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  1. I’ve just spent a very frustrating time trying to paint a small part, hampered by a sudden bad case of a trembling or twitching hand, which got worse the harder I tried to suppress it! Other than perhaps cutting down on the caffeine, does anyone have any good tips?
  2. It’s more work than is worthwhile and would need a donor GR1 kit you might as well build. For an interesting gulf war pairing, swap the external tanks between the two, as this was what they did.
  3. Can anyone help, what’s the name of the tug in the bottom right of the picture? And does anyone offer one in 1/72 ?
  4. It’s interesting how many of the most important British aircraft were developed either without ministry support or in some cases, in the face of opposition. We might have ended up trying to fight the Battle of Britain with P40s and Boomerangs
  5. Having read most of the individual memoirs and unit histories of British tanks that have been “kindled”, I’ve yet to come across anything covering armoured cars. They merit only the briefest passing mention in the tankers’ own books. Does anyone know of any good titles?
  6. I’ve never understood how the DH9/9a have been virtually ignored by manufacturers. Far more obscure WW1 types have been covered by several manufacturers each.
  7. Dh9 is mentioned further down the thread. Can anyone translate?
  8. What’s the usual lag between announcing and availability? We’re talking 2023 aren’t we?
  9. Only one tornado carrying jp233 was lost, and supposedly some distance from the target. though god knows how it was so few!!
  10. We could just have the green / brown debate again?
  11. And it was later clear that Thatcher owed Pinochet a few favours...
  12. I think there was an issue with senior non aviators giving overly-specific orders to aviators that exceeded their competence, I think all three authors agree on that!
  13. There’s quite a lot said about Ward by those qualified to do on the military section of PPrune...
  14. I believe the first through the sound barrier is thought to be the German test pilot of one of those 1945 vertical take off rocket things. However, as the feat was achieved very, very briefly in a vertical dive at around 300 feet it’s generally held not to count...
  15. Ideally read all of the Ward, Morgan and Pook books for the full picture. At times it reads like the two carriers and the RAF had enough beef between them for a three way war without having to bother the Argentines... in particular Ward’s squadron achieved/claimed to achieve far better performance from the radar than the other carrier’s squadron did, leading to heated argument about whether it could be relied upon rather than rely on visual search strange to think that it’s now the same distance in history as El Alamein was at the time
  16. wombat

    Covid Jab

    Just a word of caution...one can think one has after effects then get a nasty shock from a pre-going-into-work lateral flow test, confirmed by PCR!...ask me how I know!
  17. Had to explain recently why I was snipping the bottom half off used sparklers...
  18. I remember this kit / mould being flashy in the early 90s!
  19. I guess train sets make better tv than static display models
  20. I assume Vice Admiral Takashiro Ohnishi, having reached this conclusion, volunteered to lead the first wave? Actually, no. The history is more interesting. According to Wikipedia ... Ōnishi committed ritual suicide (seppuku) in his quarters on 16 August 1945 after the unconditional surrender of Japan at the end of World War II. His suicide note apologized to the approximately 4,000 pilots he had sent to their deaths, and he urged all young civilians who had survived the war to work towards rebuilding Japan and peace among nations. He also stated that he would offer his death as a penance to the kamikaze pilots and their families.[citation needed] Accordingly, he did not use a kaishakunin, the usual second who executes by beheading, and so died of self-inflicted injuries over a period of 15 hours.
  21. Yeah there would be some loss of pressure over that distance...
  22. Ah but think about it...if you can hear it from five miles away you never know if it’s actually nearby!
  23. I too have the Revell weird scale one. If this release would prompt a decal company to issue BEA markings in near-enough scale that would be grand. There was a company did it in Revell scale years ago but I’ve never seen it in stock anywhere.
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