire for handles, mini staples work a treat. W
  17. In my expert professional opinion, that looks cock on. well done that man. W
  18. Ignore him. Those DS tracks are the dog's nards. A drop of poly cement fixes them into position and they take paint like normal plastic. If anyone doesn't want their DS tracks, I'll gladly take 'em off your hands. W
  19. It's a real pain. If only Academy supplied a cutting pattern. Copious quantities of Daco's deathwerfer setting solution too.! W
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