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  1. Not sure how to link to tweets but see @ron_eisele for a close up of staining on a Pup
  2. wombat

    RAF Bomber schemes

    There are many varieties of how far up the fuselage sides the black goes in the first year or so. How much is local practice and how much is rapid evolution of the central guidance I’m not sure.
  3. A while back there was a useful thread about whether Finnish Hurricanes were rag or tinwing (consensus was a mixed batch, for esoteric reason). My sources (far from definitive) are less helpful on other exports (eg Romania, Egypt, Yugo). No specific mention, and even delivery dates from which to imply are contradictory. Colour profiles often seem to use the tin wing outline as default for simplicity’s sake. Does anyone have the pukka gen?
  4. Moffat and Gatiss compressed the Sherlock “first two series fantastic, then lose it completely” pattern into the same number of episodes. I did though like the “average modern house is regal luxury by historical standards” dialogue as funnily enough this is a subject I regularly bore anyone unfortunate enough to be in earshot with. The compulsory Gatiss cameo was spectacularly, woefully misjudged, superfluous and self-indulgent. One wonders what his fellow cast members really thought of it. Oh and I really liked the Christmas Carol adaptation despite the Aussie accent creeping in.
  5. I had a moment of clarity recently when the size of the stash, and the many part finished projects on the go were making me feel exactly like I do at work. This is precisely the opposite of what a hobby is supposed to do! so I currently have a rule for modelling (and so far as is in my control, at work) that I’m finishing the majority of the projects before starting a new one, and thereafter it’s one in one out. of course only one of those environments is remotely in my control...
  6. It occurs to me, the noble house of Beaufort were closely related to Henry
  7. I’ve always presumed that mounting the ecm pod thus (ditto on the jaguar) created a problem of the airframe masking its emissions to starboard- especially when at low level with only a couple hundred feet vertical separation to the radar source. Would that be the case?
  8. I had a small fire take out one and a half rooms some years ago, so I can only sympathise with the myriad practical and emotional burdens your much more significant situation brought. Interesting advice too.
  9. Hmmmm....how about Henry V gets a mount fit for a king, the very first operational Meteor....?
  10. When a build goes terminally wrong it just becomes a paint mule for practicing painting techniques on. or, occasionally, falls foul of ack-ack fire (hammer) in a most satisfying way...just remember to salvage any useful spares from the crash site.
  11. Hmmm the line of logic seems to point to something like Leonard Cheshire’s pathfinder Mustang.
  12. It occurs to me there’s a gap in the market for some aftermarket replacement wings (vacform?)for this otherwise pretty popular old kit. How many of us have one/would get one but are daunted by the prospect of fixing those trenches?
  13. Or print production deadline came before a deal fell through?
  14. That middle one is new on me. Was a real one painted up as such?
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