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  1. What a coincidence. We were on holiday in Wales that week, and were right underneath your Tuesday F15s for two or three laps, near Corris.
  2. I mean, a walk round would be challenging at this point...
  3. £40! The 747 Ed force one was less than that
  4. There’s been barely any contemporary F1 models in the last decade. Would be nice to have a few.
  5. wombat

    Model Shops UK

    Well here’s a thing A new Bachmann retail shop! i wish them them luck but I fear this may be what Sir Humphrey would call a brave decision...
  6. I’m pleasantly surprised to learn they’ll come back. You could easily see Humbrol enamel being squeezed out as us diehard enamel users prefer more specialist brands, while acrylics become ever more popular especially with what newbies there are.
  7. Ah well being optimistic, perhaps they’ll be better than recent versions
  8. Ah, so for some reason not translated at all then!
  9. 52 is no age at all...
  10. One is built by a system in which man exploited man, and the other in a system in which it was the other way around? is there an rrp yet? I won’t use fascistbook
  11. I’ve just spent a very frustrating time trying to paint a small part, hampered by a sudden bad case of a trembling or twitching hand, which got worse the harder I tried to suppress it! Other than perhaps cutting down on the caffeine, does anyone have any good tips?
  12. It’s more work than is worthwhile and would need a donor GR1 kit you might as well build. For an interesting gulf war pairing, swap the external tanks between the two, as this was what they did.
  13. Can anyone help, what’s the name of the tug in the bottom right of the picture? And does anyone offer one in 1/72 ?
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