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  1. Yew knead two bee maw watch full of the spell chequer on yore pea sea
  2. If I didn’t know from the above that D should be red, I’d say the wheels look the same shade as the blue in the roundel. I’d presume they’d use the same red, white and blue paint for both wheels and roundels.
  3. I’ve had very similar problems with the 1/72 ragwing!
  4. Great, thanks both. Though didn’t realise there were two types of chin mounting. Can’t imagine they ever hit a damn thing with it, any road !
  5. Hello. Can anyone familiar with the IVf version (A04017 with the green/earth and all black night fighter options) confirm if that boxing includes parts for the chin turret, which isn’t fitted to those versions but is to the versions in boxing A04061 ( free french desert camo). this thread shows the sprues and it looks like they’re there but not quite sure...
  6. Funnily enough I was just thinking of posting the question this answers! Having struggled to get an acceptable result from a cheapo Chinese eBay special and wondering if it were worth investing in something proper. There’s so many variables of thinning, pressure, distance etc then lots of tedious cleaning (not to mention being exiled to the shed) I’d rather resigned myself back to the brush but perhaps I should try again.
  7. Five flying fortresses at thirty thousand feet Five flying fortresses at thirty thousand feet Five flying fortresses at thirty thousand feet But they’ve only got a teeny weeny bomb
  8. Unless anyone knows better there doesn’t seem to be a set for overseas Jaguars - Oman, India, Nigeria, Ecuador.
  9. Thanks for that very full response. You’d have thought they’d have wanted 12 identical airframes for obvious reasons - equally you’d have thought the British would have wanted to offload 12 ragwings if it were up to them! I gather they also had a solitary IIb captured from the Russians later on!
  10. So...the sources I have place the Finnish Hurricane purchase anything from late 1939 to 1941, the earlier date suggesting they would have gone around the time the switch to tinwing was made. The one in a museum is a tinwing (HC452). Yet googling turned up an SBS decal sheet which has this aircraft (listed as tinwing) and HC456 (described as fabric wing). Given they only bought 12 it seems unlikely they’d buy a mixed batch. does anyone know more?
  11. Hmmm... of course if I was a savvy Airfix PR guy (public relations, not photo reconnaissance) the idea of “leaking” one to a britmodeller user to whet the appetite might seem a good idea...
  12. Ah man I remember the airliners, also mid 80s for me. I recall I had an airport drawn out on a massive sheet of cardboard to take off and land them... happy days...
  13. Unlikely to be a problem...I get so little time for modelling you can count the rings between coats of paint...
  14. So basically, it shouldn’t work but it does ?
  15. Just be sure to label the model correctly. 1/72 thisaway, and 1/82 thataway....
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