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  1. Hi all, I’m still wrestling with the Revell 747-400, in which no two parts join without industrial quantities of filler. Does anyone know the correct dihedral angle of the wings and tail planes? The parts are capable of joining in a wide range of possible angles... thanks all
  2. wombat


    Indeed. Best vaccine timeline seems to be rolling out across first half of 2021. The really tricky part then will be how aggressively governments lift restrictions and then wait and see how well they work...almost certainly different countries will be using different vaccines so assessment of efficacy will be phenomenally difficult. still, compulsory baths for attendees as suggested above is an idea worth clinging onto...
  3. wombat


    Sounds like they’ve reached a win-win solution with TIC, or as near as is possible. Well done to both teams.
  4. Indeed, it’s the bright rather shonky letter codes that caught the eye.
  5. Interesting non standard markings here
  6. I feel your pain. Still intermittently wrestling with revells 400 and it’s an absolute pig.
  7. You’ll have UN weapons inspectors round your gaffe at this rate...
  8. wombat


    The CEO of the NEC said a few days ago they’ll run no events in 2020. Not sure why Telford centre would be more optimistic.
  9. I suspect you could sell 3D prints of the geodesics to members here in quite sufficient quantity to cover the cost of buying these old relics, and then some!
  10. Fantastic to see the slats done well, such a frustration that the kit has flaps but no slats.
  11. wombat

    Duck Egg Blue

    Great, now I’m craving for a bag of Cadbury’s mini eggs....
  12. I built one before in the eighties as a youngster. Opened up the bomb bay and scratch built the interior of it, the first time I ever went off piste in fact. I have the trumpeter 1/48 in the stash waiting for me to have proper amounts of time for a big kit. i suppose I could throw it together to practice airbrushing on.
  13. I have this kit in the stash and no intention of building it, should you need any spares. Or is that cheating?
  14. wombat


    Issue with Cheltenham was probably not the racecourse but the town pubs afterwards. It’s carnage that week...I know Cheltenham residents who leave town for festival week every year. while the exhibition centre may be within their contractual rights to levy hefty cancellation fees I wonder if better sense might prevail. It’s a relatively unsuccessful backwater venue with a very longstanding customer who presumably would renew their annual booking until the sun burns out. How stupid would you be to bankrupt said customer? The local hotels would not thank them for killing some reliabl
  15. wombat


    I believe this will be outpatient stuff only.
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