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  1. Is it an all-in-one thing or does the airbrush join with a standard connector to the compressor bit? I.e. you could attach a better airbrush to it
  2. Not modelling, but from time to time that I’m in a model shop. Not any of the real ones I’ve actually been in though for some reason. Usually with an unrealistically wide and attractive range of stock and even attractive quirky features such as a spiral staircase. No doubt symbolic of....something or other.
  3. [sighs...chucks assorted expensive natural metal finish products in the bin...]
  4. You can get a bunch of tiny cocktail stick style brushes on the auction website, or places like modellingtools quite cheaply. Also useful is one of those little stands with a magnifying glass and a couple of branches with crocodile clips, sometimes a little lamp, for detail work. Of course before long you you end up with a cupboard full of useful tools...
  5. Less than a tenner in uk .. given I have a spare spinner and prop I might give one a whirl
  6. Well if anyone was thinking about releasing a DH9, a Ninak and a Wapiti they could put me down for at least one of each...
  7. You say you have enamels and acrylics. Beware using these together as they’re (almost literally) oil and water. There’s threads in the paint section about this.
  8. Seriously though, a 1/48 brabazon with all the internal detail would be epic...though over a metre each way and over a foot tall!
  9. Interesting DIY masking....what kind of vinyl sheet are you using and where do you get it? also I have visions of a very confused archaeologist in a few hundred years coming up with theories as to why offerings of money were placed inside replica planes...
  10. Just about enough time to build the necessary house extension...
  11. I got ok results thus....first an orange brown base coat. Then, use gloss varnish variously tinted with various shades of brown, building up layers. Let each layer dry thoroughly then sand lengthwise only with a fine grain sandpaper, repeat, repeat. You build up a series of translucent brownish layers, the sanding giving an impression of the planking. When you’re happy, Matt varnish overall.
  12. wombat

    Airfix help

    That’s odd. I had a missing part a while back that Airfix replaced directly without quibble.
  13. Apparently some German agents were caught because their fake identity cards had the address in the continental style, street name before house number. but it’s not as if the British did much better. Two senior SIS got themselves lured and captured very early in the war. At least one major SOE network was clearly blown but commanders refused to believe it and kept sending agents in to their doom. Quite possibly it was blown by the SIS. And that’s just in occupied countries, not the enemy homeland. in fact there seems to be little to no detail of SIS operations in Germany itself, if there were any. meanwhile, the soviets were merrily embedding moles throughout the establishment who would come into their own in the fifties and sixties...
  14. wombat

    Olympics anyone?

    With all the Dutch gold medalists (not to mention Max in F1) I’ve come to realise the tune of the Dutch national anthem is almost, but not quite, the same as O Little Town of Bethlehem
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