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As a result of the close-down of the UK by the British Government last night, we have made all the Buy/Sell areas read-only until we open back up again, so please have a look at the announcement linked here.

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  1. Oh absolutely. I once did a AV8B with 16 x 500lbs snakeyes. Theoretically it would take off conventionally.... i think theres also a pic of a tornado with 9 ALARMs.
  2. Quite so, it’s the mix of a stand off cruise missile with four alarms that is eccentric. If you’re stood off you don’t need four alarms. You might need alarms to penetrate territory before launching stand off but if you’re doing that you need fuel, unless there’s no SAM threat to your tankers, in which case you don’t need alarms for yourself... Four storm shadows is about 12000lbs weight so you ain’t going far without a tanker.
  3. wombat

    Yellow leading edges

    Seems to: spinner refers “as before” but no such phrase attaches to leading edges. though the can of worms marked “duck egg blue” is in play!
  4. wombat

    Yellow leading edges

    Quick question: did yellow leading edges come in at the same time as the switch from green/earth/sky to green/grey/grey?
  5. The swastika debate...hadn’t even occurred to me until I returned to the hobby and caught up with it. It’s emotive and not always rational. I want accuracy so will put them on, but having ordered the aftermarket set the sight of a sheet full of swastikas gave me a shudder. I’ll still use them, but the sheet is filed away under plain wrapper! Meanwhile the wife is mildly offended by the Finnish blue swastika even after I explained... the red red star has no such impact despite the millions slaughtered by Stalin. equally I have a strange urge to model a tornado with a we177 but feel nauseous at the idea of someone hanging a chemical bomb off a model...go figure...
  6. Not a very realistic mission scenario though especially with the impact on range.
  7. Mine is a coffee frother chosen for having a detachable shaft. This slots through a drilled old tin lid which is a reasonably good seal on the paint tinto minimise spillage. note use of the words “reasonably good seal” and “minimise”....a tightly pressed rag is a necessary precaution.
  8. There was a mid season change to an oil cooler which later fell foul of Ferrari International Assistance. Might it be that?
  9. wombat


    Invite Dominic Cummings to be guest of honour and sorted....
  10. I seem to recall that the Telford big reveal sequence shows someone fist pumping when they see what it is. Anyone we know?
  11. Both the Airframe and Pegasus kits are on eBay currently....I wonder which will go for more?
  12. Indeed. In any case my understanding is that the survival of virus on surfaces varies depending on conditions and the type of the surface but that 72 hrs is generally considered the outer limit. So the moral of the story is use second class post...
  13. I’m used to seeing “from a smoke free home” on eBay listings. Today I saw my first “from a covid-19 free home”
  14. Well, I checked the 60 page document government published about easing the lockdown and it doesn’t mention Britmodeller even once!!
  15. Revell instructions don’t feature the streaky section, though I’d assume WNW left nothing behind in terms of their research.
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