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  1. So far the only colour pics I has found were the shuttle worth restoration...and restorations can be as untrustworthy as profiles! The Swedish one is new. But what Troy implies is fascinating...the area painted green (Humbrol 78 in old money) is defined as what’s visible to the pilot? So not necessarily a case of external visibility (which might be a good reason not to have bright red doped fabric on show).
  2. Gladiators in brown/green early war camo...would the fabric on the interior be CDL, brick red or the greeny-grey found in Hurris and Spits?
  3. Wish they’d rescale this to 1/72. The old mould goes for quite a lot on eBay these days.
  4. I believe not but I’d love it too. Though I’ve never seen the full aircraft so don’t know the codes and serial number, and colours for the nose art would be guess work
  5. I feel for the guys having to make the call on Telford. Last year was relatively simple as it was always a remote chance. Now, it’s maybe a 60/40 call on regulations, TIC has vaccine centre business, and even if it ran, turn out would surely be down. Oh, and EU traders had best set off in about a week and take a tent for the customs queue... nope, don’t envy them making that call one little bit!
  6. The 48 hasegawa with the G AMAU decals is currently on that there auction site.
  7. There’s a strong argument that all the many compromises elsewhere made necessary by the strategic bombing campaign only made sense at the time the commitments were initially activated, when Britain “stood alone” and no other means of victory was available (however tenuous the likelihood of strategic bombing securing victory alone may have been). By the time the lead times of production had played through the strategic picture had altered to the point where the need was no longer there, but now we had to find a use for what we had. Did anyone except Bomber Harris still believe in the concept by
  8. This is why Milo Minderbender worked out it was much more cost efficient for each side to contract with the other to bomb themselves... also of note in the majority of RAF bomber command raids casualties on the ground were exceeded by aircrew casualties. Every so often a mass event like Hamburg put a massive thumb on the scale.
  9. I’ll bet the queue was shorter too
  10. We don’t need no MD Eagle We don’t need it in that scale No aftermarket and no decals Revell, leave those kits alone Hey! Revell Leave those kits alone
  11. McLaren mp4/13 for the £20 or so you could get it for a few year back rather than nearer £50 Mclaren M23 ditto
  12. Why, why, why didn’t I buy the overtrees deal when it was available...?
  13. Talk of translated instructions above reminds me of those on an airbrush set I bought in the early 90s...”bow the spray head gently soft down forward...”
  14. Someone was asking after Paul on Chat the other week
  15. It just this second occurred to me. x wings, y wings etc....but the written language you see in Star Wars doesn’t use those letters
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