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  1. As well as italeri mentioned above, one of the hasegawa boxings in the early 90s had one. Lacked the detail on display here though.
  2. I reckon BE500 must be a candidate for the airframe that’s appeared most often as a decal option.
  3. Interesting. Is that because they consider the method superior in general, or are their particular decals particularly sensitive flowers that can’t abide nasty chemicals like those produced by more ordinary manufacturers?
  4. What’s the hair dryer technique exactly?
  5. This seems the right place to ask: the old Airfix mk1/2b kit obviously bakes in an inaccuracy because the mk2 had a longer nose for the updated engine. I have a figure of 4mm in my head from somewhere. But is is too long for a mk1, too short for a mk2b, or somewhere in between?
  6. Interesting jig. Home build or bought from ...?
  7. My carpet monster followed me from house to house. It once yielded up an intake trumpet from a lotus 25 after three moves and about twenty years. I still can’t figure it out.
  8. There’s a very interesting interview with Morgan on the Ten Per Cent True podcast. Fortunately 100% lacking in metaphysical seagull bobbins. Ward’s book gives the impression that Hermes, Invincible and the RAF barely laid off the infighting long enough to, you know, actually fight the Argentinians...
  9. Well excellent if this thread is back alive, I’ll mention again my hankering for 11 Squadron to get the “History of xx squadron” treatment. 11 ought to qualify because: arguably first “fighter” squadron as unlike earlier squadrons didn’t start out purely as recce very nearly continuous history from WW1 to present day always equipped with British (or British in partnership) aircraft rather than US imports, and almost every major british-built fighter type since the hurricane almost every type it flew is reasonably available as a kit
  10. Does anyone know anything about the “11/14 combined squadron” profile on that sheet? Though both squadrons were in the same region there all the images of that aircraft I’ve seen describe it as 14 squadron.
  11. Wow 30 years ago is smack bang in my model shopping era and I had no idea it was there. Though it’s not a street I’d have had reason to ever go down. My dad grew up a few hundred yards from TMS so that was Mecca. Still there I believe but I know the owner’s been on the verge of retirement for a few years as my mum is friends with his wife.
  12. wombat


    Maybe they were green on one side and brown on the other to make the Germans think we had twice as many of them?
  13. I had no idea of that one. When was it there?
  14. In my day it was TMS and Taylor McKenna in the Grosvenor. Which am I missing?
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