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  1. Many thankf to that Andrew, Most useful. I may avoid the surgery on the tail though.
  2. Hi, Do any of you know how much of the fuselage of an A330-300 I would have to remove to make it into a 330-200? Many thanks in advance.
  3. Having use the Hobby color 338 I would say it was an almost exact match for the Testors Canadian Voodoo Grey
  4. Hi Rich, How much for a set of the modern style Monarch A320 decals for delivery inside the UK please.

    Many thanks


    1. RICHW


      sorry for the delay in replying havent been on here this week


      Hi the Monarch A320 is £7.00 per set that will include postage





  5. These were the plans I used when I built mine just over a year ago
  6. Yes, for my sins, I am indeed the Sec at Wakefield. Many thanks for the heads up on the reference pictures. Still not easy to find though. The other thing I forgot to mention is the instructions are a confusing mess and a lot of guesswork is involved. I'll hopefully get some pictures taken and posted this weekend of the progress so far.
  7. I'll get some pictures done as soon as I can, but some may need to go in the chamber of horrors section lol. What I am really short of is good, close-up reference pictures of the rocket when it is fully assembled, can any of you out there possibly direct me to some suitable sources? Many thanks in advance Col
  8. Quick update on the Mach 2 Soyuz. It is as bad as the reviews say. The finish on the plastic is appalling and its already turned into Quite a filler monster.
  9. I've just started working on the Mach 2 Soyuz R7 kit, havent tried any test fitting as yet but I do have to say that the plastic it is made from is definately a bit on the rough side and will need a good sanding and cleanup first, as there is a lot of flash around where the parts join together.
  10. Great piece of work there. Ive got one to finish but got slightly sidetracked by a scratchbuild.
  11. I got hold of the xtracolour enamel version. Given the issues I had with it, I ended up mixing my own simply by adding white to a medium grey acrylic and comparing it to the tin lid till it looked about right.
  12. If you want to see TFA, just watch the original Star Wars.
  13. You could give Gorilla glue a try as well. Similar drying time to epoxy so more time than with superglue for parts positioning. Word to the wise though, use it sparingly as It does expand slightly when drying. Strong as anything though.
  14. Give 'Star Trek:Renegades' a look, another really good, crowdfunded film
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